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How the Newera system works...

1. Starting with your completed enquiry form, we provide you with a detailed quotation for the car you want. As long as your budget is realistic for the car you're after & it is possible to locate in Japan, we will find the car you wish to order, or better.  We operate a system of supplying the very best car we can find, plus a set fee of £900. If we are able to buy your car for a lower price, then you make the corresponding saving. A deposit of 10% of your total budget (To the nearest £100) is taken, and your order becomes live.

2. We keep you periodically informed via e-mail, whilst searching for your car daily throughout Japan. We only aim to buy you a car we'd want ourselves.
The rarest cars take weeks or even months to find. Your’s must meet or exceed requirements & our high standards, whilst not costing more than the OTR price agreed - including any cosmetic repairs that may be required. 

3. Upon successful purchase, the total U.K. On-the-road cost of your new car is known & your 2nd payment is due. Typically this is 60% of the car's OTR total cost. Cars are insured from the time they're bought to the time they are completed & collected by you in the U.K.
As your new car arrives at our Japanese offices, we detail & check it thoroughly & e-mail you up to 80 detailed photographs together with a detailed description. This is an excellent opportunity to add additional parts or upgrades too, as you won’t pay shipping costs if they are fitted to your new car.

4. Vessels typically depart every 2-3 weeks from Japan (Yokohama) to UK (Southampton). Your car is shipped on the first vessel available. Shipping takes 7-8 weeks. 
2 weeks before arrival, the 3rd & final instalment is due. This is to cover Import duties, VAT, shipping, UK conversions, testing, registration, etc.

5. On arrival, your car is collected from Southampton and delivered to our U.K. agent’s premises.  Upon arrival there, it is U.K. converted, SVA tested (If applicable) & MOT'd. Any remaining minor cosmetic work specified (e.g. servicing or removal of pin dents) is carried out & our 3-month warranty supplied when our full UK package is chosen.
The car is professionally detailed before you collect it.

Please use the link below to get a quote on a sourced car.

Newera Imports Movies

Although commissioned in 2005, the Skylines & Skyscrapers movie includes the complete process of how we work, so why not watch for free our movie below!

Skylines and Skyscrapers

Skylines and Skyscrapers

Please use the link below to get a quote on a sourced car.

If your not sure what you're after, please see examples of Sold Stock to get an idea of what may be possible through placing an order. Sourcing to order is beneficial as you'll see cars before they go online and we will source what you want or better!

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