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1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V 1.3 Turbo Sky Blue


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Starlet Glanza V 1.3 Turbo




Sky Blue


Performance equipment includes: HKS Super Powerflow (SPF) Induction kit, A Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System (Standard Catalyst is retained in the Turbo Elbow for Ease of MOT). The engine has much improved response and performance with the improved breathing generated by the removal of the standard, restrictive parts. Engine sound is also much improved with the 1.3 16V Twin Cam Turbo sounding powerful even at idle. In standard form the 4E-FTE Engine develops 133BHP at 6400rpm, using only 0.65 Bar boost. This example is developing in the region of 140BHP with improved breathing. With the addition of a boost controller or adjustable turbo actuator, 160BHP is easily and safely achievable. These parts are readily available from our sister company A Blitz boost gauge is already fitted to allow close monitoring of the boost level. In addition a Blitz radiator cap has been fitted to incease cooling system pressure to a higher 1.3Bar, before release, minimising the change of pressure loss and overheating. Also installed is a HKS Turbo Timer, this allows the turbo to cool properly before switching off the engine, thus cutting oil supply, prolonging turbocharger life.

This car is suprisingly fast, and will undoubtabley shock many hot hatch drivers once rolling on UK tarmac!

To make use of the increased driveability the suspension has been uprated with TEIN HR coilover suspension. This suspension set up also allows full ride height adjustment (With the use of C Spanners) and damping control from the strut top (using allen adjustment). A front strut brace is fitted as standard, providing improved cornering rigidity. This Glanza is currently riding around 40mm lower than standard, giving both improved looks and far superior handling over the standard suspension set up, with little to no body roll when cornering hard! The handling really is superb.

The factory wheels have been replaced with lightweight, forged, Zeit SS Bronze 15" alloy wheels, with 4 nearly new Firestone Firehawk 195/50 R15 82V sports tyres. When combined with the reduced ride height and increased rim size, the Glanza looks truly menacing.

Standard equipment includes: 5 speed manual transmission, Power Steering, Electic Windows with auto up/down on drivers window, Air Conditioning, Rear Wiper, Fitted mats, Remote Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, Central cup holders, Driver's SRS airbag, Front Driving Lamps, Rear Spoiler and window wind deflectors. Note that a JVC MD/Radio is also fitted and included free of charge.

The auction grade is 4 (Auction Sheet is available). This confirms the outstanding condition of this 1996 model. This Glanza is the nicest we've found through regular searching in Japan's best auctions - which is of course why we bought this example for stock. We have never stocked a Glanza before, although not through l;ack of trying. They are usually simply too tatty for our high standards. When we saw this example, we just had to have it! Having covered only 64,703 Miles from New, having the cambelt replaced ahead of schedule at 50,383 Miles is again proof of the care this car has undergone throughout its life.

Condition is outstanding. There are two very small pin dents to each side, each so small they are almost invisible. These are too small to warrant repair, although are mentioned for the purpose of a complete and accurate description.
With no significant wear to seats, switches, mats, etc. and low wear to discs, it is evident this car's been stunningly well looked after.

Over £3,000 (equivalent) has been spent in Japan by the last keeper in improving this Starlet Glanza V to the specification detailed above!
Clearly a cherished example all it's life, paintwork is both immaculate and very smooth-clearly having been polished regularly. If you can trust Newera's reputation, you'll know this is the best you'll come across.

With the E-SVA regulations now in full swing, this is the newest Glanza currently available for import to the UK, with no model report currently available, or likely to be produced, for E-SVA test purposes.

Includes all costs such as SVA test, full UK conversions, 1 year's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.

Please Contact Us to discuss reserving this Toyota Starlet Glanza V for yourself.
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