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1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32). N1 600 bhp engine & 6 Speed HKS Racing Gearbox.


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Skyline GT-R (R32) N1 600 bhp engine & 6 Speed HKS Racing Gearbox.






As specialist suppliers of the best Japanese Performance Cars from Japan, we're proud to be able to offer THE most hardcore GT-R we have sourced so far in 2005!! This is an extremely rare spec'd R32 GT-R, complete with an original reworked N1 Racing engine to give 600 bhp + In addition, this car is fitted with a very rare and desirable bullet proof HKS 6 Speed close-ratio racing gearbox, to be capable of reliably putting the high power this car's endowed with - to the wheels.

After successfully buying this car in Kyushu Island and transporting it to our yard in Yokohama we inspected it carefully, then test drove it to make sure it's every bit as good as the spec's would suggest. It has to be said from the beginning, this car is not set up as your usual "daily driver"!
The HKS racing gearbox is a complete unit built for professional use only. Gears whine as the car picks up speed and there is no synchromesh at all, so downshifts have to be heel toed, or double de-clutched to ensure quick, crisp changes. Clutch is a 3 plate HKS unit capable of withstanding up to 1000 bhp. It's still fairly new, so it's relatively forgiving in the way it bites (not heavy in use), but this is not really a setup for start - stop traffic! Just the gearbox and clutch kit alone, as new parts cost £8,000 in Japan and would cost considerably more in the UK!!!

Engine Performance: Each time we drive an N1 engined GT-R, we're reminded of how much smoother it is than a normal RB26 engine. This N1 engine feels tight and unburstable. It has high oil pressure and is evidently a very healthy unit.
Combine an N1 original engine with 2 x HKS GT 2835 turbos, uprated fuel pump, 550 cc HKS injectors, 264 inlet 272 exhaust HKS camshafts, HKS metal head gasket, HKS Forged pistons conrods, uprated oil pump, ARC intercooler, alloy induction pipes, HKS PFC induction kit Mine's VX muffler system (cat back), HKS F Con V ECU, HKS 3rd Generation electronic valve controller (Boost controller is located in the glovebox together with an HKS Dual Auto turbo timer) - combined and running at 1.1 Bar, this car's making around 550 bhp at present. With 1.3-1.4 bar of boost, it will run to over 600 bhp, but to do this on fuels in the UK we recommend having this car checked on a rolling road to make sure it's mapped safely to run on 98 RON UK petrol. Octane booster would also be recommended for use of this car in Europe.

Driving this highly powered GT-R is an experience!!! The whine from the racing gearbox and direct feel of the gearshift and clutch give only a faint hint of what's to come as the engine hits 4,500 rpm and the turbos get to work. Acceleration is relentlessly quick and the gearchanges come almost as quick as you can move your hands. Although still on standard discs and callipers, clearly the pads are upgraded to a competition spec, as they're fade resistant and pull the car up without any drama at all. A brake master cylinder brace is also fitted, to help reduce brake pedal travel improve feel.
It's clear that the mapping on this car's ECU has been done very professionally. Although the HKS unit is a piggy back ECU, right from a cold start, it idless smoothly with no hesitation, again giving no clue of what's available.... Once warmed up to operating temperature, this is a car that begs to be driven hard.

Suspension Handling: Ohlins shock absorbers and springs. Although adjustable, these are of an older design with height being adjustablity through the use of shims, instead of screws as on later models. Damping control handling is very good (comfortable too!), as would be expected from one of the best suspension component manufacturers in the world. Front and rear Cusco strut braces help stiffen the suspension towers, whilst an HKS Kansai real mounted roll cage with stiffening struts extending the the front helps give the bodyshell maximum rigidity. This is neatly trimmed in black foam. Note that the cross beam is removable to alloy unrestricted rear seat use.

Cosmetic improvements: This R32 GT-R carries all the Nismo R32 bodywork upgrades: These include the rear lip spoiler, intercooler vents in the front bumper, bonnet lip, side skirts and rear valence sections. Being OEM parts, these were expensive items are not made of fibreglass, but plastics and fitted from new, so much more durable than after mkt. parts. Wheels are as new - Volk Racing superlight forged alloy Bronze TE37's complete with light weight alloy anodised nuts. Tyres are Yokohama Advan Neuva's of size 245/40/ZR17. They're each around half worn. Note that the mirrors are Ganador remote controlled electric items.

