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1999 Nissan Skyline R34 Tommy Kaira GT Turbo Black


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Skyline R34 Tommy Kaira GT Turbo






Tommy Kaira is one of Japan's highest regarded car customisers, producing stunning and unique models from brand new cars. This stunning Tommy Kaira R25 Turbo comes as a complete signature package.
Exterior modifications comprise the following original Tommy Kaira components: Mesh Grille, Front Bumper, Front Spoiler, Side Diffusers, Rear Bumper, Rear Valence/Diffusers, Adjustable Alloy GT Wing, Unique 2 Piece Tommy Kaira Alloy wheels (255/35/ZR18 Rear, 235/40/ZR18 Front) complete with Tommy Kaira alloy wheel nuts. On each side Tommy Kaira is proudly proclaimed, also milled into the end plates of the rear spoiler. The Front grille also lets people know this is a special Skyline. Note there's not a Nissan Badge to be seen anywhere on the exterior. On the bonnet there's the distinctive Tommy Kaira emblem too. Note that the side repeaters are clear Nismo items. Also, the locking wheel nuts are black. We are able to source and supply matching silver alloy locking nuts to match.
Mechanical Performance Modifications: Exhaust from the cat back, is a stainles steel item (Tommy Kaira). Suspension modifications consist of uprated Bilstein gas filled shock absorbers and 25mm lowering springs (Ride height is adjustable with the use of large circlips). The rear arms are uprated cusco items which allows camber to be adjustable in order to avoid excessive wear to the inside of the tyres. The ECU is also remapped by Tommy Kaira with revised fuel ignition settings to allow 0.8 Bar boost to be run safely (OK for UK fuel) (Gives approx 320 bhp).
Interior also has a pair of Tommy Kaira reclinable bucket seats complete with Embossing on the vertical sections. A signature foot rest is fitted also. Bespoke fitted mats are also part of the package.
The R34's 24 valve 6 cyliner RB25DET engine is equipped with variable valve timing and ceramic blades on the turbo to promote faster response and greater urge at higer revs. Original standard factory equipment includes: 5 Speed Manual Gearbox, Factory tinted windows, Climate control A/C, Dual SRS Airbags, 4 Channel ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, rear wiper, central locking, auxilliary gauges on the centre console to show: Voltage, Oil Temp Boost. A Nismo 300 km/h Speedometer has been fitted since new. Hifi is the original unit, although speakers look to have been upgraded in the past, so by fitting a new head unit, quality sound will be available.
Note oil pressure of 5kg/cm2 at idle whilst the car is nearing normal operating temperature - an excellent sign of a healthy engine! Test drive reveals a tight car with no squeaks of rattles. The clutch and brakes have nearly no wear. An absolutely faultless drive.
Auction grade is 3 - due to modifications to original bodywork (Original auction sheet is available). Interior is completely unmarked with no faults to report, aside from a missing gear knob. We will replace this with a new Nismo or similar item. This has been a non smoker's car since new. Exterior is also unmarked with only some minor scratches to the silver lip spoiler and a small pin dent to the n/s/f wing. Each of these faults will be repaired as part of preparation in the UK to present this car to our usual high standards.
Direct from Tommy Kaira when new, this car would have cost around double the price of a completely standard R34 GT-T when new, therefore around £12,500 extra above standard. You can find another example for sale from their website - which still retails in Japan for more now than a std. car did new in 1998! We're absolute fans of Tommy Kaira's utmost attention to detail and high quality bodykits. Gobsmackingly beautiful from any angle, this Skyline is perfectly prepared for daily use in all conditions, yet it looks sexier than an R34 GT-R at half the price! R25 Turbo Tommy Kaira (R34) Skylines are few and far between, with probably only 3-4 examples in the UK. If you like exclusivity, a car that is depreciation proof and enjoy attracting attention with the car you drive, then this may be the car for you!
Performance of this engine can be improved considerably with 380 bhp available with relative ease! Newera can supply performance parts to further improve this R25 Turbo at 25-50% discount and delivery (usually) within a week. Visit for futher information!
Inclusive of full UK conversions, derestriction, E-SVA, MOT, minor paintwork as described, 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, full valetting and preparations, this car is priced . A deposit of £1,500 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please contact us for full details.
Newera, consistently attacked by a few forum keyboard warriors such as "V-Spec II" - who feels it's justifiable to try to cause damage to a company publically, he has never will never been a customer of.

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