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1996 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 Type S Red


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Legnum VR-4






V6 2.5L twin-turbo 24 valve. 5 Speed Tiptronic, Anti-Yaw system, Traction Control, 4WD, automatic, traction control, front and side SRS airbags, ABS, power windows, central locking, Power mirrors with retract mode, large glass electric sunroof, full tan leather interior, privacy rear windows, rear spoiler. Also fitted are front and rear parking sensors. Dashboard has unmarked veneer trim. Note that the satelite navigation system won't work in the UK, although the screen can be easily converted to run with a portable DVD player in the UK. Audio equipment is supplied free of charge.

Improvements include a Fujitsubo stainless steel exhaust. Uprated 225 wide 18" white RAYS alloy wheels are fitted together with 4 good tyres. (standard wheel rims are in the boot). Handling is improved with coilover suspension, although this is not significantly harder than standard.

The auction grade is 4. The front splitter's removable cover for the towing eye is missing but can be replaced inexpensively. Note that there are some minor chips off the edges of the wheels. If necessary, these can be repaired invisibly at additional cost of approx £100.

The interior is in good condition with no faults to report. The leather is still supple and in excellent condition. This has been a non-smokers car since new. The interior smells plush from the leather seats.

It's the first time we've seen one with SRS side airbags fitted. Leather is also in stunning condition, with paint unblemished by the hot summers of Japan. In all likelyhood - this car's been kept inside a car park out of the elements for most of it's life, judging by it's outstanding condition. These are excellent cars to drive with excellent road holding, and a superb engine, capable of cruising when needed and hussling a family comfortably at safe high speed, wheen the demand is there. Compare this 280 bhp performer to anything else at the price - we think you'll find nothing makes more sense. Specification of such a complete options list on a VR-4 is extremely rare :)

This VR-4 was registered for use by ourselves and driven approx 700 miles during the course of a week by Miguel:

"Having only driven these for short distances, I was interested to see how this example would drive, compared to a standard VR-4. It was also the first time I had driven a Tiptronic version for any length of time. We spent time in Cheshire and North Wales where we sampled some superb roads, as well as cruising from Brighton to Manchester, carrying our luggage whilst on holiday, plus a few friends when attending a wedding. On country roads, I was particularly impressed with the level of grip this car would give. It seemed as if the TRC didn't ever intrude, despite some quite spirited driving on some of the country roads we came across. For Motorway use, I left it in Auto. We found it would cruise well at below 120 mph on the Motorway. Power was there to dispense with pretty much anything we wanted to pass. Most surprising was using this car on the smaller country roads and playing with the Tiptronic box. Gearchanges were smooth quick and I found I could hold the gears and make the engine rev to keep the twin turbos spooling and drive it much like I would when enjoying the car -as in an manual. Cruising at 70 -80 mph it would return close to 30 mpg fuel consumption too. Exhaust note was nice, although not excessively loud.
Suspension is compliant enough for UK roads, giving a good balance of comfort and handling. I felt the 18" wheels enhanced the handling when compared to the std. 16'' alloys usually fitted to these. After having covered quite a lot of mileage in a week, the car's now on display on a dealer member's forecourt - Have to admit, I enjoyed this car far more than I'd expected. As we got dropped off at Heathrow for the return trip to Tokyo, I couldn't help thinking, "I like that car!"

Now fully prepared, UK registered and road taxed. This car is currently on display at a dealer member's forecourt near our offices in Brighton. 95. A deposit of £1,000 secures this highly spec'd Legnum VR-4. If you're looking for the best Legnum, this one's not to be missed! Please Contact us through the inquiry form to arrange viewing and test drive.

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