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2000 (April) Mazda Bongo Friendee 4WD Silver & Grey.


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Bongo Friendee 4WD




Silver & Grey.


Bought to order - direct for a customer in UK wanting this specific rare Facelift Model, as introduced at the end of 1999. 2.5 Litre Turbo Diesel, 4WD Automatic with Overdrive. Equipment includes: Dual SRS airbags, ABS, Dual A/C system, Electric mirrors with retract mode, privacy glass on the rear, fitted mats, PAS, P/W, TV Satelite Navigation system (Won't work in the UK without expensive modification - but included free of charge with this car anyway), Electric blinds for side windows in the rear, also operable from the front, mains power socket (Can be converted to supply 240v 50 HZ in the UK with a suitable inverter unit). Note that the side door seals itself electrically when the door is slid shut. Electrically elevating roof, awning, Driving lights incorporated into the front bumper, small rear bumper bar, side skirts, rear spoiler with integrated brake light, reversing mirror, reversing Sonar, rear wiper, after mkt. alloy wheels (fitted with 4 all season tyres). This is a 7 seater version - complete with sliding rear bench seat. Specification is amongst the highest we have found on a Bongo Friendee.
The car is of auction grade 3.5 (Auction sheet is available). This has been a non smoker's car from new. It would appear this has been a family car in Japan. There are marks left from drink spillages that haven't been cleaned up well on some of the carpet. We tested a small area with a sponge and plain clean water and it cleaned up okay. With some valetting, the interior has been brought up to excellent condition again.
The exterior is also in good condition, with some scratches and minor damage as follows: The sliding door and part of the sill have been scratched against a solid object when doing a tight turn before. This can be repaired and repainted easily, in the UK. On the edge of each front door, there are some minor scratches where the doors have been allowed to touch walls, etc. There is also a small pin dent on the driver's door on location shown. Each bumper also has some minor scratches on position shown. There is also a small pin dent on the o/s panel below the centre window. These will each be repaired to provide the car in immaculate condition to our usual high standards.
We opened up the electric roof and believe it's never been used before. Works fine and is in good condition. Also test drove the car briefly and can report it drives faultlessly. No warpage to disc brakes either. Overall, an excellent example.

This car was sourced and supplied at just £10,720 to source and 7 weeks for delivery to UK.

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