Interior Improvements: Inside, there's a console located in the centre of the dashboard housing 3 Omori brand gauges to show oil pressure, oil temp and water temp. On the A pilar is a pod mounted with an Omori boost gauge. Another smaller Greddy / Trust boost gauge is mounted below, where an air vent wound usually have been placed. A head up display speedometer is also fitted. In all, the gauges have each been carefully mounted in very easily visible positions to enable monitoring to be safely possible by the driver whilst extracting full performance.
Also fitted is a Kenwood hifi with CD/Radio and some alloy pedal covers. Note the HKS 6 Speed racing gearbox's alloy gearknob.

Factory fitted Equipment: Aside from the engine, other N1 Spec is also recognisable from the headlights, which are different to normal models, in addition to deletion of the rear wiper. N1 optional ABS and Air condition have been included on this example. Also fitted are Hicas 4WS, Atessa 4WD, power windows, central locking, fitted mats, etc.

Auction Grade of this car is 1, obviously due to the many modifications fitted and engine change. Condition of this car is outstanding!! Underneath it would appear this car's never seen rain, it's almost completely corrosion free! There are no stone chips to the paintwork, or windscreen, so it hasn't been driven hard regularly. Interior is also in excellent original condition with low wear to seats, etc. This car has also not been smoked inside - no cigar lighter is fitted - instead there's an original blanking plug.
This is not only a unique genuinely low mileage R32 GT-R but it's also been beautifully looked after from new!!
The only faults we could find were the usual dents to jacking points at the front (Almost all skylines seem to suffer from this!), touch up marks to the rear spoiler, 2 tuni pin dents on the driver's door and a small area of paint cracking (Size of a 10 pence piece) on the n/s corner of the front bumper. Also there are some minor scratches and cracks to the paint on the front lip spoiler - which are common when the lip has been colour coded as in this case..These minor faults will each be repaired at our premises in the UK whilst the car's being prepared.

This highly spec'd GT-R appears to have been set up for an enthusiast to use for fast road use and trackdays. Clearly owned by someone who wasn't bothered by use of a racing gearbox. Remember this car came from a less populated Island of Japan, where there are more mountain roads much less traffic.
We especially like the discreet way in which this car's prepared. Nothing looks excessive. This could just be a normal spec R32 GT-R to any onlooker... but will eat up and spit out just about any car you'd come across!!! As prepared, this Skyline would also make an ideal track or drag weapon. Already well over £24,000 has been spend in upgrading it in Japan!

We'd recommend adding an uprated radiator and a Grex Oil cooler to help maintain the engine's operating temperatures in harder use. Perhaps also fit some Brembo F50 Brakes to the front - to cope with the monster power and speeds which this car will be capable of. An equal length downpipe and cat replacement pipe would give slightly better response from the turbos as an inexpensive upgrade, in addition to providing more sound from the exhaust..
Other mods to be added in future could be the removal of the Hicas 4WS and replacement with a purpose made bar, fitment of a Grid TS Dancer 4WD controller and perhaps a 2 way racing rear differential to give the car more drive out of corners. is able to supply these at discount and if required - fit before shipment to Europe.
Alternatively, removing the gearbox selling it upon arrival (A similar brand new HKS racing gearbox in the UK is likely to cost close to £8,000) in exchange for a standard GT-R gearbox (R32-R34) would make this a very affordable high power R32 GT-R, or sell the engine too in exchange for a std one and save much, much more!!! Aside from Keith Cowie's record breaking R32 GT-R, this is the only other we have even sourced with an HKS Racing Gearbox!!

Inclusive of UK conversions, MOT, 6 month's road tax, 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, paintwork to perfect small faults described full UK registration, this unique GT-R is available for: £17,890 1,500 secures for prompt shipment. Please contact us for futher information on how to reserve this GT-R or source an alternative and to get a video clip of the test drive of this Skyline.
If it's for you - don't delay - this spec is not likely to be repeatable.

Newera Imports - Consistently recommended as the No. 1 source for the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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