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Corolla Levin - Fully Restored with fresh AE111 Blacktop on Throttle Bodies + + + !!


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Corolla Levin AE86 Zenki (Early Model). Restored and AE111 Tuned!




Panda Black & White


This stunning AE86 Corolla Levin with a 20 Valve Black top is the best fully restored original bodied example we've sourced yet! Some people will believe that finding a good AE86 (A car now over 20 years old) is easy in Japan. Fact is that most AE86's are tired and well past their prime, which is why we will typically only source perhaps 2-4 in a whole year of searching. This car's had extensive restoration work and is essentially fully restored to like new at cost to the previous owner of well above what it's on sale for!Perfect Shell: Car's well spec'd indeed! The previous owner left no stone unturned. Starting with an all essential rust free body underside was most important. We note this shell doesn't even show signs of having been in a prior accident. The front panel for example - still carries the original factory number stamped on it. Replacements don't have this! The bodywork's been beautifully restored with a J Blood FRP rear hatch. Bumpers are unmarked and repainted also. Mechanical Modifications: Engine's not only a properly completed black-top 20 Valve AE111 full engine conversion using the best components, but has been completely overhauled just 1,500 km ago. True to form it feels tight and very strong.. The ECU is an AE101 unit - and it runs perfectly! The ignition kit is by SP tech and the water line conversion kit by RS Chita. There's a JASMA approved stainless 4-2-1 stainless tubular exhaust manifold with an Apexi N1 stainless exhaust. The individual throttle bodies use KN filters. Note all components are like new except for the exhaust manifold. Power is strong and this car's making around 170 bhp. With the SP Tech milled alloy trumpets this car sounds awesome and has plenty of performance, with reliability, smooth idling, etc. Note we also offer a set of KN filters and adaptors to go with this car. That way the open throttles can be used for circuit, etc. and the KN's for every day running. Needless to say, it sounds very sweet at all rpm, especially high! Revs to 8,600 rpm max! The gearbox and differential have been overhauled at the same time, 1,500km ago. Clutch is uprated inclusive of a lightweight race flywheel and the diff is a new TRD 2 way unit with a 4.5:1 final drive. The gearbox works with the precision of a new unit, nice and tight - diff too. The Air conditioning has been converted to work with R134a refrigerant - it's in excellent health, giving very cold air in the hottest weather. Brakes have been overhauled too. Suspension is complete with new front rear KYB Climb gear shocks and Espelir progressive suspension springs.
Cosmetic Modifications: Wheels are Work Equipe 01's of 14 x 7.0J ET-2 size secured by OZ Racing lightweight wheel nuts. 185/60R14 sized tyres are fitted (In good condition). Ideal size for drifting :) Boot lid is a lightweight J-Blood FRP replacement item. This is of very high quality. Note it comes with a boot lock mounting and also sturdy mounts for the (new) hydrailic struts). For night driving, there's a set of small but powerful PIAA driving lights.Note the top condition of the original interior. The seats aren't worn significantly and the driver's trim on the edge is still intact. This example has the Japan market only digital gauge cluster, all working perfectly of course! Air conditioning controls, etc. are all intact. We haven't seen an interior this good on an AE86 for a very long time! Note the grille has a rotating centre section that opens and closes automatically. This stays closed when the engine's cold and opens as air flow is required once the coolant's warmed (Also has a lever to set permanently open / closed if desired). Rare to see this rare original feature on an AE86 nowadays!
This car needs no additional extras. It's perfectly set up for daily use, with very enhanced performance. It's difficult to convey our total appreciation of how this car's been made. Put it this way.... if we could keep it for ourselves as part of our own collection we'd be glad to... Whilst our own AE86 is too modified to make a usable daily car, this one's got the perfect blend of parts to make a comfortable daily driver! Assuming the customer of this car may want to modify it, we're able to arrange for custom fitment of say a full Run Free late style bodykit, TRD style rear spoiler or carbon replica of the original spoiler, carbon bonnet, brand new deep dish 15" wheels, Bride seats, interior trim and anything else wanted to create an ultimate road prepared AE111 engine'd AE86 - This is a perfect example to be blunt, it doesn't need anything added at all. We can't stress enough what a joy this car is to drive with a properly sorted AE111 engine and all fresh mechanicals!!
Being total AE86 enthusiasts ourselves we don't supply poor quality made in Taiwan parts for AE86's, but the real stuff developed from over 2 decades of racing experience from the likes of Tec Arts, TRD, Kimisu Motor Services, Techno Pro Spirit, Hot Staff, CBY, etc. We know AE86's better than any other importer. The genuine Japanese tuning parts for AE86's are all available from
Condition: At 24 years old, this Kouki model Corolla Levin GT Apex is in amazing condition with perfectly straight panels, etc. It's been restored, so there are absolutely no faults at all to report. This is essentially an example that's like new. It would cost over double to build from a good shell compared to what we are offering it for. For an AE86 enthusiast who can truly appreciate the sum of all parts and condition of this car, it's simply a no brainer.
If you're after a truly outstanding AE86 the choice is to have this, or buy a restoration project at half the price that you'd spend far more money putting right!! Don't fall into the same trap that many AE86 "restoration project" owners are in! - Do it right!
rice is £11,645 OTR, or if supplied without UK registration preparation, etc. £10,495. Do you realise that AE86's in top condition are like hen's teeth and want ONLY the best available? Leave it to Newera Imports! Please complete an inquiry form and let's get the search started for your top condition Levin / Trueno! If you're after the real deal to make an AE86 as ultimate as our's then please contact us!

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