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MR2 GT Turbo T-Bar Revision 4 - Stunning Specification & Condition. White (040)


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MR2 GT Turbo T-Bar Revision 4 - Stunning Specification & Condition.




White (040)


*** DEPOSIT TAKEN ***This is an extremely rare Revision 4  GT T-Bar Turbo MR2 - One of only around 150 Rev 4’s originally built by Toyota before production of the last models stopped in 1999. Of those, many were N/A or not T-Bar and GTS models were usually the specification for Turbos, which had less equipment. Knowing how difficult it is to find these especially now - We estimate there will be something like 20 Rev 4 GT T-Bar Turbo’s left in existence and this is the first we're offering from our stock in many years with much enhanced specification. One of Evo magazine’s staff has recently bought one because it's one of the best handling cars they know of. …If only they'd waited and had this one, which is far better!
They're very rare and difficult to source in perfect condition like this, nowadays and have already become sought after & collectable in Japan, so it stands to reason they’re going to become collectable in Europe and elsewhere as time goes on.
The specification of this example is the best we’ve seen in a very long time, not just for after-market top quality improvements throughout – but also it’s rare specification:
Original Specification: The Revision 4 model is very similar to the Rev 5, where only the rear spoiler was updated on the later model (This car has been retro-fitted with a genuine Rev 5 spoiler) and original wheel designs differed.  Original Specifications include: Rare and very expensive when new TRC switchable traction control (An option worth close to £4,000 when new!) , ABS, Torsen LSD, T-Bar roof glass, Dual SRS, Leather steering wheel, Climate Control A/C, PAS, PW, Heated rear window, central locking, pop-up headlights, green-tinted glass, electrically foldable remote controlled door mirrors, stainless sill covers. Fitted floor mats, etc.The T-Bar roof also includes interior covers. The glass can safely be stored behind the seats. The spare and original tool kit are complete and unused & this has been a non-smoker’s car since new.
Top Quality Performance improvements abound:  ARC cold air fed Induction box, Apexi Power FC ECU & controller, Blitz Dual SBC boost controller, Splitfire Ignition leads, TRD oil filler & radiator caps, Fujitsubo Legalis R Stainless exhaust, Genuine BBS LM 2 piece staggered 17 inch wheels with near new sports tyres, TEIN Super Street Coilovers, TRD front & rear Strut Tower Bars, TRD 300km/h Speedometer, Sparco Sky Sports seats with bespoke adjustable seat rails, Carrozzeria USB / ipod compatible 200W head unit with Kenwood speakers, Raybig crystal headlight conversion.  The value of these parts is around £6,500 even as used parts and cost in excess of the car’s sale price now – when new. The previous owner also replaced the rear wing with a Rev 5 model's - which essentially makes this now the same spec as a Rev 5, the last of these junior supercars.
This example also comes with original manuals, extensive history to prove it's low original mileage. Running a perfect map with 1 bar of boost it's making around 320 bhp which is a lot for a car this light, with handling and roadholding to match.
History of this model: The MR2 turbo was made from 1989 onwards for the Japanese market (and for a short period also sold it in limited numbers in the US), whilst the rest of the world had to make do with normally aspirated versions only! In 1994 Toyota introduced the Revision 3 turbo model in Japan. For the JDM market the Rev 3 models on were fitted with a more powerful version of their 3S GT-E turbo engine giving 245 bhp as standard. Further revisions also brought uprated suspension for greater grip and safety at high speeds, uprated interior trim, as well as newer larger sized wheels, plus of course new fresh colours. With these changes the MR2 became a better car - which is still in strong demand by enthusiasts both in Japan and UK, etc. The Revision 4 model was introduced at the end of 1996. In addition to the Revision 3 modifications, it received the Rev 4's improvements including: new uprated ABS system as standard, Dual SRS Airbags, clear front indicators and side repeaters fitted on the side of each front wing. Glass was also changed to a more modern green tinted type (Previous models had glass in brown-grey colour & non-adjustable rear spoiler. With this example, what you see is a very rare combination, especially because of the mint condition exterior & very rare T-bar! - To find a Revision 4 with this level of spec. & improvement is usually impossible…. Which is why we bought it to offer from our stock when we had the opportunity.
Interior Condition: This example has been beautifully cared for. As mentioned prior – it’s been a non-smoker’s car since new. With the improved performance & handling the original seats wouldn’t have been supportive enough, so new Sparco Sky (Adjustable) seats have been fitted. Speedometer is also a rare TRD 300km/h item, since this car is capable of considerably high speeds. Audio equipment is of good quality and floor mats are unworn. There’s some minor wear to the leather on the steering wheel (Leather on the rim is still in beautiful condition), but other than this we found no faults to report for the interior. Note the boot floor space in the back also has a plastic liner. So there’s no significant wear from use there either.
Exterior Condition: This is an MR2's that has clearly been cherished since new. Paintwork is in excellent original  condition throughout. The front bumper’s lip spoiler had some scratches & minor stone chips so we touched these in with perfectly matched (Code 040) paint. The front bumper will be repainted in any case, so the car’s presented perfectly. There is a small pin dent on the front (o/s) wheel arch and also two very light ones on the o/s quarter. Also on the rear bumper there’s minor cracking on the paint’s surface from where the bumper has been nudged during parking. Pictures on the slideshow clearly shows these minor faults.  They’re too minor to require any paintwork and mostly not possible to show in pictures – but we will show where they’re located, in order to give a full & accurate account of the car’s condition. Note: The underside is completely corrosion free too (Pictures will confirm this).
Test Drive: This MR2 Rev 4 GT Turbo T-Bar has been regularly serviced by Toyota. Oil is relatively new - clearly this car wasn't driven hard - judging by it’s overall condition. We test drove this car and found it drives very well, giving good strong power throughout the rev range. Driving on open country roads we noted that there were no rattles and squeaks to be heard & the car felt tight and unused. Brakes pulled the car up well with no signs of warpage, as is often common on older cars. Clutch has plenty of bite remaining. Felt very smooth with compliant suspension. Spec. like this is very sought after, so an example such as this is not expected to depreciate significantly nor remain in stock for very long. Rev 4 & 5 MR2 T-Bars are what MR2 enthusiasts consider to be the ultimate MR2. As Toyota will never build another sports car like this, yet alone one with the performance available here - there's no doubt this will continue to become a collector's car into the future. If the new owner looks after it well, it should show zero depreciation over years to come. Inclusive of, new MOT, UK registration & 12 month's comprehensive warranty, Note we can also ship elsewhere, worldwide - Ask about our FOB package if you are located outside the UK.
This unique MR2 is stored under shelter at our premises in Chiba, Japan and is ready to ship anywhere worldwide. A deposit of £1,000 reserves this unique example. Contact us for further details to reserve this MR2.  Newera Imports. Consistently recommended by club members & magazines as the best source of rare specification top condition rare model Japanese import sports cars.

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