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1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Rev 3 T-Bar Black


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MR2 GT-S Turbo Rev 3 T-Bar






An MR2 Rev 3 GT Turbo T-Bar is a very rare car in Japan, yet alone in the UK. Genuine low mileage examples in top condition are very sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who can truly apprciate the merits of these unique mid engined sports cars. This example comes with original option marching Recaro seats, Climate Control A/C, PAS, P/W, Light grey tint on the windows, remote controlled door mirrors, Original floor mats. ABS fitted. These combined are very rare combinations, especially with T-Bar. The T-Bar seals well - there are no signs of leakage. Also the original interior covers and storage bags are inside the car. A 200W Kenwood DPX-990MD hifi equipped with CD/MD/Radio is fitted combined with a full digital graphic equaliser. Behind the passenger seat, mouned on the cubby box lid is a Kenwood 10 disc CD changer. An electric aerial works automatically with the hifi system. A TV/Navigation system is also fitted, although this is an older unit. Audio equipment is supplied free of charge. In any case, this has been removed and stored beneath the passenger seat for safety in shipment. This and the installation of sensors, etc. behind the driver's seat can be neatly removed - leaving no unsightly marks. Neatly mounted on the Driver's A-Pilar is a pod with Apexi turbo boost and oil pressure matching gauges. A Momo steering wheel has replaced the std. item. Note that a set of alloy pedal covers are also fitted. An HKS turbo timer is fitted neatly on top of the steering column.

Mechanically the car is in standard condition throughout, aside from an Apexi Dual Funnel induction kit, HKS Blow Off Valve, Apexi Hayabusa exhaust with removable baffle. ECU is standard. These modifications allow improved breathing and can be kept quiet, or with baffle removed, become less restrictive and a little louder. The suspension has been improved mildly with a set of RSR lowering springs, which reduce the car's height by approx 20mm on each corner. The wheels are Super Advan Racing 17" items fitted with brand new Falken Azenis sports tyres (215/40/ZR17 235/40/ZR17 size). These are very lightweight and strong - being made of forged alloy. Alternatively we can source and supply a complete set of Work Emotion R alloy wheels in choice of colour - and fit before shipment, using the existing tyres. A full set is available from for just £885!
See: for full details and a picture!

This MR2's clearly been carefully cherished. The auction grade is 4 (Auction sheet is available). It's in excellent condition. On each door there are some plastic protectors to stop for any possible damage happening when opening close to walls, etc. These can be easily removed as they're afixed with self adhesive tape only. Looking carefully around the car we noticed the following faults: There are 2 small pin dents on each rear quarter. Also one small pin dent on the passenger door. The bonnet has a couple of marks from bird droppings that have etched the paint. These faults will each be repaired perfectly to present the car in stunning condition.
Underneath, the car is also like new. This has been a non smoker's car mainly - although there was some ash beneath the ashtray, the tray itself is clean as is the cigar lighter - and the car doesn't smell of smoke nor have any stains or cigarette burns. Interior has no faults at all to report aside from some very small wear marks to the driver's seat (From getting in and out over the years) and some minor wear to the carpet. As the seats are identical, these can be switched to avoid any further wear to the area affected.
The carpet in the driver's footwell can be repaired at a small additional cost by a specialist whilst the car's undergoing UK preparation.

Signs show of this MR2 having been regularly serviced also. Oil has been changed approx 1,500 miles ago - clearly this car wasn't driven hard - judging by the fact the brake discs still look hardly worn. We test drove this car and found it gives good strong power throughout the rev range. Driving out of our yard, which is quite bumpy, we noted that there were no rattles and squeaks to be heard. When driving on the open road, the car felt tight and unused and grip and handling was good also. Brakes pulled the car up well with no signs of warpage, as is often common on older cars. Clutch has plenty of bite remaining. Feels very smooth.

If you're looking for the best condition MR2 Rev 3 Turbo T-Bar available, then we strongly recommend taking a trip to see this example. It's in stunning unmarked condition just as described!

Including all intwork as described, MOT, road tax (6 month's), a full year's Motorcare Warranty, full UK preparation, etc. OTR price: £6,850. A deposit of £1,000 secures this exceptionally clean example of a rare MR2!

Now Completed and on display - ready to go! Please contact us to arrange viewing or to get info on how to reserve this MR2!

Newera Imports - Consistently recommended as the No. 1 choice for supplying the best MR2's in the UK - by tuners IMOC club members.

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