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1999 Nissan Skyline (R34) GT-R V-Spec - modified. White


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Skyline (R34) GT-R V-Spec - Stage 1 modified.






This is one of the best condition street prepared R34 GT-R V-Spec we have ever sourced, in over 8 years of business. For street tuned examples, we generally avoid the high power cars, as these have usually lived a hard life (Although there are occasions where there have been exceptions). None of the previous supplied R34's have had the combination of such low mileage and an almost brand new pile of modifications added for street spec.

Tuning: Uprated HKS intercooler and hard pipes, Trust - Grex Oil cooler (located behind the bumper's grille on the nearside front corner) complete with remote filter mount, uprated aluminium high capacity radiator, ARC alloy cooling panel, HKS mesh filters, HKS equal length uprated down pipes (standard catalyst) and a Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution exhaust system. There's a recently fitted 2 plate uprated clutch system - complete with a lighter smaller diameter flywheel - possibly HKS. The turbo boost is controlled by a latest edition HKS EVC 5 complete with digital display. This unit can carry 2 possible boost setting / programs, for improved or maximum boost when the need arises. The turbos are standard R34 items, which are better than previous model's, although these should only take a maximum of 1 bar of boost. We would recommend replacing the standard ECU with an Apexi Power FC, possibly a D-Jetro Version, so the air flow meters can be taken off, since these would require upgrading too, for when larger turbos are fitted. Fueling (Injectors, Fuel Pump and Fuel Pressure Regulator) would also need to be uprated, together with a complete set of Tomei metal head plus inlet outlet gaskets, to allow larger turbos to be used with more boost. We also recommend upgrading the ignition coil packs or fitting an HKS Twin Spark Amplifier. All such parts are available at discount from and a fitting service with full mapping facilities available at our workshop near Brighton.
Suspension is standard although I think the springs may be uprated progressive items. It would be useful to upgrade this at some point, but for European roads the current setup would be fine - and maintenance free. If preferred, we are also able to supply Aragosta or Ohlins excellent suspension, at excellent discount - direct from Japan (As fitted to tuned cars by Japan's best Skyline Specialists). These kits are only sold on the Japanese domestic market as they are produced in Japan.
Brakes Wheels: Brembo standard brakes are fitted. These are in excellent original condition with no significant wear or any warping from previous hard use. This combination is backed up by an alloy master cylinder brace in the engine bay, to secure against flex of the firewall and so improve braking feel. Wheels are Volk Racing TE37's, some of the lightest wheels available in Japan (Forged alloy) and are expected to be of size 18 x 10.5J + 15. Tyres are near new Falken Azenin ST115 of size 275/35/ZR18. Wheel nuts are Rays lightweight alloy (Blue Anodised) with a puzzle lock nut at each corner.
Cosmetic exterior improvements: A lot of attention ( money!) has been spent on perfecting the exterior with some of the best cosmetic parts available. A full and complete Nismo bodykit is fitted, which comprises: Front bumper, side skirts (ABS plastic, not FRP) and rear spats. To improve the rear spoiler, a Mine's adjustable carbon blade is fitted. Rear lights are Nismo's own LED clusters. Also there are other Nismo touches such as B Pilar Carbon trims, as well as front and side clear repeater lenzes. Only the bonnet might be ripe for changing - to a carbon item, if this is desired, but it's certainly not essential. Note that the windows have been secuity etched with the car's chassis number. A good precaution.
Interior is mostly standard - although there is the Boost controller's display, as well as an excellent quality Alpine Audio system comprising 2 Single DIN units with 220 W, able to play CD/ MD / Memory Stick / Radio. Speakers are also upgraded to match, complete with remote tweeters at the front of the car. As this car's to be used in Europe, we would recommend getting a complete new Nismo Gauge cluster from Nismo with a 340 km/h speedometer.
Standard Dealer Option Specifications: This is a rarer and more desirable V-Spec model, complete with active electronically controlled rear Limited Slip Differential and adoption of ATTESA E-TS PRO system for the 4WD bias control. Also included as standard: Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, velour seats, privacy rear windows, adjustable rear spoiler, original full set of fitted mats, etc. Note that the R34 GT-R comes with a full display that is settable to give warnings when temperatures reach certain levels, shift light, etc. This is unique and only available in the R34 GT-R. Note that on this car the TV option was not specified, although there is a Clarion wiring harness that can be attached to enable a DVD player to be used.
Test Drive: Initially we warmed this car up. Engine note right from the beginning is that of a tight engine with considerable tuning. We noticed there's one coil pack that occasionally shows signs of failing (Common on GT-R's) - so have budgetted for OEM replacement of 2 coil packs in the price. Clutch feels near new with plenty of progression, despite being uprated. Brakes and handling are sharp and drama free. The suspension's well controlled with good bump soaking response, with little body roll on hard cornering. This is a very pleasurable car to drive.
To find all faults on the bodywork, we washed and chamois leathered this car before photographing. The bodywork is generally excellent throughout! As to be expected, the front splitter (Which extends to make the front under diffuser on a V-Spec model) has scratches to the leading edges - unavoidable on an R34 GT-R. There's some minor scratches on the nearside skirt and also some on the nearside rear spat. Each of these will be professionally repainted. Also noticed some minor scratches on each end of the rear spoiler and a small chip of paint on the passenger door. These too, will be professionally repaired. The following faults are also apparent: The vortex generators on the bottom of the rear diffuser have some scratching (Again, unavoidable on these!) and there's some marks on the plastic trim from the bottom of the A pilar, to the top of the B pilar. Nissan's optional wind deflectors have previously been fitted, then removed. To resolve this, we'd recommend fitting new Nismo deflectors.
This GT-R has been sourced to special order for one of our first customers in Europe. It will be completed to perfection by ourselves in our new workshop near Brighton, where it will be completed inclusive of full UK preparation and registration to our usual high standards.
Please Contact us for further information on how we can source your desired GT-R Skyline! Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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