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1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec. Top Secret N1 Nur Spec GT500 Full Spec.


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Skyline GT-R V-Spec. Top Secret - Full Tuned!






This is the very best street prepared R33 GT-R V-Spec we have ever sourced, period! By far - this is also the highest spec. example we have seen in the last 2 years!! Well over £40,000 total has been spent in tuning this beast in Japan with most of the work confirmed as carried out by Top Secret in Chiba, Japan. Everything from the engine to gearbox, suspension, brakes, body rigidity, body kit, wheels, etc. has been uprated to cope with the 500 - 600 bhp this car is capable of producing.

Engine: This GT-R V-Spec has been extensively tuned to stage 3 by Top Secret 2001 Factory - one of Japan's premier Skyline specialists, most noted for their preparation of cars for road tune. The engine is based on an original (2002 model) NuR Spec N1 unit, which is a strengthened block designed to withstand high horsepower requirements. As standard this unit carries Nismo N1 oil pump, Nismo water pump, Nismo Pistons and Nismo Conrods. This engine has been completely rebuilt to Top Secret's GT500 Spec, which replaces main bearings, uprates conrods to forged I beam type, Forged racing pistons, uprated high lift camshafts, uprated sump baffles, metal head gasket and upper gasket set and retains the Nismo N1 oil pump water pump. This is superb spec. Just a standard factory NuR Spec engine costs around £6,000 new in Japan, yet alone an engine with recent rebuild by none other than Top Secret. Induction kit chosen by Top Secret is the HKS Racing suction system. Note there are no air flow meters, as the 32 BIT HKS F Con V Pro ECU runs with a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor system. An HKS Hard pipe kit compliments the uprated Greddy front mount intercooler. Fueling is taken care of by uprated in tank fuel pump, SARD fuel pressure regulator and HKS 600cc injectors, combined with an HKS billet fuel rail and aero grade fittings and braided hoses. Turbos are recent HKS 2530's with steel internals, combined with HKS actuators. These are of slightly larger size to standard but can boost up to 1.35 bar safely. Boost is controlled by HKS's latest turbo controller, the 5th generation EVC. This has a clear digital display combined with a control box to choose between low and high boost settings. Currently these are set at 1.0 bar and 1.3 bar boost. To keep the engine cool and maxiise reliability, there's a Trust Oil cooler located behind the Nismo bumper on the nearside - complete with neat alloy shrouding and mesh to protect against stone chips. An Essential alloy catch tank with integrated windscreen washer reservoir is also fitted. Nismo oil filler and SARD 1.3 Bar high pressure radiator cap are fitted. The radiator is by Apexi - uprated also in combination with Silicone Samco radiator and heater hoses. A Garage Defend carbon cooling panel is also fitted to aid air flow through the rad. Power Enterprise strengthened fan belts are also fitted. A full Nismo Weldina NE-1 Version II stainless exhaust system is also fitted. Note how the downpipes don't meet just behind the engine, but continue through individual high flow catalysers almost as far as the rear axle, before combining into a single large bore pipe. This is one of the best (and most expensive) exhaust systems for GT-R's available in Japan today.
Transmission Suspension: An OS Giken close ratio kit has been fitted to the gearbox to make an RH9 replica. This still has synchromesh - so is usable for the street, but has better gear spacings for track or fast road use and will be stronger than standard. Clutch is a top quality ATS carbon type (Not sure if 2 or 3 plate - but likely 3). Differentials remain standard, for ease of use on the road. The suspension coilovers are the best available on the Japanese Market - Aragosta units valved with Top Secret's own damping settings for street use, in combination with Swift springs - again, mated specifically for Top Secret's settings. These are of course fully adjustable, complete with height adjustment at each corner on the bottom of each strut, making this independent of spring preload. Each unit is also adjustable from the top. For the rear coilovers, these are adjusted via small knobs on each corner of the rear parcel shelf. Hicas has no place in a car like this, so it's been removed and a Top secret bar fitted instead. Nismo rear upper and lower arms have replaced the originals - in combination with alloy collars for the rear subframe. These help to improve rear control, especially under hard power. At the front there are also uprated links, in combination with Top Secret super pillow tension rods, to help improve steering feel.
Brakes Wheels: At the front, there are Greddy (Grex) 355mm slotted vented discs mounted by alloy bells with 6 piston racing callipers. At the rear the standard 2 piston Brembo callipers have been repainted in gold and braking's been uprated using Biot 334mm alloy bell mounted slotted vented discs. This powerful combination is backed up by a Cusco master cylinder brace in the engine bay, to secure against flex of the firewall and so improve braking feel. Brake pads and hoses are uprated too, of course. Wheels are Volk Racing TE37's of size 18 x 10J, combined with Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 tyres of size 275/35/ZR18. Wheel nuts are Rays lightweight alloy (Black) with a puzzle lock nut.
Cosmetic exterior
Body Strengthening: A Cusco Safety 21 - 6 point roll cage phas been professionally fitted inclusive of padding expertly applied without needing to cut and tape together. The design chosen not only allows the rear seats to stay in place, but also for passengers to still be able to sit in the back. The cage gives excellent body strengthening against torsional forces. Also running the length of each sill is a further brace, adding more strength and safety. In the engine bay there's a polished alloy Top Secret strut brace, with the standard brace in the boot.
