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Integra Type R 98 Spec + Amazing Condition & Concours Spec. A Collector's Masterpiece.


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Integra Type R 98 Spec + Amazing Condition. Best we have ever had.




Championship White (NHO)


In the last couple of years we have begun to see a sharp decline in availability in Japan of the best Type R Hondas and a steady rise in values, especially for low mileage well looked after original cars (Not to be confused with cheaper tired or abused higher mileage examples in UK that are beginning to rust, etc). It stands to reason that cars such as 98 Spec. Type R Integras and Civics, which were considered by Evo Magazine and other respected UK publications as some of the best handling and most involving hot hatches to drive, should also become classics when everything else that was desirable 10 years ago is similarly rising in status. Modern hot hatches have by comparison with such classics lost their purity. Considerably heavier cars now, engines nowadays have to comply with modern emissions standards, which make them less exciting. Drive trains are laiden with electronics which take away driver control feel. Older cars can be lighter, purer and offer more fun. The truth is, none are more involving to drive than these highly tuned Type R V-Tec Hondas. Comparing to other older hot hatch classics such as earlier Golf Mk. 2 GTi say Peugeot 205 GTi for which the best preserved examples command prices well over £10,000, these Type R Hondas are much better machines in every aspect and so are deservedly becoming collectable classics in Japan, their home market - and in other countries. Not wanting to be left out in the cold as prices continue to strengthen in Japan elsewhere, we are investing in the very best Honda Type R's for stock and intend to continue to offer the best spec. examples, so we can continue to be involved with this market supply cars that won't only hold their value, but continue to appreciate as time goes on, thus offering the best opportunities for our customers.
The DC2 Type R is considered by the Japanese as the best Integra Type R made, better even than it's replacement the DC5 Type R and in our experience, the best Type R made of all. With double wishbone suspension at each corner and excellent chassis balance, combined with a race-car like 1.8 V-Tec engine producing 200 bhp driven through a close ratio gearbox coupled to a limited slip differential, this is a seriously capable driver's car. Note that Honda made the replacement DC5 ITR without double wishbone suspension. A cost cutting exercise... To tuners in Japan, the DC2 98 Spec was the best ever made and these are still used for club racing in Japan today, a testament to how good they were.
For 98 spec, To provide an increase in power over previous guises to 200 bhp and also higher torque at low and mid rpm levels the exhaust manifold was re-designed. Damping spring rates were improved to maximize driving performance handling. Furthermore, the Integra type R 98 Spec adopted15-inch front disk brakes 14-inch rear disk brakes. ABS was a delete option - but fitted to this example. A new steering wheel was designed by MOMO and High intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with additional option (yellow) driving lights, with over twice the brightness of halogen lamps were introduced. Front and rear bumpers were also re-designed to help modernise styling. Glass was changed from being of brown tint, to a light blue tint instead. As standard, the engine is making 200 bhp at 7,600 rpm with a V-Tec Zone that sounds goes much like that of a racing engine from 5,800 - 8,500 rpm, it's not hard to see why this car won so many admirers in Japan and beyond. Even in the U.S. where these were never officially sold, people create replicas (Using US supplied Integra non Type R shells) from used Japanese parts imported at considerable cost!
98+ Spec Factory fitted equipment includes: Limited slip differential, ABS, Climate control air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, original "Type R" fitted mats, remote controlled door mirrors (With retract mode on this example), Recaro seats, HID headlights with front fog lights integrated into the light clusters, alloy Type R gear knob and pedals, large diameter discs.
Our attention to quality detail is always in depth and we aim to provide as perfect a car as possible, so it's in the condition we would want were we buying the same for ourselves. The seats were aged and discoloured (Red is a colour that often fades with UV - and Recaros are usually well past their best after 15 years) so we have both front seats professionally restored to new condition by This is Japan's most respected interior retrim specialist, who also complete restoration work on other classic Japanese sportscars we supply from Japan. These original Recaros are now of better condition than original and the (exact red colour) red leather will be a lot better lasting than the original Recaro alcantara which tends to stain, fade wrinkle over time.
Performance Parts to further improve this car are available through but we'd recommend fitting only parts that will enhance the car's desirability rather than detract from it. For example, a Mugen cold air composite air box (If still available) encompassing a KN oil impregnated air filter, Mugen exhaust and some items to improve the engine bay, such as Mugen Racing oil and radiator cap. Uprated Endless CC-R brake pads will add fade free braking performance - to a level not available from alternative pads sold in Europe, combined with braided hoses to firm brake pedal travel improve feel.
Interior condition is, as shown by pictures in outstanding condition. This has been a non smoker's car since new. Ashtray cigar lighter have never been used and there are absolutely no marks of damage or staining from smoking inside. The auction grade of this example is 4B which is the highest grade available for a car of this age (Not that two symbols can describe a car with much accuracy, really). This example came to us in excellent condition but clearly not as perfect as it could be so then we spent over 25 hours detailing every part of it, inclusive of removing grille, battery, etc. to gain access to hard to reach areas. Even the underside of the bonnet was polished and sealed. We then did the interior too! All this so we'd not only be able to present it as beautifully well prepared as possible, but also know this car intimately from top to bottom and provide the new owner with the best possible quality of preparation and be able to describe exactly what he may want to change, or not. Exterior condition is excellent too. We noted there is a pin dent on the bonnet (as shown in picture), but aside from this the body is perfect. The only other fault we found was in the engine bay, where the engine cover's red crackle finish has begun to come away. It's too small to require replacement of the entire cover, or repainting, but is mentioned to give a complete report. If wanted we can also touch this area in with red crackle finish paint, but it's usually difficult to get an exact match (We can only obtain a close match), which is why we have left as shown at this point.
Test Drive: As it's un-registered we only tested this DC2 for around 2km after warming it up. There are no mechanical faults to report with performance. Clutch is fine, with no warping from the brakes. Performance feels VERY strong especially in the V-Tec zone – It’s certainly not lacking in go! Even with near standard tune performance is strong from the 200 bhp this car gives as standard. Clearly this car's been loved and fastidiously maintained.
Complete with full UK registration, MOT, 12 month's warranty yet another full valet this concours condition very low mileage Integra Type R is priced at: £10,395 o reserve or to discuss sourcing your own high quality example of a DC2 98 Spec Honda Type R Integra or an alternative.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by Japanese car magazines, Speedhunters, forum members and UK specialist tuners.

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