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1995 Nissan Skyline (R33) GTS-t - full WIDE arch GT-R bodykit! White


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Skyline (R33) GTS-t - full WIDE arch GT-R bodykit!






This R33 GTS-t Type model has been fitted with a full wide arch GT-R R33 bodykit made by "West Yokohama" factory. It's a bespoke fibreglass kit consisting of: widened rear quarters, widened front wings, GT-R front bumper, fibreglass boot lid (Note it's not sunk lower - as std, but is flush with the rear quarter shut lines), original R33 GT-R aluminium bonnet. In addition, a Carbon look 3D adjustable GT Wing has been fitted along with matching Carbon look door mirrors complete with LED repeaters built in! These combined with the bling look alloy wheels the car a drift / street racer image. This transformation is a perfect replica of a GT-R and the effect is further detailed with R33 GT-R Nismo side repeaters, as well as Gold "GT-R badges fron rear. This is the first and only wide bodied GT-R replica we've come across - ever! Fit and finish is superb too! The only panels that haven't been changed are the doors and roof - which are identical to an R33 GT-R's anyway.. Someone spent a small fortune on this conversion!!

Performance improvements: A very trick stainless steel Trust (Greddy) DD muffler system is fitted - note the removable baffles (Ideal for trackday noise tests!). Further improvement to exhaust gas flow is given by a Trust stainless steel downpipe (80mm). An HKS direct drive induction kit is fitted - which makes the wastegate easily heard - plenty of flutter even when reving the engine to park!
A set of Cusco Comp S fully adjustable coilovers give the car a lower stance combined with improved road holding and a firmer, sportier ride than standard whilst still affording a comfortable compliant ride, Also fitted are Endless CC-X High performance brake pads.
Wheels are also brand new BIM Creative "Driftmaster 17" items fitted with good quality Yokohama DNA Grand Prix sports tyres (255/40/ZR17 rear 235/45/ZR17 front).
Standard HICAS system is still fitted. There's a standard catalyst too, although this can easily and inexpensively be replaced with a straight pipe, available especially for Skylines. A Boost controller would also be useful to raise power a little more, in combination with an uprated ECU. Please click for price delivery on any tuning part for this Skyline (If you don't see what you want on the site, please ask us for a quote).

Interior: A Blitz boost gauge is neatly mounted on the A-Pilar. The steering wheel is a small diameter MOMO "Race" item. A Sparco alloy gearknob is also fitted and there is a turbo timer located below the steering column. PAS, P/W, Climate Control A/C, central locking, original fitted mats, Tinted glass is fitted - all round. Also there's an Addzest CD/Radio/Cassette player of high power (200W approx). Audio equipment is included with this car free of charge.
This has been a non smoker's car from new.

Auction grade is 3 (Auction sheet is available) due to the modifications to the original bodywork. The car is essentially in mint condition! There are some minor scratches to the front bumper and also some cracks that will need repair on the corners of the bumper. Also, on the rear quarters, there are some scratches and chips, as shown on their leading edges. These will be repaired as part of our preparation work in the UK, but described here to give a full and accurate description. Note there is a light scratch to the windscreen lower section, where a wiper has left a mark. This is not usually visible when driving, however - it isn't promient at all. Interior is immaculate with no faults at all to report.

Test drive showed no faults at all. The clutch has plenty of life, exhaust is surprisingly quiet and the engine gives standard levels of performance, as to be expected with only mild improvements to exhaust system and induction - with boost left as standard. This means the car hasn't been drivenhard at all. Note that oil has recently been changed too. All after mkt. parts and components are worth approx £7,000 - indicating the last owner spent considerably to improve and maintain this car.

GT-R looks for a little over a 3rd of the price of a genuine R33 GT-R in top condition - priced at GTS-t money!!

Including all intwork as described, MOT, road tax (6 month's), a comprehensive 12 month Motorcare Warranty, this GT-R lookaline Skyline GTS-t is priced at: £8,750 OTR.
A £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please contact us for further details on this unique GT-R lookalike or to inquire about how to get a Skyline of your choice...!

Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skylines in the UK - by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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