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2006 Subaru Impreza STi Version 8 Spec C Type RA Blue Metallic


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Impreza STi Version 8 Spec C Type RA




Blue Metallic


For those in the know, this is the best version of an affordable performance version of the GDB Impreza STI produced yet by Subaru. The Sti Spec C Type RA is lighter, stiffer, more spaceous, better handling, safer and better engineered than the equivalent 2.5 UK models, which are lacking in all aspects, compared to this! For this JDM version, Subaru have pulled out all the stops to make a true driver's car, in a limited run of only 350 Units.
"RA" stands for: Record Attempt (record challenge). With this spec, it means the most competitive model of Subaru's series available for sale to the public (In Japan Only!). Subaru's vision is a car which is focussed for sports driving including anything from long drives, curcuit use, to daily use in commuting, etc. To this end, they've made a car which has not only got the advantages of tuning parts all over to make it perform to a higher level than the cooking JDM STi Version 8, but one that is still equipped with the creature comforts the Japanese demand, such as air conditioning, electric windows and remote central locking as well as safety equipment inclusive of ABS and dual SRS airbags.
The full specifications list (Translated from Subaru's Japanese website using Google) is located here.
Handling Braking: This car's built to handle! A front Hellical type LSD, rear mechanical cable type LSD, with a centre LSD giving a drive ratio of 35% front / 65% rear combined with an active yaw rate sensor work smoothly to always provide optimim grip and handling, even able to adjust instantly to sudden road surface grip changes. The suspension includes STI uprated anti roll bars, as well as uprated bushes, suspension arms, etc. The steering rack is a quick ratio unit too. The combination of the stronger 6 speed close ratio gearbox with a sophisticated adjustable centre differential that allows handling characteristics to be finely tuned as desired. By switching bias to the rear wheels, oversteer and 4 wheel drift fun can be had. Setting it to normal mode gives sure footed grip up to levels well beyond those to which people usually drive on public roads. All the way to the front, gives maximum 4WD for use in snow and very slippery conditions. This centre differential can also be operated automatically, where the system can assess which wheels are able to take the most grip and distribute torque accordingly. Unlike the older GC8 models fitted with the adjustable centre differential, these Spec C's also come with 4 channel ABS. The brakes are well specified with huge Brembo 4 piston callipers and discs as well as braided brake lines as standard.
Engine: Funnily enough, Subaru still won't sell the 2.5 litre engine in Japan on any of it's Impreza models. It seems they prefer the 2 litre unit as a stronger and more rev happy unit. Using a twin scroll ball-bearing turbo unit, this model produces an unofficial 320 bhp as standard, and comes complete with such goodies as an equal length exhaust manifold (No Subaru burble here!) and a signature Sti exhaust system. The engine's spec includes hollow intake valves as well as sodium filled exhaust valves and special high intensity cast pistons. There's a 12 litre tank in the boot spanning from one side to the other, which feeds water either through a manually operated switch, or automatically - to the intercooler, to reduce charge temperature.
Styling includes the rally styled roof vent of course, which when opened will force feed fresh air directly into the cockpit. The gauges in the dashboard each scroll around in a synchronised fashion when the ignition is first switched on. Note the centrally mounted rev counter, complete with user adjustable shift light. Attention to detail is all there. The bonnet scoop if large in order for the intercooler to work as efficiently as possible at speed. Despite not fitting side skirts as standard, there's a front underskirt (Made of PVC to give it some resistance to scratching) to aid downforce. There's a roof spoiler as well as a rear spoiler. Wheels are unique 17 x 8J size with 235/45-R17 Bridgestone Potenza RE070 sports tyres. Lightweight: The car's weight has been kept down as much as possible by fitting a lightweight alloy bootlid and bonnet, leaving only minimal trim in the boot (Full trim can be purchased and supplied if required) and fitting thinner glass (All round) and a lighter roof panel. The battery is also light as are the electric window motors too! Note the absence of a rear wiper also.
Creature comforts: Subaru have opted to make these Spec C's comfortable and accomodating. Equipment includes electric windows, electric mirrors with retract mode, central locking, dual SRS airbags, etc. Front seats are Grey Black Recaros. This is probably the most sensible colour to have the interior in, as in the long term lighter colours will show wear at a much earlier stage. There are also original dealer option fitted mats included. The last owner also saw fit to instal a decent hifi, in the form of a Kenwood 200W unit. This therefore comes free of charge with the car.
This is a grade 4.5 example. A copies of the auction sheet is shown on pictures. There's a small scratch to the bonnet (Might be polishable, but if not we will have it touched in professionally This is too small to warrant the expense added in painting the front of the car. Similarly, there's a scratch to the o/s/r door, but this looks less deep and therefore polishable. The front bumper has a few small chips, which we'll paint. The front lip has some scratches too, which we'll do our best to repair also - whilst the car's being converted / tested, etc. in UK. The front n/s wheel has some large scratches on the edge (See picture). Note that due to the lack of protection, there are some scratches from grit, etc. thrown up from the wheels around the front door bottom sections and the leading edges of the rear arches. Fitting some STi mudflaps would be a wise move (All parts are available from to further improve this Impreza!
Test Drive: We drove this example to see what it was like. Felt very fresh and fun to drive. Suspension was compliant and comfortable, yet firm. A very quick car as standard, with inspiring handling. It simply goes where you point it, no matter how hard you try - in road conditions. It didn't take long to understand why this is a particularly special example - we loved it!

Including UK SVA conversions E-SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, a comprehensive 12 month warranty, Road Tax full UK Registration,

This car was sourced specifically to order for a customer within 3 weeks of beginning our search! Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information on how to source your own STI 8 Spec C Type RA or to source your own rare specification Scoob!

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