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1986 Toyota Corolla Levin Kouki (Late Model). Restored with AE92 Engine! Panda Black & White


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Corolla Levin Kouki (Late Model). Restored with AE92 Engine!




Panda Black & White


The Original RWD 16 Valve Corolla Levin has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used for Motorsports since introduction in 1983. Toyota successfully campaigned it as a rally car and with it's light weight and easy driftability, this has become the most loved old skool car of the drift scene in Japan. Today, this classic model is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - No other car of this generation is still as used in competition, a true testament to how special these are. As owners and developers of one of the best prepared street / drift Corolla Levin in the world, we firmly believe this car is one of the best for pure driving fun. Handling is well balanced and chuckable with good control when sliding. The sound of the Yamaha developed 4AGE 16 Valve engine in anger is unmistakable at full throttle. Nothing sounds quite as good as this normally aspirated high reving engine. Being lightweight with very little weight over the rear wheels, these cars don't need huge amounts of power to drift. A combination of a live rear axle and McPherson strut front suspension make this a naturally slidable car. The Hachi Rokku is the true "Old Skool" drift classic!! - Even Tsuchiya rates them above all other drift cars!
Compared to the last two we have had in stock over the last year, this is the best in terms of condition. This example has been built from an AE85 and carries complete Kouki AE86 running gear, inclusive of full suspension, original limited slip differential, brakes and gearbox, fitted with full and original GTV spec interior inclusive of instrumentation. The engine in this example is from a later model AE92, which is equipped with a stronger block, larger con rods and slightly higher compression, giving more torque. The AE85 body has been chosen as the base, because it's in such tidy original condition. Someone has spent a small fortune making this car. Well in excess of it's value in Japan.
Bodywork has been restored with a complete repaint in original colours classic Panda colours (Car was white before, also - so it's not a colour change). Then it's been lovingly re-assembled with performance parts to enhance it as a driver's car for the road, whilst still keeping the classic Kouki (Later model) look. Bodykit is original with factory front and rear bumpers painted to match the rest of the bodywork. The arches (Completely rust free) have no plastic trims on the edges, in keeping with GTV spec. The front grille is also of the later type design. Note that we are able to source and supply a Dog Fight Pro front lip. We also currently have in stock an original Goodline vented bonnet, which is available at just £145.00 + Paint. A TRD style rear spoiler can also be sourced and fitted.Wheels are original classic SS-R Reverse alloys of size 14 x5.6+9.5 with 195/60/R14 tyres. Classic wheels of choice for this car and the ideal size for drifting (Sidewalls are higher than with 15" alloys, which helps the car to drift earlier). Suspension consists of KYB shock absorbers front and rear with a front strut brace. Suspension is currently set to standard ride height, but can be lowered at each corner inexpensively with with RS-R progressive lowering Springs. Roll centre adaptors would also need to be fitted at the front to compensate the lower arms for the lowered suspension and remove bump steer, in addition to a Cusco adjustable lateral rod with pillow ball bushes holds the back axle steady from sideways play during hard cornering. These parts are available inexpensively through The differential is a Kouki AE86 LSD of standard original spec. Engine Modifications: Whilst the AE92 engine itself remains standard, the following nearly new parts have been added: HKS SPF induction kit, A catalyst is fitted, although we recommend taking this off and replacing with a stainless steel pipe (Available through ourselves). The Cat back exhaust section is an HKS Super Dragger stainless steel system. The radiator is a latr model 2 core type, with a Tom's 1.3 Bar high pressure radiator cap. We have just two suggestions which could be added to this engine, to make it better, inexpensively. First, a tubular exhaust manifold would be recommended. This would add better breathing and sound especially if combined with a cat replacement pipe. A 4 throttle kit would also sound great and add response with greater power. We also sometimes have access to complete 20 Valve engine conversions complete with throttle bodies, etc, which give approx 30 bhp more. None of this is necessary, especially for a car to be used for daily use, however. It's reliably set for use with around 135 bhp as is. Plenty to enjoy hussling in UK and with the AE92 engine, it's already got the most important upgrade - a strong 4AGE engine.
Interior: Just a basic Kenwood Radio Cassette hifi is fitted although there's a full set of uprated speakers too. A Momo steering wheel is also fitted. Interior condition is excellent - again amongst the very best we've found in any Corolla Levin. Seats are in excellent unworn condition, although the floor mats could do with changing. We are able to supply top quality tailor made mat sets for this car at only £125.00 through This has been a non smoker's car and there are no cigarette burns at all. The only damage we could find on the interior are two small holes on the rear seat tops (repairable) and a minor crack on the dashboard top - common on almost all Levins. There's also a few missing plastic parts, as shown in photos, but these are being replaced to complete the interior.
Bodywork, Chassis Interior: Auction grade of this car is 3 due to age and restoration (Copy of auction sheet is available). Considering this car is now 20 years old, it's in awesome condition! There is absolutely no rust at all, not even to the underside of the chassis (Note there are some mild dents on the underside - nothing of any consequence at all). The usual areas where these suffer from rust are still completely original and corrosion free including door bottoms, arches, sills, rear panel, tailgate, etc. Everywhere we searched, we found no corrosion. This is presumably the reason this body was used to make this car from, as the majority of examples these days are rusty in all the usual spots, in addition to having accident repairs. This example has suffered no accident repairs at all in it's lifetime. Paintwork quality throughout is excellent. Note that the front wheels have some kerbing marks, something to be expected on a car of this age. We found just some minor surface rust on the screwed on panel to cover the bottom of the windscreen. On the rear bumper there's some scratches to the n/s corner - these have been touched in and are barely visible except when looking up close. On the driver's door there's some minor chips to the edge, as shown in pictures. Finally, there's a small stone chip on the front bumper. That's all!!!!!!!! These items will be repaired if the full kage is chosen.Interior is similarly in excellent original condition with only a minor 4cm crack to the dashboard material (from heat over the years). This is not especially prevalent. On the rear seats there's a small tear on the top of each section. Again, very minor, but mentioned for the purposes of providing a full report.
Having recently completed building our 200 bhp Race engined Drift / Grip Corolla, these are cars we have strong enthusiasm and understanding of. To us, it's the most fun Japanese car of all. Whilst it's not the most powerful, it's a car that needs to be driven properly to get the best from it - and it rewards with excellent performance from accurate driving. The Irish have loved these for a long time, well before people in England started to realise how special they are.
With the many poor quality examples available, in 8 years this is only the 3rd Corolla/ Sprinter we have bought for stock. Having driven it thoroughly to test, we find it drives very well, with excellent throttle response, good strong normally aspirated 4AGE power, drama free brakes, good clutch and most importantly - excellent handling, with easy, slow driftability. Needless to say, it sounds superb too.
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! This is also the most sought after colour scheme too.
As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare. Available for just £5,645 as is and will with full documentation and support to get the car registered. This is the option we'd recommend, as it leaves more budget with which to add extras from Japan to personalise and make this example special. Alternatively we can supply at £6,645 OTR complete with new MOT, minor paintwork repairs for the areas detailed, complete with 6 month's road tax and full UK registration. A warranty is offered as an optional extra - with a car like this, mechanical problems are frankly unlikely. Hachi Rokku's are tough cars and this one's been prepared to take abuse!
Please Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique Kouki Levin for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Hurry though - it will probably take another 6- 12 months to find another example similar to this in condition. Another anywhere near as good as this is realistically very unlikely.

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