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Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R 6 Speed Manual. Extensively Modified! Pearlescent White


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Silvia Spec - R Modified!




Pearl White


This is our very own Silvia S15 Spec R developed by our team in Tokyo, Japan during 2005 and imported to the UK during 2006. This car’s focus was for street racing in Tokyo, track day use, or drifting, depending on suspension settings – whilst remaining easily drivable for normal road conditions. Modifications are extensive covering not just the engine and drive train to 400 bhp, but braking by Brembo at each corner, top quality coil over suspension adjustable for either grip or drifting, all original JDM spec Final Konnexion bodykit, Volk Racing TE37 wheels and much more. Much of the mechanical work has been completed by Gareth Brunt who is now our head technician at our Brighton based workshop. This unique Silvia has been featured in J-Tuner, Max Power and other European magazines. Fully UK SVA tested and ready to register now, this is a unique opportunity to own the very best Spec R Silvia S15 imported the UK. Due to current E-SVA rules in UK, no other S15 can be imported with this level of specification to UK. This car is absolutely unique and engineered throughout for high level drivability performance.

Engine modifications: HKS F-Con V Pro 32 BIT ECU remapped by GT Art (UK) combined with MAP sensor, Nismo uprated fuel pump and a 4th generation HKS EVC Boost controller take care of fueling perfectly. The head gasket has also been replaced with a Tomei 1.2mm metal item, to withstand higher than 1 bar boost pressures. For maximum response the turbo is a T28 unit with steel internals HKS Turbo Actuator is fed by an Apexi Super Intake Super Suction alloy intake kit, a Blitz front mount intercooler and full hard piping kit. Spark plugs are HKS iridium S40i items mated to Splitfire coil packs to ensure complete combustion. Note there’s also no troublesome / restrictive AFM, instead the ECU works off a MAP pressure sensor. The exhaust system consists of an HKS Tubular Equal Length Exhaust Manifold with HKS stainless high flow turbo elbow combined with a full Nismo exhaust system and 3” metal hearts cat replacement pipe. To ensure ample cooling, a large capacity radiator is fitted. Together with a Trust Grex remote oil filter mount and 13 row oil cooler. Nismo billet oil filler cap with a 1.3 bar (High pressure) radiator cap are also fitted. Note the engine mounts are Nismo items, which lower the engine slightly whilst providing more rigidity under hard use.

Transmission: A brand new Ogura Racing Clutch (Single plate – so it’s progressive for road use) has been mated to the original 6 speed gearbox. There’s a C’s quick shift kit also. There’s a viscous type LSD which is both silent and effective for either track or road use.

Braking: We’re strong believers in the best brakes for our cars. These can make a car a lot quicker than engine modifications alone, but also enhance it for much more fun controllability behind the wheel. The braking system consists of brand new 355mm diameter slotted and vented discs, mounted by semi floating alloy bells. These are gripped by 4 piston Brembo F50 callipers. At the rear are 2 piston Brembo R33 GT-R calipers gripping huge Biot 328mm slotted discs also mounted on semi floating alloy bells. Brake pads are Endless CC-R compound, providing further performance at high speed. Goodridge braided hoses are fitted at each corner to provide improved pedal feel. Fluid is DOT 4. As this car is also set up for drifting, the Skyline GT-R’s handbrake mechanism was also incorporated, with a powerful drum setup for each rear wheel. Combined with a fly-off handbrake. With this system, just a flick of the lever will instantly lock the rear wheels at any time, to either initiate or help maintain a drift manouver.

Handling: The suspension coilovers have been specially re-valved by GAB Japan – specifically matched with Swift springs to provide excellent fast road control, with adjustability for either high grip, or drift control at high speed. Pillow ball top mounts are fitted at each corner, to enhance suspension control and allow easy camber adjustment at the front. Each strut is also height adjustable from the base, so corner weighting and adjustment is not only made easier, but ride height can be set independent of spring preload and damping. These coil overs reduce body roll very effectively, but to banish any hint of it, matched Nismo uprated anti roll bars are also fitted to the front and rear. The weak links have also been uprated with Pillow bearing uprated Cusco upper arms at the rear to help maintain precise geometry under hard acceleration, but also allow rear camber adjustment – together with Ikeya Formula adjustable front lower arms. The front tie rods are also uprated items with rose jointed bushes, for precise steering control and feel. To add rigidity, there’s front and rear Nismo strut braces, as well as a Do-Luck central brace bar.

