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1994 Toyota Supra GZ AEROTOP - Twin Turbo. Silver Metallic


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Supra GZ AEROTOP - Twin Turbo.




Silver Metallic


The Supra Twin Turbo GZ Aerotop is an extremely rare and sought after model. Although we actively look for these constantly, only 1 or 2 appear for sale in Japan throughout the year - the 1st one we have found is already in the UK and also on this stock page - this second one we have also just come across, so we have stocked it too. Not to be confused with the non turbo SZ Aerotops, which although more readily available - pale in comparison being normally aspirated only! The chassis is strengthened to enable the roof to be removable. Removing just 5 quick release screws allows the lightweight roof to be taken off in 1 or 2 minutes and be safely stored in the boot. GZ's Aerotops come with leather, SRS airbag for the driver, cruise control, 3 speed automatic with overdrive, factory CD/Cassette, etc.
Wheels are original and tyres are Bridgestone Grid II's of size 245/50/R16 at each corner. Aside from these, the car's in original factory condition - including suspension and exhaust.
The interior is in good original condition throughout also. The leather is unmarked and the steering wheel has no wear - The only fault is some spillage of coffee at the front, which will come out when the car's being valetted in the UK, mats will also be cleaned with specialist machinery - so the interior will be completely presentable to our usual high standards.
Auction grade is 4 (Auction sheet is available). There are 2 pin dents on the driver's door - these will be professionally removed by a dent repair specialist. The original option side skirts and rear valence extensions have some minor cracks - so these will each be removed, repaired and professionally repainted before being put back on the car in UK.
There is also a small (2cm) scratch on the bonnet. This will be professionally touched in also. Please note that the automatically retractable front spoiler (Option on GZ's) doesn't seem to be working currently. Most likely a minor electrical connection fault. We will have this looked at. However, if new parts are required, we may leave as is - if cost of replacement components is high. The lip spoiler is only a very minor item anyway and it's operation doesn't affect the car at all.

Mint examples of Supra GZ Aerotops such as this are usually impossible to obtain. This Supra is fitted with all available original options and has had no mechanical modifications, so insurance can be as low as possible whilst packing a 300 bhp punch. This example is ideal for drivers who want the speed without worry of covering above average annual mileages and also like to have an open top on nice days! Supra owners who have had good examples usually replace them with another Supra - when the time comes, testament to the quality and integrity of these cars.

A rare opportunity to have a very sought after but usually unavailable specification of Supra, at this price - not only a depreciation proff collector's car, but an absolutely gorgeous example which we're justifiably proud to put our name behind. If you've spent years in search for a mint example of a Supra GZ Aerotop, then you'll know how rare these are!

Including cost of road tax and new MOT. e of full UK conversions, Odometer Recalibration to miles, Paintwork as described, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, MOT, Road Tax Registration: £10,750 OTR. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment to UK. Please Contact us for further information.

Newera Imports. Recommended by club members, UK tuners and owners as the best source of top quality Supras.

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