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Nissan Silvia K's - Stage 2 Prepared 400 bhp++!! Drift Machine & Street Racer !!


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Silvia K's - Stage 2 Prepared 400 bhp++!! Drift Machine & Street Racer.




White Pearl Metallic.


This is the finest PS13 we have sourced yet, in 8 years of supplying performance imports from Japan! This example has been extensively comprehensively re-worked inclusive of a TO4R turbo conversion to produce 400 BHP + making a fully prepared drift / balistic street racer and improved in every other aspect to look the part too! Sporting a full drift bodykit, URAS ns-01 17" alloys in chrome - with excellent pearlescenet white paintwork and a huge amount of spec more....The great thing is, this car's been built, but hardly used in anger, so someone else has paid the vast expense of modification, but left it for someone else to enjoy the benefits of!
As with most of the best Japanese sports cars, the PS13 and KPS13 Silvias were only made for the Japanese market. The PS13 is considered to be the finest of the Silvias for tuning, drifting and track work and is now more sought after in Japan when in top condition, than a legendary AE86. Weighing in at only 1,170 kg as standard, this model has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - a true testament to how special these cars are ...A true "Old Skool" drift classic!!
On this example, complete preparation has been carried out as follows:
Engine Performance Modifications: Most performance parts here look to be relativly recently fitted and judging by the overall condition of the car throughout, inclusive of underneath, etc. it's hardly been used!A replacement TO4R turbo with remote wastegate ans screamer pipe is fitted in combination with a high quality re-inforced stainless steel manifold, combined with custom fabricated alloy hard piping to the Greddy front mounted intercooler. There are no black rubber hoses in the boost side of the turbo, these being replaced with Silicone, to avoid tubes blowing off under hard power. Note the Greddy racing dump valve also fitted. The largest type available! There's flexible braided oil in / return hoses are also fitted to the turbo, for reliability and these combined with other hoses and wiring near the turbo are heat shielded, for protection. Injectors are 550 cc, combined with an uprated Nismo fuel pump also. There's a high flow foam induction kit and the air flow meter is a high flow unit from a 300ZX twin turbo. The head gasket has been replaced with a metal item, to enable higher boost to be run also and rocker stoppers also fitted to protect the valve train. The exhaust downpipe is uprated with a large bore stainless steel item and there's a stainless cat replacement pipe, leading to s stainless steel Uras SS system. A Grex / Trust oil cooler is fitted, together with a remove oil filter mount in the engine bay, for ease of access. Note the bespoke oil catch tank located on the nearside suspension turret. A Blitz Dual solenoid boost controller allows accurate control of the turbos and 1.5 bar is currently programmed as peak, which gives approximately 400 bhp of power. The ECU has been uprated with a perfoermance chip, however - to be safe and to know the car can run high boost safely on UK fuels, we have added an Apexi Power FC ECU and commander and mapped it for a safe 1.2 bar of boost. A total of around £10,500 has been spent just on engine tuning and improvements!!
Transmission: An OS Giken Clutch and uprated flywheel are fitted, to allow the sort of abuse that 400 bhp in combination with drifting and fast driving will demand. A 2 way differential is also fitted of course. Wheels, Suspension Brakes: Uras NS-01 chrome 17" wheels are fitted, with 215/45-R17 front and 235/45-R17 rear sized rubber. These are in excellent near new condition. Note that these are 5 stud, not 4 as usually fitted to PS13's - this is because Silvia S14 hubs and callipers have been fitted. Discs are uprated slotted type too and pads are also uprated. TEIN Type RA adjustable coilover suspension gives a wide range of adjustability, ideal for fast road / drift use. The front units also have camber adjustable mounts, so that negative camber can be dialed in to make the front grip more. Uprated and adjustable front tie rods enable front castor to be adjusted for steering self correction. With pillow ball bushes, there's no play there, so steering feel and response is improved. Note that no strut braces are fitted. This is because some drifters prefer to run without them. A total of around £3,500 has been spent on wheels, suspension, brakes and suspension alone!
