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1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Wide Arch Track Prep - Extensively Modified. White


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Skyline R32 GT-R Wide Arch - Extensively Modified.






As specialist suppliers of the best Japanese Performance Cars from Japan, we're proud to be able to offer THE most hardcore GT-R we have sourced so far in 2006!! This is an extremely rare spec'd R32 GT-R, with comprehensive modifications to make it a superb and responsive track day tool – This car’s had a lot of thought put into it – to make a focused driver’s car. Modifications include a professional wide body conversion.

Cosmetic improvements: This R32 GT-R is fitted with a Top Secret original vented bonnet, in addition to vented lightweight FRP wide panels at the front. Rear arches have been carefully and professionally rolled out to make the rear correspondingly wider. Quality of the job is excellent! On the rear, there’s a Carbon Kevlar adjustable GT wing. Nismo R32 bodywork upgrades include intercooler vents in the front bumper side spats. Mirrors are Ganador remote controlled electric items. Note the carbon canards also fitted to the front bumper. Also, there’s a carbon exhaust heat shield at the rear. Fitted are D-Speed clear front indicators too. Headlights are Belloff HID on main beam. All bodywork modifications conspire to make this a unique R32 GT-R that will always be noticed!

Suspension Handling: Coilover suspension is by ZEAL and of the highest quality available. Made with alloy components, these are lightweight units with adjustability for overall height not just through compression settings, but also from adjustability of the lower mount. This means it’s possible to say, reduce preload, then raise the ride height – These are features not usually found except on the very best coilover units. A Nismo front strut brace is fitted, with a Cusco rear brace. Nismo uprated lower arms are fitted to reduce toe changes at the rear under hard acceleration. The HICAS steering rack has also been removed and replaced with a locking bar, to provide more rear end controllability under hard use. A thicker Cusco Vacanza rear anti roll bar is fitted, to stiffen up the rear end further. Note that the rear differential is a 2 way type. We found this to be silent even when cornering slowly on tight corners, but it does make itself felt when the pre-loaded clutches slip at slow speeds. Clearly when being driven hard, they’re not felt, instead working to provide maximum grip at the rear. Wheels are 18 x 9.5J Nismo super light forged alloy 2 piece Nismo LM GT-1’s. Tyres are Goodyear Revspec of size 265/35R18. They're each around half worn. Inside, there’s a full Cusco roll cage, swathed in black foam, to help increase body shell rigidity, as well as providing safety under hard use.

Brakes: R33 GT-R Brembo brakes are fitted to both front and rear. Brake hoses have been replaced with braided lines. These components are a worthwhile improvement, giving strong performance under hard use, especially when combined with upgraded pads, such as Endless CC-X Carbon Metallic compound.

Engine: Cooling has extensively well taken care of to preserve this engine. Fitted are: Twin core double capacity racing alloy radiator with uprated electric fan and uprated silicone hoses, Mine’s carbon radiator shroud, 12 row Greddy oil cooler located behind the n/s bumper vent, with remote oil filter mount located by the front panel, under the car (easily accessible from beneath when performing an oil change). Also fitted are an ARC intercooler with SARD Silicone piping, HKS SPF induction kit with Carbon Cold Air Shroud, Alloy oil catch tank, SARD 550cc Injectors, Uprated stainless steel turbo elbows. Turbos may be upgraded (it’s difficult to tell as they’re buried amongst other engine components, please assume they’re not upgraded therefore). There’s a full large bore exhaust system consisting of uprated front pipes and 3 straight through canisters, with the last silencer having a titanium finish. An HKS 3rd generation boost controller is fitted. The ECU has an upgraded chip fitted and current HKS EVC boost settings are 0.9 bar (Low) and 1.3 bar (High), giving approximately 380 bhp and 450 bhp respectively. The clutch has also been uprated with a twin plate unit complete with uprated lightweight flywheel. To be safe, we recommend fitment of an Apexi Power FC ECU and mapping for UK fuels. Turbos can then also be verified as original or upgraded if desired and mapping carried out accordingly by our workshop. Power FC ECU Controller are available new through at discounted price. We’d also recommend a set of HKS Kyushu carbon ignition cover timing belt pulley covers to improve the engine bay with.
Electronics Upgrades: With the same care taken in maximizing cooling, the interior’s been lavished with gauges to monitor all aspects of the engine’s performance and more. In the glove box on the passenger side are a trio of Greddy gauges showing Exhaust Temperature, Fuel Pressure and Turbo Boost. On the centre of the dashboard, there’s a bespoke carbon fibre pod housing further Greddy 60mm gauges for: Oil Temp. Water Temp and Oil Pressure (Note that the oil pressure gauge is not currently connected, although the standard Nismo pressure Gauge is functioning correctly). Also in the glove box on the passenger side, are a Pivot shift light controller (Light is located on the steering column) which can be preset to show at preset revs when change up should occur. Also located here, is a Greddy Multi Switch controller. This clever unit can be used to control the electric cooling fan and other electrical items, depending on what it’s connected to. Housed neatly in the centre console are the HKS Boost Controller unit, as well as an HKS turbo timer and a field electronic torque split controller. This 4WD controller can be used to adjust 4WD bias both in a straight line and on corners, when in use. A SARD attack meter is useful for logging maximum revs and speed attained on a drive. It has other functions too. On the dash, where the ashtray would have been, is an on/off switches for the electrics, an engine start button and a switch to completely switch off the ABS and 4WD system, useful for when the driver wants to do a spot of drifting…!
Note that the air conditioning controls have been neatly relocated to the centre glove box. In addition to all of the above interior upgrades, there’s complete array of white faced Nismo gauges replacing the original items both on the dashboard and centre console. Please note: All electronic after market equipment is supplied free of charge with this car.

