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1996 Mazda RX-7 Type RS - TO4R Single Turbo HKS prepared. Silver Metallic


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RX-7 Type RS - TO4R Single Turbo HKS prepared.




Silver Metallic


This RX-7 is modified with some of the most extreme performance improving components available on the Japanese market and has been extensively improved for very strong performance. Whilst it's not a fully focussed drag car, it's of a specification likely to be capable of getting into the low 11's if not high 10's with a skilled driver behind the wheel. This RX-7 competed at the HKS Super Drag Meeting in Kanto in September 2003. Although it carries extensive modifications, it's road drivable and with a TO4R and HKS competition clutch in combination with a 2 way differential, it also adapts itself to drifting. Make no mistake - this is not your typical RX-7 to be used as a daily driver though. All specification combined makes for a car that will appeal to someone looking for an absolutely ballistic missile. All this is combined with a genuinely low mileage car that's in near perfect condition, to our usual standards of excellence.
Full Drag - Street Spec: A no expense spared build has been given to this car and with combined spec. it's clear to anyone with in depth knowledge of these, that internals are very likely to have been reworked and uprated for strength. Bear in mind this car runs expensive and extensive modified components as follows: HKS 32 BIT F Con V Pro ECU, HKS 3rd generation boost controller, 2 additional injectors with custom made fuel rail, 2 external fuel pumps with alloy swirl pot and braided hoses to and from the engine, Twin M.D.I. Ultra ignition amplifiers (One covers leading plugs, the other covers trailing plugs), TO4R HKS turbo with large remote waste gate and screamer pipe with custom made cold air feed to HKS SPF induction kit, Greddy Racing BOV. There’s a thick down pipe (Shrouded in heat resistant wrap) with a large bore exhaust system. Radiator is uprated aluminium – of approx double capacity and an Apexi 1.3 bar uprated cap is fitted to the coolant filler neck. Note also the strengthened braided radiator hoses. There’s also an oil catch tank fitted. Also fitted is an alloy power steering fluid reservoir, in addition to an alloy air seperator tank. Oil filler cap is by Mazdaspeed with a characterful rotor shape. Twin oil coolers are standard. Engine mounts are uprated solid type – to avoid flex to the power frame during hard launches and to reduce axle tramp when doing burnouts. There’s no air pump and a replacement idler pulley is fitted instead, to make sure the water pump cannot fail. Note however, that due to the vented radiator draining rain water onto them, the original steel pulleys have corroded. We'll be supplying new blue annodised alloy replacement pulleys as part of the package. The exhaust is an HKS Hyper muffler system complete with removable silencing bung. The battery is relocated to the rear for the intercooler pipes to have a direct path from the turbo, into the thick and extra long (ARC) Intercooler and into the intake manifold. Note the size of this intercooler is so big that there's no space for the original headlight motors. Instead, these have been permanently fixed in the upright position. As we feel this warrants improvement, an after market headlight kit will come with this car. Inside, there’s an HKS fuel mixture controller, for fine tuning. Clutch is uprated with a 2 or 3 plate unit. Differential is a 2 way unit and final drive may be lower than standard. With all the modifications in place, it’s very likely the engine’s been dowelled, as it wouldn’t need to have the level of fueling fitted to cope with up to 1 bar of boost (Standard engine maximum). Please note – we recommend re-setting ECU if this car is to be run with European fuels - and will advise the customer of the 2 best UK tuners with most high power experience to take this car to. HKS ECU remapping is possible in UK (We can also supply an Apexi Power FC unit for this car if preferred. Please see for further details). Please note: UK mapping associated resetting is not included in the price.
With correct European fueling and boost at 1.2 – 1.3 Bar, this engine is expected to make approx. 500 – 550 ps!
Interior: The battery is located at the rear. A full 10 point Cusco Safety 21 roll cage has been professionally trimmed in black protective foam. The driver’s seat is an FIA approved Recaro unit combined with an FIA Approved Willians 4 point race harness. On the Steering Column is a racing spec. Autometer Sport Comp Rev counter with pre-set shift light currently set at 7,500 rpm. There are HKS electronic gauges showing Water Temp, Oil Temp and Exhaust Temp on the 3 pod centre display, plus a separate boost Gauge. There's an over ride switch on the centre console to run the cooling fans. The electronics are mostly located on the passenger side, with the EVC boost controller unit located in the glovebox, the HKS F Con V Pro ECU and M.D.I ignition amplifiers in the passenger footwell. Note the HKS fine tune micture controller neatly located in the centre console. Note that there's no rear interior trim. Clearly with a 10 point competition roll cage fitted - rear seat occupants were the last thing on the previous owner's mind!
Exterior: BBS LM Split rim 17 x 8.5 Front 17 x 9.5 Rear wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 Sports tyres are fitted. Tyres are around half worn. Bodykit consists of a C West N1 bumper, Unknown FRP Vented bonnet, RE-Amemiya drag style rear spoiler light grille, Ganador remote controlled door mirrors. Also race regulation front tow ring. Note that we will be supplying a replacement headlight kit with this car, also.
Braking Handling: Note that ABS is no longer in place, instead there’s a line lock, for burnouts – where the ABS module would usually be. Uprated braided brake lines are fitted. Quantum RM Coilovers take care of handling. These are currently set to medium ride. With a 4 point front strut brace and a full competition 10 point safety 21 steel roll cage, this car is set up to be stiff, which further enhances handling and safety. .
Original Specification: Fitted mats, 16 BIT ECU (Mated with a piggy back 32 BIT HKS F Con V Pro ECU) power steering, original heater controls (A/C?), electric windows, central locking, original fitted mats, etc.

