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Newera Imports is proud to announce exclusive availability of the original The FAST and the FURIOUS - TOKYO DRIFT cars!
As suppliers of the very best Japanese sports cars and performance parts direct from Japan, we are delighted to offer all the original film cars as used in the making of this movie!
During the filming, it would’ve been inappropriate to release news of Newera Import’s involvement in the supply of the original movie cars and all the performance parts to build them, but now the film’s been released word wide, the following original cars are available!
These include: Veilside Fortune RX-7, Veilside Turbo RX-8, 350Z’s prepared by Top Secret Veilside including the grey black twin turbo’d example, S15 Silvia, Turbo’d PS13 Silvia, Skyline R33 GT-R, the JZX100 VVTi Twin Turbo Chaser and more!

The assorted photographs you see here were taken in LA before they were shipped. All the Fast Furious 3 Tokyo Drift cars are now recently arrived to Chiba, Japan, where we are storing, preparing, documenting, photographing and making these exclusive cars available for shipment to customers and collectors throughout the world.

We will also be offering these unique vehicles for sale on a specially designated area of a new website to be released shortly!

Each vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder. We are not ready to accept any reservations except for those cars that are displayed on our stock pages. If you have a particular interest in any of these cars, please contact us, stating any details you feel are relevant and an indication of your maximum bid. If your bid is successful, we will contact you further when the cars are ready.

Please note: We have had 100's of inquiries on these cars from people asking what price they'll be available for. Please understand the cars are offered for sale to the highest bidder. We regret that due to unavailability of time to respond to all inquiries, unrealistic offers or requests without a price offer will not receive replies.

Note: can not only offer custom built and unique cars similar to those supplied to make Tokyo Drift - made by Japan's best tuners to your specific designs! We also offer availability of all original parts for you to modify your Japanese performance car.

Bookmark this website now check back regularly for latest details and pictures of these unique machines!

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