Interior: As already mentioned before, there’s a Cusco full roll cage fitted. Attached to the roll cage at the rear is a fire extinguisher. Note that no hifi is currently fitted, although there are good quality upgraded speakers included. Pedals have Project Mu alloy covers on. Driver’s seat is a Recaro FIA approved race bucket complete with a Sabelt 4 point harness. A reclinable Recaro passenger seat also fitted. A Momo “Race” steering wheel has replaced the original. Currently there’s a Rallyart gearknob, but this would be better replaced with something else, such as a Nismo knob, etc. Note that some of the rear trim, including some of the rear seat has been removed – as well as the boot’s trim. Replacement original used parts can be sourced and fitted inexpensively if preferred. Also available, are other types of seat such as original GT-R R33 types, or others, ranging from used to brand new Bride Exas III’s at excellent discount, if those fitted are not desirable (All parts available through

Mechanical Testing and Drive: As the Speedo’s been changed, the auction doesn’t warrant the mileage, but 8 year’s experience in selecting these and all normal signs show this car’s only covered very low mileage. With an ambient temperature of around 25 Deg C in Japan, Oil pressure was 5kg/cm2 at start up and once warmed to normal temp, 2.5 kg/cm2 – Higher than normal and excellent signs indicative of a low mileage and healthy engine. Despite fitment of HID lighting to enhance visibility at night, the light switch shows no wear at all. There’s a lack of giveaway small chips to the windscreen and the engine bay also shows a car whose engine’s had little use. Bearing in mind the timing belt was changed exactly 5 years ago, having covered less than 20,000km since, all signs clearly show this is a low genuine mileage car. When converting, we will be keeping mileage as 31,345 miles (equivalent of currently shown kms).
On the open road, the engine pulls strongly even running with the boost controller switched off. With it switched on, performance is much stronger, with 0.9 bar giving around 380 bhp and 1.3 bar giving serious power of around 450 bhp!! The suspension is firm and clearly set up for grip on the track. Handling is tight, with no rattles from the Coilovers over larger bumps. The clutch feels as if it has plenty of wear to go and the brakes give strong performance, much better than a standard R32 GT-R would. The differential is 2 way, but not very apparent. Just some mild churps from the tyres when turning tight slow corners give away this car has a competition differential. Push it hard, though and this car gives easily catchable over-steer, as a result of both wheels receiving power when power’s applied. Gearbox is good too, with a nice tight feel and good synchromesh. There are no mechanical faults at all to report. It drives feels like a well looked after low mileage tuned GT-R.

Auction Grade of this car is 1 due to the many modifications fitted and bodywork changes (Auction sheet is available). This clearly shows it’s not a car that’s had any previous accident history. Recently. this car’s had a complete body colour change of high quality, inclusive of spraying the door shuts and inside the wings, etc. Finish of paintwork is excellent throughout with no faults at all to report. The front lip spoiler has some minor scratches to the leading edge, which will be repaired as part of full UK e FRP Top Secret bonnet sits slightly proud against the wings, where it’s of a slightly concave shape in comparison. When pushing down, the lines are perfect. This fit is possible to improve in the long term by carefully placing some heavy items on the bonnet, with something propping up the front when not in use, so it’s flexed to make the bonnet less concave. Eventually it will form the correct shape. Alternatively, leave it as is – This is a competition bonnet, not an item of original factory fit. The only other faults we could find were a missing mounting nut bolt on the front n/s bumper corner the usual dents to jacking points at the front (Almost all skylines seem to suffer from this!) and to a lesser extent at the rear jacking points too. There’s also the missing interior trim to the rear, but these can be sourced inexpensively and fitted before shipment if preferred, as mentioned above.
Please also note there is a dent to the rear exhaust silencer. This is not usually visible and doesn’t affect performance at all. Also the Nismo wheels are missing their original centre caps and there are some minor scratches to the wheel edges also. Finally, please note, the Greddy Oil Pressure gauge is not working (Appears to be disconnected).
This Skyline GT-R makes an ideal track day weapon, alternatively an excellent and very fast fun car for use on weekends and sunny days! It’s had most conceivable modifications added to make it a serious driver’s machine. It's not tuned to be an all or nothing straight line car, but one that will embarass most cars on real roads. Already well over £15,000 has been spent in upgrading it!

Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, paintwork as described, full valetting, 6 month's road tax and 12 month’s warranty, this GTi-R is available at: £11,585 OTR. We can also offer it fully UK converted, MOT’d, taxed, registered warrantied, but without minor bodywork repairs as described above. Price without bodywork: £11,335 OTR. Alternatively, if you wish to do your own UK preparation and conversions, we can supply this car at £10,450 inclusive of 12 month’s warranty. You’d simply collect from Southampton upon arrival, complete easy MOT and basic UK conversions (Not required as part of MOT), tax and register the car. Supplied at just £10,450. Please do remember however, we strongly recommend fitment of an Apexi Power FC ECU and mapping, to ensure the car’s safe to run on UK fuel.

A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment. Please contact us for further information on how to reserve this GT-R or source an alternative.
If it's for you – please don't delay - this spec is not likely to be repeatable ever again!

Newera Imports - Consistently recommended as the No. 1 source for the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner’s club members.

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