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Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual. Modified - Top Secret GT300 Wide Body!


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Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual. Modified - Top Secret GT300 widebody!






Have you ever seen a wilder looking Supra!!!!! We certainly haven't except at Top Secret 2001's HQ in Chiba (Near Tokyo) where they used to have a demo race version with the same kit.
This low mileage 6 Speed Twin turbo Supra has been prepared to show standard by (English site is available) with their full GT300 bodykit, comprising: Front Bumper, Frong wings, Front Inner Wings, Side Skirts, Side Turn Signals, Rear Qaurters, Rear bumper, Rear Quarter trim pieces and inner stay parts. Also fitted is a Top Secret Composite GT2 Rear wing and an original TRD Vented racing bonnet. Unpainted or fitted, all these bodywork parts alone cost over £6,800!!!
The Wheels are 2 piece forged lightweight Work Meister S1's of 10J width on the front and 11J width on the rear, with correct offset for this bodykit (No Wheel spacers are fitted). Tyres are Yokohama sports compound of sizes 245/40ZR18 front 275/35/ZR18 Rear. These wheels are in unmarked as new condition. New they're worth in excess of £3,500 in Japan. Note that suspension struts are original, with TEIN lowering springs fitted.
Other exterior improvements include carbon-fibre styled Ganador electric door mirrors a pair of Ichikoh HID driving lights located behind the perspex covers on the front bumper. The front brakes are uprated with Alcon (Produced by GREX / Trust) 4 piston racing callipers and 350mm rotors mounted on aluminoum bells. These are rare spec brakes, that not only give the car a very professional race car look, but also help make sure this Supra stops in the safest and shortest possible distances where required. A stainless steel TRD exhaust is also fitted. Inside, there's a race styled 3 gauge pod mounted neatly where the original glovebox used to be. Housed within are Omori gauges showing oil temp, oil pressure and water temp. Mounted neatly in the dashboard is an original Mine's boost gauge. A large race style Sport Comp Auto Meter Rev counter is fitted, complete with an adjustable shift light - in clear view of the driver. A Momo steering wheel is fitted. Also included with the car is the original SRS steering wheel complete with cruise control selector. This can be refitted to the car if preferred, by the new owner. Some Project My pedal covers are also fitted. These are designed to look like brake callipers, as Project Mu are brake specialist manufacturers in Japan. Also fitted is a Razo turbo timer.
Clearly, this is a very low original mileage car. It's been modified for cosmetic purposes, rather than race use. Engine is of completely standard spec, although an alloy Mine's strut brace has been fitted. In this spec, the car is making approx. 300 bhp - reliably. If desired, can source and supply attractively priced good to be fitted to this car, such as E-Access ECU and logging equipment, Boost controller, Front mount intercooler, HKS Racing Suction induction kit and more! We can also source and supply original Top Secret Windscreen logo, etc. Please log onto our parts website to see what's available or to inquire about any parts desired that are not listed on our site (We can supply any part available in Japan)!
Auction grade of this Supra is 4. It's in virtually perfect condition throughout. Interior has no faults aside from a missing ashtray. It doesn't appear or smell as if this car's been owned by a smoker. In fact, he was so careful about keeping the interior clean, a set of headrest and upper seat covers have been fitted. These are ugly in our opinion and need to be removed - takes just a few minutes, but we left them in photos, to show. The exterior is similarly in mint condition throughout - with no damage at all front stone chips, etc to any of the paint work that's been done on the bodywork by Top Secret. There are some small marks on the roof where bird droppings have etched the paint slightly - we'll have these repaired professionally as part of preparation in the UK. Note also that the perspex cover on the o/s driving light is cracked slightly - a small fault, but pointed out in any case.
Equipment includes: Unmarked original interior trim, CD changer / Cassette / Radio, Also fitted as standard are: Climate Control Air Conditioning, Central locking, ABS, Traction Control, Original Spare Wheel and tool kit are unused and complete.

We test drove this car - needless to say, with mileage this low - and the way it's been looked after, this Supra drives much like a new car. Performance even with near std. tune is excellent as to be expected of a 6 Speed Twin Turbo Supra. In this spec. it could feasibly be used as a daily commuting car...although the presence this car has is traffic stopping!!!
If you don't like the idea of making people's eyes be attracted to your car constantly, be the cause of people walking into lamp-posts and such, then this isn't the car for you! If you're an unashamed extrovert, then snap this one up quick, before someone else reserves it!! This Top Secret Supra has had in excess of £14,000 spent in Japan on all uprated items, fitting and paintwork combined. To make such a car in the UK would be much higher costs and therefore prohibitively expensive!!

£18,450 minor paintwork as described, full SVA conversions, SVA test, Odometer recalibration to miles, Derestriction, MOT, 6 month's tax 12 month's comprehensive warranty and a full valet before collection - to present this car in A1 condition.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most arresting cars we've ever stocked. It's gobsmackingly achingly beautiful.....Look out for the next special Supra about to be uploaded to stock!!

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