Test Drive: We test drove this RX-7 thoroughly for handling, acceleration and braking. When you switch on the ignition, the immediate giveaway of what's to come is in the noise from the twin fuel pumps generating fuel pressure. It starts first time with a characteristic vibration from the solid engine mounts. Allowing it to warm up, with the boost set at a conservative 0.9 bar, the car pulls well off boost - with good idle, etc. It pulls strongly from around 3,500 rpm all the way to the red line, with no sign of power tailing off. Clearly the engine's set to take more boost, but without knowing the age of the fuel, nor having checked mapping, we kept it to this level to be ssafe. Engine and a complete mechanical integrity check was carried out and we found no faults to report aside from a minor leak in the exhaust down pipe. This is common on single turbos where the pipe cracks at the down pipe flange which mates to the exhaust housing.. Mild steel, so only easy welding required.

Auction grade is 1, due to the extensive modifications this car's clearly had (Copy of the auction sheet is available). It’s been stored outside. As it has a vented bonnet, the engine has had some moisture and some of the bolts are corroded and the alloy in the engine bay needs polishing. As the original steel pulleys are in the direct path of rain water, these have corroded. We'll be supplying blue annodised alloy replacements with the car. There are no back seats nor any rear trim. There are some minor stone chips and scratches to the front bumper. RE Amemiya rear grille has a couple of light stress fractures. These are very minor faults and too small to warrant repairing - but mentioned for the purposes of supplying a complete description. Remaining bodywork is in unmarked condition also. Notably, there are no pin dents or other stone chips. Bodywork is virtually immaculate. Note that the Ganador electric door mirror's spring seems to be loose - and it's held in position by tape. This either needs just the spring putting back into position, or at worst - original mirrors fitted to replace the faulty Ganador item. Alternatively, the mirror can be permanently glued in current position with epoxy resin.
RX-7's in as beautiful highly modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays. Usually we don't target these, as they're often tired, abused, etc. This example isn't - it's clearly been hardly used. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure, healthy turbo and good mapping (Needs checking to make sure it's safe on UK fuels before pushing hard). It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low and an obvious rebuild having been done already. For further peace of mind, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including minor repairs to door mirror, welding of cracked exhaust downpipe, full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, UK registration, road tax, new MOT, warranty, - this car is available for Alternatively, we can supply without UK preparation (Will be easy to DIY as there's no SVA required) at only £9,170.
This wild RX-7 is currently in Yokohama, Japan - awaiting reservation. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment. Please Contact us to obtain full information on this RX-7, or to have us find one to your requirements!
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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