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1985 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Kouki (Late Model). Drift Tuned! Bb Purple Metallic.


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Corolla Levin AE86 Kouki (Late Model). Drift Tuned!




Bb Purple Metallic.


This stunning AE86 Corolla Levin with a 20 Valve Black top is the best example we've sourced yet! Some people will believe that finding a good AE86 (A car now over 20 years old) is easy in Japan. Fact is that most AE86's are tired and well past their prime, which is why we will typically only source perhaps 2-4 in a whole year of searching. This car is currently on hold pending payment from a discerning customer who wanted the very best we could locate. Being Japanese and having really read up on AE86's he knew it would be difficult contacted us and placed his order. We searched diligently and at times it seemed like we'd never find a very good example.. What others thought were very good cars we checked and decided it was best to leave them and wait for something better to come along. We spent over 4 months diligently looking through the usual average stuff on sale in Japan and rejecting various possible cars upon closer inspection whilst Atsushi waited patiently. He didn't like the Green Metallic N2 Trueno we've bought in for stock, wanted something a bit less crazy!A few weeks ago he was due to fly over to Japan to see family for the first time in 4 years.... On the day he arrived, we finally managed to buy this car from a private seller and drove up on an early Sunday morning to Aichi (300 km from Tokyo, near Nagoya) and brought it back with us. The customer met us at the Newera Tokyo office a few days later and his mouth dropped into a massive grin as soon as he laid eyes on it. Totally fell in love there and then. We then went for a little test drive, slow at first, then to the dock roads to put it sideways to show how well it would drift - then put it away...
Dino Dalle Carbonare one of the best known international Motoring journalists borrowed it last week and did a photo shoot for some of his Magazine clients, so you may see this one appear on a few shelves around the world soon... You may also see it at events in the UK, etc. To see some of his pictures click here!Modifications: Car's well spec'd indeed. The previous owner was the son of a body shop owner, so the bodywork's been beautifully restored with Goodline arches expertly added to the rear - complete with a genuine full Goodline bodykit (Inclusive of FRP front wings) made of soft FRP (Resists flexing, etc), TRD rear spoiler. The 15" Longchamps were brand new 2 years ago. Engine's a properly completed black-top 20 Valve conversion with coil packs for ignition and a 5 valve designated Freedom ECU (80,000km engine - car's done under 90,000 km from new!). The individual throttle bodies use SP Tec aluminium trumpets / Jubiride KN style filters. There's a 4-2-1 stainless exhaust manifold and a custom twin exit exhaust and with the standard 20V blacktop making around 160 bhp, we believe this one's making slightly more at around 165. More would be available with a better exhaust manifold and some slightly more agressive ignition timing fuel mapping with the Freedom ECU fitted.. At present this car sounds awesome and has plenty of performance, with reliability, smooth idling, etc. To avoid annoying people late at night there's an Apexi Exhaust control valve too. Clutch is uprated and the final drive is believed to be a TRD 1.5 way unit. Brakes have been uprated to FC3S 4 piston front callipers with EG6 Civic slotted vented discs. At the rear there are new callipers. Suspension is complete with new Tokiko HTS inserts in coilover modified front struts, TRD rear shock absorbers and 6kg springs at rear with 7kg at front. There's a 6 point Cusco cage, working air conditioning, etc. It had a few minor things wrong with the interior like missing rear seats and trim, instrument light switch broken, missing spare wheel, etc. Fortunately we had all the interior trim in storage, complete with a set of redline rear lights, rear carpet, new black Cusco cage foam, etc. so these will be added to the car as part of ongoing progress by Atsushi once the car's with him in a month or so. Being total AE enthusiasts ourselves we don't supply poor quality "Techno Toy Tuning!" made in Taiwan parts for AE86's, but the real stuff developed from over 2 decades of racing experience from the likes of Tec Arts, TRD, Kimisu Motor Services, Techno Pro Spirit, Hot Staff, etc. If you're after the real deal to make an AE86 as ultimate as our's then please contact us! Atsushi, our customer plans to keep this car for a long, long time - as his Grandfather in Japan still to this day drives a Levin too... So these cars are in his blood. If you see a Japanese guy driving it in London, wave hello! At 23 years old, this Kouki model Corolla Levin GT Apex is in amazing totally rust free condition with perfectly straight panels, etc. Only minor scratches to the front lip spoiler and chips to the side skirts where road grid has eroded paint away. There's a couple of small cracks on the bumpers, but these are too minor to warrant repainting. In any case the car came with a litre of paint, so whenever there's a small repair needed - it'll be all the more easy to complete. This car was supplied at just £8,865 that AE86's in top condition are like hen's teeth and want ONLY the best available? Leave it to us! Please complete an inquiry form and let's get the search started for your top condition Levin / Trueno!

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