Interior: A Nardi classic steering wheel is fitted of course. An accessory no self respecting drift fanatic in Japan would be without. To enhance this, there's a Works Bell quick release and a lockable security cover. When you leave this car, just take the steering wheel with you and lock the cover in place! To the left of the dashboard are a trio of 60mm Blitz gauges, to monitor Fuel pressure, oil temp and oil pressure gauges. To the right of the steering column by the A pilar are exhaust temperature and turbo boost gauges, also by Blitz. A Quality Alpine CD/Radio unit is fitted - combined with uprated speakers. A Nism shift knob is also fitted. There is also a Greddy turbo timer installed. Note also D1 style flashing strobe type bulbs and system fitted. Use this to make the front corner markers flash when drifting...!Note there's a reclinable Recaro seat for the passenger (Allows the driver to lean back and take a rest at meets, or allow passengers to access the back seat) and a more serious and fully supportive Recaro FIA approved race seat, complete with a Super low seat rail. Total cost in Japan for interior upgrades would have been around £2,500 when new. Please note: All interior electronic accessories are supplied free of charge and without warranty. The driver's seat is a Bride reclinable item which give more support than standard.
Bodywork: Considering this car is now 14 years old, it's in awesome condition! This is not an original colour. The paint job is of excellent quality, with hardly any faults to report. The side skirts and rear bumper are high quality items from "Origin". The front bumper had been damaged and repaired, so replaced this with a new Origin bumper as part of full UK te that the front grille is not original. The headlights fitted are not original either, but square lenzed items with clear covers, which give the front a meaner look. The front indicators and sidelights are also clear crystal items (The nearside one shown in the pictures wasn't but we have already replaced with new ones!). Note: We are also able to supply Zactec crystal style red / clear rear light clusters inexpensively from Cost of exterior modifications, paintwork and lighting - over £3,500 in Japan! We feel this car would benefit from a full carbon 3D GT wing also, to give it a mean look and assist rear end grip at higher speeds. This would be fully adjustable for rake too, of course. On each door perhaps fit chromed are stickers displaying some of the names of manufacturer's parts that adourn this car. These would make the car a lot more special (Stickers can also be commissioned by us from Japanese companies!).
Original factory equipment includes: Electric windows, power steering, climate control, remote controlled boot and filler cap release, adjustable steering column, etc.
Auction grade of this car is RA1 (Copy of auction sheet is available). The "RA" denotes that the car has had acosmetic accident repair in the past (front panel has previously been repaired) Grade 1 of the auction grade is due to the many modifications this car's received! As the bodywork has been lovingly resprayed, condition is excellent. The front and rear arches have been rolled in to allow the car to run lower. Interior is in excellent condition also.
Test Drive: This modified Silvia drives very well, with excellent throttle response, VERY strong power throughout the rev range with boost coming on from around 3,500 rpm and going all the way to the redline, drama free brakes, good clutch and most importantly - excellent handling, with easy, slow driftability. Of course, we checked made absolutely sure this car drives just as it should. Needless to say, it sounds awesome - with the engine modifications fitted and turns heads - everywhere!
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! This is also the most sought after shape, as featured on Initial-D Japanese drift cartoons! Condition is excellent - this is another top condition PS13 coupe we've come across hence the reason we bought it. With a total of over £19,500 spent on improving it, without taking into account the cost of the car! We only buy the very best cars available!
Judging by the attention our video director - Steve Brooks' blue PS13 generates when appearing at shows in the UK (it's not as modified as this...yet!) this will be a car that generates a LOT of interest. Expect to see a full feature of this car in Japanese Performance magazine and other publications shortly, as there isn't another quite like it in UK, or in Ireland.
Now completed and ready to go! Viewing is highly recommended! If you can appreciate the sheer amount of preparation this car's had and are serious about getting the best PS13 Silvia yet imported to the UK, don't delay!
£10,935 OTR complete with new MOT, cosmetic repairs as detailed, fully valetted, in perfect condition, complete with 6 month's road tax and full UK registration. A comprehensive 12 month UK warranty is included also.
Please Contact us for full details on how to reserve this unique car, or to have us source a similar high quality Silvia for yourself.
Available as an EU Import for registration in Holland and Scandinavia countries!
Newera Imports - Total dedication to perfection in every car we supply. Consistently recommended by tuners, Owner's Club Members and the UK's top magazines for supplying the best hand-picked performance cars from Japan.

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