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Lancer Evolution 9 MR. A beautiful example. Performance Enhanced at Sensible Level.

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Stunning Condition Throughout. Superior to U.K. Supplied Examples.


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PRICE £53,750



The Lancer Evo IX MR is the best of the VII-IX models. As the last of the breed before Mitsubishi changed course with the relatively short-lived X model, this is the one with the best specification of all, with better handling, styling & interior equipment than it's older siblings. MIVEC variable valve timing was introduced on the Evo IX, along with revised styling which included better-styled front & rear bumper designs, rear spoiler & the addition of rooftop vortex generators. The underside also received attention with a "zero lift kit".
Make no mistake, this is a car capable of embarrassing Supercars. See link on our website to see Jeremy Clarkson pit an Evo 9 MR against a Lamborghini Murcielago and actually beat it!

With Mitsubishi having announced in 2014 that the X model would be the last Evolution Lancer, in Japan the Evo IX MR has remained highly sought after in good condition with the best examples fetching ever stronger prices these days. With rally fugitive models (not just Lancers, but other manufacturers' models too) including the Evo 6 TME now skyrocketing in value, we expect the best IX MR examples to continue to appreciate considerably going forward since there are few cars as capable, practical and involving to drive as these. When seeking as an example for stock we wanted as perfect an example as possible - so when this example came up, we made damn sure we got it!


Standard equipment & more includes: 6 Speed Close Ratio Transmission, water jets to intercooler (manual & auto selectable modes), revised front & rear bumper designs, zero-lift kit, PAS, Dual SRS Airbags, 4-channel ABS, ACD, Super AYC, Rear Wiper, HID Headlights, Remote Central Locking, carbon-look facia panels, MR badge on centre console, Recaro leather & Alcantara trimmed front seats with matching trim on rear seats, factory fitted rear privacy glass. A standard alarm & Immobiliser is also fitted complete with remote central locking.

On MR models, specific differences include specially tuned Bilstein dampers and matching springs, Full carbon rear blade, Door crash bars in aluminium alloy, lightweight alloy roof panel (for reduced weight & lower centre of gravity). Gauges are of special design for the Evo 9 MR - also. For the MR model in addition to the engine being of stronger internal specification than ever before, the power and torque band have been increased. The 4G63 engine's strong low-middle range has been maintained. In addition, as quoted by Mitsubishi Japan, power and top-end response are improved considerably. Although officially the power is quoted as 287 bhp, in reality, it's closer to 320 bhp as standard. It shouldn't be forgotten, however - that power can easily be increased on these with just a remap & more boost, although that's something perhaps best suited for those verging on the desire for insane performance levels.


It's very rare nowadays to find an example with pin-straight panels, all original, unmarked paintwork, zero underside rust and a near-perfect interior with perfect mechanical condition & integrity. Note the presence of original option side visor set & Colt Speed carbon window frame trims.
It's plainly apparent from its condition this Lancer Evo IX MR has been garaged since new.
It's also clear to us this car hasn't been driven hard at all; this is shown by the lack of stone chips to the front and also relatively low levels of brake disc wear. Note the callipers haven't turned pink from being used hard... This serves to indicate the one owner of this vehicle in Japan (since new) liked having a beautiful car but generally didn't use the performance it's clearly capable of… So typical of now mature Japanese owner enthusiasts, nowadays…
A complete lack of scratches & chips to the wheel edges further cements the notion that the previous keeper was indeed an older enthusiast.

On the underside, there is no corrosion at all. All 4 wheels exhibit zero corrosion. Even the engine bay is in near perfect condition; it's as if this example went through a time warp. Condition throughout is amazing - far, far better than any example imported to the UK when these were first made. There's no reason this particular example shouldn't last another 10+ years, especially if it remains as well cared for and preserved as you see it now.


The interior is in near perfect condition throughout and is in very clean & unworn condition, as pictures will clearly illustrate.
We noted neither the ashtrays nor the cigar lighter have ever been used.
Seats are unworn and show characteristics of a small and lightweight driver, who generally drove alone. This is visible from the almost complete lack of wear to passenger seats.


Mechanically this Evo 9 MR is in perfect order with no faults at all to report. Unsurprisingly, the previous single owner chose some of the best quality improvements to add just a little performance whilst improving reliability to this MR.
There's an HKS Kansai Full carbon airbox (not just the funnel/lid, but the entire airbox!). An HKS EVC 5 boost controller increases boost to a steady 1.1 bar at the red line which is a safe limit to maintain engine reliability (standard boost is 0.9 bar at rev limit as standard). This in effect gives around 350 bhp. To maintain reliability there's an HPI hard piping kit (With Samco hoses) & an Evolfe double capacity radiator. A Tomei turbo elbow gives a less restrictive & faster spool of the turbo than standard. Some of these items are nowadays discontinued (Carbon airbox is highly sought after on the used market in Japan - and worth more today than when it was available new.