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Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi - Original Japanese Market Supplied. Low Mileage.

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Zero Corrosion since new. Stunning Show Grade Condition.


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The 205 1.9 GTi needs no introduction to anybody who was a car enthusiast in the 1980s & '90s in Europe. Back then, magazines all held this little Peugeot in the highest regard for its immensely entertaining handling abilities whilst being able to provide fast progress from A to B. Never a dull journey. Despite being a small car, its design meant it was practical to use, whilst being attractive to look at. In hot hatch terms, this was the truest legend which has never since been bettered by Peugeot, despite subsequent attempts that cannot be counted on just the digits of one hand... After the 205's iconic greatness, it has always been easy to forget nostalgic interests in its younger siblings by comparison. Weighing only 880kg & being of small design with a well-designed chassis meant the 205 1.9 GTi was and still remains one of the best-handling hot hatches ever built.

Having been keen enthusiasts for hot hatches ourselves back in the 80's & 90's, we've always taken a keen interest during the few occasions when top condition examples of iconic European hot hatches have come up in Japan; which is always a rare occasion since so few of such cars were actually supplied new in Japan. Until recently, these cars had always been too expensive to import from Japan back to Europe, but as we see well-kept original examples sharply increasing in value & desirability in the U.K. & beyond now, we have begun to look at these cars more seriously when they do come up for sale, being prepared to invest what it takes to secure the very best examples we are able to obtain from Japan. In truth, we've been searching for good 205 GTi 1.9's here for over 5 years and this is only the 3rd example that inspired us to make sure we obtained it for Newera's stock when we came across it. We are well aware of how rare these truly rust-free JDM examples are...


We didn't like the fitted mats that came with this car so we ordered a brand new custom-fitted set, complete with "205 GTi" on the front mats. The original rubber pedal covers have been replaced with a set of Sparco alloy pedal covers. Being a JDM supplied model this 205 GTi 1.9 has factory fitted air conditioning which of course blows refreshingly cool. A Clarion CD/USB/Radio has been professionally installed. The rest of the interior is of standard specification, aside from the rear parcel shelf, which has been replaced with a professionally made strong alternative that looks just like OEM. In order to offer a complete package, we've also included an original 205 GTi parcel shelf in good condition.


In keeping with the history of its life in Japan this example, although rust proofed as new from the factory, has no corrosion at all to the underside. Even the exhaust is still rust-free. The fuel pump, although original still has original nickel plating on hose fittings, factory black paint on brackets, etc. The wheels have no bubbles of corrosion beneath the surface and are unmarked. The exterior trim plastics are in excellent condition, inclusive of bumper corners & arches, mirrors, etc. The bodywork shows this car's been well-loved and cared for, with straight panels. The Silver metallic paint (having been restored at high cost by the previous owner) has a beautiful reflective finish, as shown in pictures.


The interior has been beautiful & stunningly well kept. The half leather & cloth interior has no fading or holes and bolsters are also in good condition. Interior condition is amongst the very best of what we have typically seen in 205's in Japan, let alone Europe, where mileages tend to be a lot higher. Carpets are original and without staining and as with the exterior & all the plastics are well preserved too.
It has been a non-smoker's car and it would appear the cigar lighter has never been used either.
There's some minor wear to the seat bolster on the driver's side. Having an excellent specialist trimmer near us in Coventry, U.K., this seat will be taken to them whilst this 205 awaits registration by the DVLA, so presentation inside is returned to best possible levels for the new owner.


Following our usual attention to detail with every aspect it's not only in perfect mechanical health, starting instantly and settling down to a steady idle after it's warm-up, but good tight gearbox with no synchromesh also wear problems, chassis with ZERO rust (since the day it rolled off the factory floor). All engine service items (ignition included) have been changed and for good measure the alternator and starter have been overhauled too so this 205 1.9 GTi is presented in perfect order ready for daily use, should the new owner want to put it to such tasks (Hopefully not, would be a shame to waste an example like this with all year use!).