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1994 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Facelift - Top Condition Example. Black


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Pulsar GTi-R Facelift - Top Condition Example.






The Pulsar GTi-R needs little introduction. This was one of the first 4WD rally fugitives released onto the market in the UK. With very strong road holding and 0-60 in 5.7 seconds it had performance that no other comparable car at the time could muster. The SR20 engine is a strong unit, with lots of tunability and nowadays tuning parts available to make more power, handling and braking.But that would be missing the point of this car. As original unmolested cars they’re completely reliable. But if the engine is made to give a lot more power, the gearbox and clutch are known to be weak points, failing as a result of being asked to transmit more than they were originally designed to do. It’s far better to keep these near standard – or if you must tune one, get one that’s not been tuned before so you can be sure the drive train still has it’s integrity as Nissan intended it.
Knowing these cars well, we’ve only ever supplied near standard and therefore trouble free examples that have been well looked after, covered low genuine mileages and are completely rust free. As the best of the breed are typically the most expensive to buy in Japan, this means in the UK the vast majority of GTi-R’s imported from Japan are of the opposite end of the scale. This is why people looking for GTi-R’s usually come to us after months of searching because they simply cannot find a pukka, clean and truly well looked after example.With only 40,740 genuine miles having been carefully looked after and only modified lightly from new this is a rare gem.
Factory fitted specification includes: Optional ABS, guard, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, climate control air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, rear wiper, lightly tinted glass at the front with optional privacy glass in the rear, optional wind deflectors on doors, central locking. Note this is a revision 2 model of the GTi-R, so it carries upgraded interior trim and no umbrella storage in the driver’s B pilar. This example carries every option available in 1993.
Mild performance upgrades: Original 14” wheels have been replaced with Volk Racing TE37's are shod with Bridgestone sports tyres. Brake pads have been replaced with Nismo items. There's an HKS Direct Drive 3 layer air cleaner fitted. Also inside the boot is the original air box. The exhaust has also been uprated, from the cat-back. Inside the boot there's a box with suspension springs. The originals may have been replaced with these, or yet to be changed.The steering wheel has been replaced with a Momo item and there’s an original leather gear knob.Other parts such as suspension, boost controller, etc. are available direct from Japan to further tune this car if desired, although we recommend keeping the turbo boost standard. All tuning parts available in Japan can be supplied by for this car.
This has been a non smoker's car. Interior is in good condition with no faults to report aside from a door trim cloth that needs re-sticking, minor wear to the handbrake lever, a light spillage mark on the driver's seat. A good valet with interior shampooing would bring it to like new. Auction grade is 3.5 (Auction sheet is shown in the pictures). The exterior is also in excellent original condition. Rear arches are prone to rusting on these. On this example there is no rust at all, although the exhaust rear section has a small leak from corrosion (Condensation) to the rear exhaust section. It's strong enough to weld and repair without requiring replacement.
Being a car originally supplied in Tokyo, where there is no salt on roads during winter, as well as having covered very low mileage – this GTi-R is unlikely to have been used much if at all during winter. We washed this car and examined carefully to find all faults on the bodywork: Small pin dents were found on: offside rear quarter, passenger door. The o/s/f wing has a blemish that will need repainting. There are some minor scratches on the front bumper nearside bottom corner and the strip at the top of the offside bumper corner has a light scratch. The scratches will be resprayed as required by a local specialist as part of export preparation. We can also try to repair the door's pin dents if possible before shipment. Also there's a very small crack/chip on the windscreen, as shown. Please note: All faults discribed are shown in this car’s pictures.
We test drove this GTi-R and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping. The gearbox works sweetly clutch is good, handling is tight, too. Engine has also been serviced again recently - as the oil is clean. Performance is strong with 0.6 Bar of standard boost. This example is probably too good to be used as a car for daily use - as it's so well preserved, but would do the job admirably and reliably.
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, paintwork as described, full valetting, 6 month's road tax and 12 month’s warranty, this GTi-R is available at: £6,150 er it fully UK converted, de-restricted, MOT’d, taxed, registered warrantied, but without minor bodywork repairs as described above. Price without bodywork: £5,850 OTR. Alternatively, if you wish to do your own UK preparation and conversions, we can supply this car at £5,050 with optional 12 month’s warranty. You’d simply collect from Southampton upon arrival, complete easy MOT and basic UK conversions (Not required as part of MOT), tax and register the car. Currently in Japan awaiting sale, this car can be reserve for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000. Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this Pulsar GTi-R.Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner magazine, clubs, forums and UK specialist tuners!

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