Cosmetic Improvements: A lot of thought and attention went into the looks of this car too. Firstly, we chose white as the base car – since this lends itself best to FRP body panels. The bodywork was converted in Japan by original designers: Final Konnexion. The rear arches have been custom flared in metal. Final Konnexion original FRP panels include: flared and vented front wings, vented bonnet, side skirts, rear bumper and G4 light units. The front bumper is a Try Force original design. Electric door mirrors with blue tint on glass are original Ganador items. There’s a Zacetec Carbon GT wing of 1660 mm width. Expanding foam has been carefully injected into the original strengthening beams beneath, to provide a solid flex free mounting. HID driving lights compliment the original option HID headlights, to provide maximum visibility. To enhance this body kit and compliment the suspension and braking upgrades, Matching white Volk Racing TE37’s of 18” size are fitted, with 9.5J size on the rear and 8.5J on the front. Tyres are new items of 235/40-ZR18 and 265/35/ZR18. Note also the folding front number plate mount which allows the front plate to be set horizontally for maximum air flow to the intercooler on trackdays.

Interior modifications: Where the original 3 centre vents would go, we fitted 3 60mm Defi Black Face Gauges to show: Oil Pressure, Oil temperature and Water Temperature, together with a 4th gauge replacing the original mounted in the factory fitted A-Pilar pod. The Defi Link II Controller is located in the glovebox. Note the care with which the gauges were fitted on the centre of the dashboard. Looks just like a factory job! A Techtom CMX-100 unit is used to monitor Injector Duration, AFR, Speed and RPM. An Apexi Turbo Timer also monitors air fuel ratio in addition to providing protection for the turbo after use.
The Sparco Steering Wheel is fitted with a scramble boost button on the right. For track use a pair of Willians 4-point Harnesses with Sabelt Pads are also included. Note the Electronically Operated TV/DVD Sat Nav screen (Would need conversion to work in UK) which also displays controls for the CD/Radio unit. Alpine component speakers are fitted at each corner.

Maintenance: Clearly this is a car we know well, having used it in Tokyo during the course of a year, as well as 2 occasions at Tsukuba’s 2000 grip circuit and Mobara’s drift circuit. It’s been pampered not just with well over £20,000 worth of upgrades, but consistent TLC by Gareth Brunt, our experienced head engineer for all mechanical upgrades and protectionary measures. It’s had a full service every 3 months including after every track event with fully synthetic engine, gearbox and differential oils. Where anything has needed replacement, it’s been upgraded each time to enhance and maintain reliability above all.

Original Equipment includes: Glass Electric Sunroof, Factory tinted glass, Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, , Electric windows (Auto up/down on drivers side), Electrically controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking. Original fitted mats. HID headlamps with height adjustment, etc.

Condition report: Bodywork throughout is perfect. The front spoiler had some chips, etc. but these have been repaired perfectly, before respraying. Interior is also without fault also.

Driving: We could have uprated the turbo to a larger spec, but didn’t as we felt 400bhp was ideal for reliability, combined with very strong “usable” performance. Boost comes on strong from around 3,000 rpm with relentless power all the way to the redline with an accompanying raspy exhaust note that’s not shy – but also not excessively loud! Let off the throttle and there’s the sound of waste gate flutter. A dab of the brakes inspires clear confidence – knowing you’ll never be wanting in the retardation department. Drive as hard as you like, there will be no disc warpage, no brake fade or lack of stopping power, no matter how hard you drive. Turn is is strong with no body roll at all. As with all Silvias, handling is biased towards rear end steering on the throttle, but this car’s been enhanced for handling sophistication. For grip, the preload should be set softer with less damping. For drift – the suspension should be set hard, especially at the rear. Then - With easily accessible power, a strong clutch able to take hard use in it’s stride and well controlled suspension, controlling this car sideways is easy! Once sideways just apply throttle. The more power through the back wheels, the more angle you get. Lift off and it comes back into line instantly. Our original plan for this car’s been achieved in creating a car that could impress equally on the road, grip circuit or drifting event – Make no mistake, this is a unique and beautifully prepared Silvia S15 of the highest quality!
Inclusive of new MOT, 6 month's road tax, 12 month's comprehensive warranty: £18,950 1,000 secures this Silvia Spec-R!!
Please contact us for full information on how you can reserve this car - or source an alternative.
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