Interior Modifications: An array of no less than 4 x 60mm black face defi gauges are fitted. On the centre of the dashboard is a bespoke pod neatly housing: exhaust temp, water temp and oil pressure. To the right of the instrumentation is the 4th gauge - for turbo boost. This would be better mounted in a single 60mm gauge pod, on the A pilar, perhaps. A full array of white faced Nismo gauges is fitted to replace all original gauges. The Speedo reads to 320 km/h. The Hicas warning light stays on when the engine is running, as there is no Hicas fitted of course. If preferred, the bulb can be removed when we're preparing this car in UK. The original steering wheel is gone - replaced with a leather trimmed Momo Race wheel. An HKS air/fuel knock meter is also fitted - complete with feedback to the ECU. This is a valuable safety device to protect against possible engine damage if something is amis. Also fitted is the HKS EVC;s digital display and controller, to allow boost control settings to be altered / monitored. Also fitted is an HKS torque split controller, to allow drive to be altered as required for 4WD mode, or left to run automatically - as standard. An HKS circuit attack counter enables lap times to be monitored accurately using relevant transponders if available. A turbo timer's fitted too. Cigar lighter and gearknob are from Nismo. Audio consists of a Carrozzeria MOS FET 50W x 4 head unit with CD/Radio. Speakers are also uprated. Please note: All electronics are used and therefore supplied without warranty.
Standard Dealer Option Specifications: This is a rarer and more desirable V-Spec model, complete with active electronically controlled rear Limited Slip Differential and adoption of ATTESA E-TS PRO system for the 4WD bias control. Also included as standard: Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, velour seats, privacy rear windows, adjustable rear spoiler, original full set of fitted mats, etc.
Test Drive: Initially we warmed this car up. Engine note right from the beginning is that of a tight engine with considerable tuning. Idle is smooth although slightly lumpy due to uprated camshafts. Excellent oil pressure (5/cm2 at idle when cold, at ambient Japanese summer temp of 35 Deg C) too. Clutch feels near new with plenty of progression, despite being uprated. We started off at 1 bar of boost, once warmed. Turbos pull strongly and even at 1 bar, the car's making what feels like around 450 - 480 bhp. Putting boost onto 1.3 bar (2nd setting on the EVC unit), gives much stronger performance as the turbos come on strong. Around 550 bhp + is how it felt from the driver's seat. Brakes and handling are sharp and drama free. The suspension's well controlled with good bump soaking response, yet no body roll on hard cornering. This is a seriously well sorted car. Make no In the engine bay there is some corrosion to the suspension turrets. This is only just starting, so to stop it, we will coat the underside in waxoyl, to penetrate, stop and protect against further corrosion. If desired, we can repair and repaint the tops of the suspension turrets at additional cost. To us, this is the worst fault on the car, but certainly not a serious one. Put it this way, it's certainly didn't put us off bidding very strongly to ensure we would buy this GT-R, as we know finding another like it will be absolutely impossible. Please note: The ECU settings have been carried out in Japan for use with Japanese fuels. We can connect an A/F meter and check settings when the car is with us in UK, but if tweaking of the map is required, only specialist tuners with access to HKS mapping software will be able to remap (Remapping is extra cost). Note also, if the ECU is locked it may not be possible to remap it, in which case we can supply a replacement F Con V Pro at discounted price.To find all faults on the bodywork, we washed and chamois leathered this car before photographing. As to be expected on a car like this, there are some minor stone chips to the front bumper, leading edges of front wings and the roof. Not many at all though (See individual pictures). Each of these will be professionally repaired. On the nearside quarter there's a small pin dent, which will need professional repair. Each of these minor faults are each to be repaired to present the car in top condition to our usual high standards, if the full en. Note also that the Auto Select carbon splitter has significant scratching and chips from use over time. Our recommendation would be to fit a new replacement, which can supply at discount. Please don't be tempted to fit a cheap Chinese copy available elsewhere - fit only the best original items that will fit perfectly and have a perfect finish. Alternatively we can either paint the existing splitter, or source and fit an original Nismo or Nissan splitter all at low cost. The choice is your's.
This GT-R will be completed to perfection by ourselves in our new workshop near Brighton, where it will be modified for UK use, paintwork repaired as described, engine oil changed and a full PDI inspection carried out, MOT'd taxed and supplied with 12 month's comprehensive warranty (Note - most warranties won't cover highly modified parts such as full race engines). OTR Price: £26,750. If you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price is: £25,450.A deposit of £3,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please Contact us for further information regarding this Special Skyline GT-R V-Spec or to source an alternative top condition, high quality R33 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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