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1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T KR4 – Sonic Silver


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Skyline R34 GT-T




KR4 – Sonic Silver


A high quality fully spec'd manual ER34 Skyline GT Turbo in perfect condition, sourced specifically to order for a returning customer, to replace his MR2 sourced when we first started Newera Imports in 1998!
The GT-T Skyline has GT-R looks and strong GT class performance, given by it's 275 bhp Neo turbo 6 cylinder 24 valve engine - with handling and quality to match - at less than half the price of it's bigger brother.
Standard equiment includes: Hicas 4 Wheel Steering (Providing improved turn in and cornering accuracy), Traction Control, ABS, Dual SRS airbags with leather SRS airbag steering wheel, Climate control Air Conditioning, rear wiper, UV Cut Glass, Window wind deflectors, Privacy rear windows, Electric Windows and Electric Mirrors with Retract Mode. Tyres are half worn BF Goodrich sports compound.
Improvements on thi example over standard are as follows: Factory option HID headlights. It’s had a Nismo gauge cluster fitted – with a documented mileage of 74,680 total (46,413 miles). There’s a Blitz SBC ID boost controller, with boost set to 0.86 which is the safe limit for the standard turbo. It’s also got an HKS Dual Auto Turbo timer fitted, although this may not work in combination with an alarm with Immobiliser. Original Polyeurethane Factory Option Nismo ABS Plastic front spoiler sideskirts. it’s also got Nismo front and side repeaters, as well as an Apexi induction kit.

This is a non smoker's car since new, so interior is in excellent condition with no faults to report at all. The entire interior is stain free, with no wear to seats, fitted mats or plastics. Good quality Audio is an uprated Panasonic 200W CD/MD/Radio. Uprated speakers may be fitted. This unit is included free of charge.

Auction grade is 4 (Original auction sheet copy is available). The Exterior is completely mint and unmarked, aside from some small scratches on the leading edge of the front splitter, by the nearside. There's one very small pin dent on the o/s quarter panel. This car's in perfect condition with no other pin dents, no signs of previous paintwork or anything that needs repair. Note that underneath, the car's also in perfect condition with no faults to report - there's not a single sign of corrosion beneath. It's like a nearly new car, essentially.
Skyline R34 GT-R looks, superb performance (Approx 290 bhp) handling to match (lowered and uprated suspension springs, Hicas 4WS, Torsen Limited Slip Differential, etc) with much lower price, insurance and running costs. These are excellent performance cars, complete with an engine closely based on the legendary GTR's RB26 - this one's fitted with a 2.5 litre RB25 instead complete with variable valve timing. Single turbo, so much less lag than a twin turbo GTR, yet capable of producing 360 bhp easily with only basic tuning. A quick and robust Skyline for every day use if need be, or simply for weekends and special events. Note that Polyeurethane is much more resistant to stone chips and parking damage than fibreglass bodykits. Being flexible, with specially treated paint for flexibility, these kits will not damage easily - but be as resistant to damage as normal car's bumpers. In conversions, we will make one of the reversing lights into a foglight on this model, so it will look like a completely standard factory fitted item. Neat!

Note that is able to supply performance upgrades such as new wheels, uprated exhaust, high flow catalyst, Uprated ECU and other upgrades to make this a higher performance car. We are also able to supply Nismo carbon fibre rear-spoiler end trims, B Pilar trims and other cosmetic enhancement parts at low cost. See our parts website for details. This is a truly stunning example. Crucially, all signs indicate these modifications haven't been done a long time ago, but within the last year or two - with no abuse of the car - upgrades fitted cost the last owner approx. £1,500 in total. It looks to have always been garaged too - and driven by a mature and older owner. Usually such examples are very high priced and virtually untouchable at Japanese Auctions - we have taken almost 3 months to find a Skyline of this calibre - for our customer. Most examples are average or of poor quality that simply don't meet our high standards.
This includes all fees, E-SVA test and full specialist UK conversions, minor paintwork to the front bumper and repair of pin dent if possible, valetting, 6 month's road tax, new MOT and 12 months comprehensive warranty. Please contact us for details on how we can source your own and exceptional condition Skyline.

Newera - the No. 1 recommended source for Skylines - by UK Specialist Tuners Skyline Owners Club Members.

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