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1992 Skyline GT-R Prepared by S&S Engineering (Japan). Rare Black Met.


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Skyline GT-R (R32)




Black Metallic


This R32 GT-R has not only been beautifully prepared by SS Engineering (Japan) as a near perfect R32 for Street Spec. but also, it's in absolutely outstanding condition throughout! If you want the very best R32 GT-R for fast road use you're likely to find this year, then you're looking at it, but be quick - a car like this is not likely to be repeatable!

This GT-R has been carefully modified and tweaked in every aspect to produce a stunningly well prepared car for street use.
Engine Modifications: HKS DD SPF twin induction kit with heat shield, 300ZX uprated air flow meters, HKS 2 row intercooler with alloy induction pipes, uprated wastegate actuators, 600cc Nismo injectors, Nismo fuel pressure regulator, SS Engineering remapped ECU, Trust Profec B Boost Controller (Currently running a steady 1 bar maximum boost), high flow stainless steel downpipes, catalyst replacement pipe, Apexi N1 stainless steel muffler. A Calsonic double capacity racing radiator is fitted. Nismo radiator cap, Nismo oil filler cap, Trust high capacity oil cooler, earthing kit - to improve spark plug performance. A custom made SS Oil catch tank is also fitted, to stop dirty oil making it's way to the inlet manifold. Lurking behind the vent below the o/s headlight are a pair of HKS SS Blow off valves which are audiable when changing gear under boost.
Transmission Modifications: The clutch is a twin plate unit, ideal for repeatedly quick getaways. It's still very progressive and silent, so is quite new. Note that the gearbox has recently been overhauled so it too, is like new. An HKS electronic torque split controller is also installed. This allows torque settings to be varied by the driver. Ideal for drag racing applications, where maximum torque should go to the front wheels as soon as possible after launch, or for drifting applications, where power should all be sent to the rear. Standard settings can also be selected, where the car's sensors determine how much torque split to give to each transaxle. There is also an HKS electronic traction control drag adaptor. A quick-shift lever is also installed. A Midori real carbon fibre knob is fitted - note that the laquer is peeling slightly from this.
Suspension Handling Modifications: Struts consist of JIC fully adjustable units. Included with the car are a set of C spanners and a knurled adjustment knob for damping tweaks - these provide a comfortable yet supple ride, ideal for fast road use or adjustable to give optimal grip and handling on the track. The front suspension tension rods are pillow ball uprated. At the rear, there's a full set of Nismo suspension arms and links too. The Hicas system has been removed and a solid bar replaces the standard rack. Front Rear, there's a pair of FET Sport alloy strut braces. Inside, in the rear there's a half roll cage. This extends all the way to the front with bars as shown, to aid stability and stiffness of the shell, as well as adding greater safety. Note that each sill has also been filled with expanding foam - after hardening, this provides a very rigid support longtitudinally as well as added strength - This is a new, simple but very effective modification being carried out on the better prepared Japanese Sports cars. Wheels are Impul Supercast lightweight forged alloys of 17" diameter. New new sports tyres of size 235/45/R17 are fitted to each corner.
Brakes:A Tomei brake master cylinder is in the engine bay. Front discs are near new and slotted rotors, of R34 GT-R standard size. Each of the Brembo callipers is of full R34 GT-R Specification, also painted in gold on each corner and "Brembo" embossed. Disc pads and Nismo Sports Compound also. Note that flexible hoses have all been replaced with braided lines. Brake fluid has also recently been replaced with clean DOT 4 fliud.
Interior Modifications: Nardi Steering wheel. A full set of Omori gauges are installed. On the driver's A-Pilar there's an exhaust temperature gauge and a boost gauge. Neatly located in the centre console is a trio of water temp, oil pressure and oil temp gauges. The Speedometer is a Nismo 320km/h unit. Note this was recorded in the car's history as having been fitted at 80,016 km. The odometer is reading 10,293 km now, so total kms = 90,309km (56,127 genuine miles from new). A Recaro reclinable driver's seat is also fitted. We have one spare Recaro seat also available in the UK, which is an exact match for the driver's seat shown - Available at £250. There's a Sabelt 4 point harness with aircraft style quick release - to hold the driver in position when cornering hard. For example, on trackdays! The passenger hasn't been forgotten either - a 4 point harness is available, but not currently fitted. It's on the back seat. The hifi is also latest model - a Carrozzeria 50W per channel unit with CD/MD Radio. Speakers are also uprated on each corner of the car with seperate tweeters at the front and a 160W Hitachi amplifier in the boot, driving 2 Clarion / Addzest 150W speakers complete with thick speaker cables and connectors. An Ultra branded turbo timer is also fitted. Please note that all electronic interior modifications are supplied free of charge with this car!
Usual extras include power windows, central locking (with remote control), air conditioning, power steering, ABS, privacy windows in the rear, rear wiper, original fitted mats, etc.
Interior is completely unmarked! This has been a non smoker's car since new! Auction grade of this GT-R is 1 due to the many modifications this car has received. (Picture of original auction sheet is available). Condition is - as pictures will show, absolutely outstanding! The front lip spoiler has some minor scratches on the under-side. Fairly normal on any GT-R! The rear bumper has some minor scratches. Also there's some paint peeling from the driver's door mirror. The rest of the bodywork is absolutely mint throughout!! As you'll see from photos of the car underneath, it's very clean there too!
We test drove this car and could find absolutely nothing amis. It's been stunningly well looked after. Boost is 1 bar, which is safe for the standard turbos. The car pulls strongly throughout the rev range with a characteristically healthy sound from the engine under load. The dump valves are clearly audiable on every gearchange when driving fast. These sound awesome! When the exhaust gets hot, large flames are emitted from the exhaust on the over-run. The suspension is firm, yet dampens bumps with firm comfort. There are no squeaks or rattles in this car. Engine is especially sweet with oil pressure of 50 kg/cm2 when cold and 30kg/cm2 when up to normal operating temperature - this is a sign of an especially healthy GT-R engine. Oil is clean too. There's no doubt this car has been impeccably looked after! Currently it's making approximately 400 - 430 bhp in this state of tune. If we were looking for a GT-R for ourselves now, there's no doubt - we'd be keeping this one!!
The colour is a very dark grey metallic. It's a rare hue and it looks absolutely stunning!! The wheels in black suit the car very well too, giving it a classy, awe inspiring look! The cost of all the parts fitted to this car are in the region of £15,000 in all - without even considering the cost of labour to fit!! It's clear this was a car owned by a mature man to whom expense was no object in making his interpretation of the ultimate GT-R for street use. He didn't go for maximum power - instead, kept the standard turbos, in order to maintain good response at low revs and ease of drivability in all road conditions, from traffic to all out assault on the senses!
We have no suggestions on how to further improve this GT-R. To us, it's perfect! The only cosmetic addition we'd suggest is the addition of carbon fibre Nismo intercooler vents to the front bumper. See details and pictures on our parts website!
If you can trust our reputation and what we stand for, you'll know this is the best you'll come across. It's exactly what we'd seek in an R32 GT-R Skyline for weekend and trackday use. This car will be prepared by who are one of our trade customers to whom we supply GTR's and who specialise in these. This GT-R can therefore be prepared by specialists that know and understand this marque well.
Includes all costs such as full UK conversions, 12 month's high quality Motorcare warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.
Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition, high quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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