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Skyline R32 GT-R - Mine's Tuned. Concours Condition Low Mileage Collector's Car.


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Skyline R32 GT-R - Mine's Tuned. Pristine Low Mileage Collector's Car.




Grey Metallic (KH2)


For about 5 years front extensive experience sourcing these we've been predicting that 32 GT-R's were destined to become prized classics and now not before time - we're sadly seeing the best examples fetching increasingly higher prices in Japan, making it very difficult to buy replacement stock. In order to successfully buy - we've had to increase the prices we pay, but are still offering cars at lowest possible price we can, in the hope we can continue to supply like-minded enthusiasts for as long as possible. It's a no-brainer that prices in other countries will continue to rise sharply and eventually our stock replacement costs will become so high, having Skylines in stock will become prohibitive.The R32 GT-R is a playstation generation cult car and was built by Nissan to show off what it was capable of during the Japanese bubble economy and it's now become a legend, sold only in Japan with a sprinkling of examples in Australia officially. Many are now dead from neglect, rust, abuse and poor quality modifications so there are few really nice examples left, even in Japan.
This example is to us the most original we've been able to source in years has been beautifully preserved and subtly improved. From the relative lack of ageing to seats, dash, plastics, paintwork, engine bay, underside, etc. it's clear to us this example's lived a very pampered life indeed. So much so we're tempted to keep this example and mothball it, as we know it'll be worth a lot more in years to come and we cannot realistically expect to find another this good...Collectability: As it's not far off a standard specification (Note it includes the original hifi steering wheel), this car will appeal to collectors, so we intend to offer the option of including the following with this car. All items described are in excellent condition: Original floor mats without wear or cracks to underside, original 16" forged alloy wheels with no corrosion and shod with near new Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 sports tyres (best tyres for street use - in Japan), original air box (Car already has the resonance box other original components located behind the bumper), Original Radiator Cap, Original shift knob, original BNR32 ECU. For a collector, these could be stored away along with any other bits taken off the car, to be able to return it to standard, as it's only a matter of time before these become very collectable sought after cars - worldwide. The only two items that we cannot currently supply from stock are an original exhaust suspension, but we can source supply these from Japan and ship with the car securely boxed, if desired. Obviously these original items are sought after and valuable in Japan, so we must charge what we would get for them on the market, but we will be as fair as possible.
Performance cosmetic modifications: Power cosmetics have been subtly improved for enhanced but sensible road use. Stage 1 tuning has been completed by fitment of a Mine's VX ROM ECU, HKS Super Power Flow induction kit a Kakimoto Stainless 304 Cat Back Exhaust.These combined offer around 360 bhp at 0.9 bar. Suspension wheel improvements: KYB Super S Suspension (With adjustable damping) are specifically designed for street use and offer a supple improved ride over standard, not unlike Nismo S-Tune suspension in use. Having rubber upper mountings means they're silent compared to some coilovers with pillow-ball top mounts. Wheels are very rare Blitz 01 2-piece 17" alloys with new sports tyres of size 245/40R17. Nismo front rear matching tower bars are also fitted. Cosmetic Interior Upgrades: Note the genuine Nismo bumper ducts bonnet lip. We added a Nismo spats Nismo rear spoiler lip (replica) which have the option of being completely removable if preferred, although we feel the new owner is likely to want to keep these. Inside, a Razo shift knob is fitted and under the steering column there is a Greddy Turbo timer, wired in with a bespoke plug play harness. As usual we have also fitted a brand new full set of Nismo floor mats. The rest remains original and in amazing condition.By now original steering wheels are usually damaged, whilst this one still remains excellent. The shift handbrake boots are original, as is the switch gear, etc. Also note the lack of large bubbles on the dashboard, or fading to the seats. We did note one bubble on the dash, near the instrument binnacle, but essentially this is in lovely condition bearing in mind this is nearly a 23 year old car! Note this has also been a non-smoker's car since new.
Further Improvements available: Although this car needs nothing added if wanted, there's still more things the new owner can do to personalise for his own GT-R perfection (We're here to help). For example we can supply bolt on parts (That can be removed later without leaving any marks) such as a decent front pipe, or gauges, etc. All which can be fitted neatly without damaging the interior, etc. We can also supply wilder parts like Abflug front and rear carbon diffusers (WIth free shipping if supplied with this car). All available tuning parts for BNR32 available throughout Japan can be sourced supplied at discount from
Standard equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, rear wiper, sports velour seats, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, carpets, indicator stalk, pedal rubbers, oil pressure, etc.- all indicate low wear and no abuse.
We found only minor cosmetic faults as follows: Although the car is very original with paintwork in excellent condition and no stone chips, etc. on the body (Shows it's always been driven at sensible speeds), we can see the door has had a repair to the skin. From some angles it's possible to notice a very mild waviness. To most it will be invisible, but we noted it to provide a complete description. The rear quarter panel has a small blemish as shown by the corner of the rear spoiler. Again, few will notice it - and it's not enough to warrant painting the entire rear quarter. The rear bumper has around 4 very light marks from nudging over the car's lifetime. There are also some touch-up marks. If desired we can have the rear bumper painted whilst the car is at RK tuning in UK being prepared, but we have taken pictures to show how minor this is.Nte the wheels each have some scratches from use over the years and also the alloy rims each have minor ageing. We would recommend refurbishing these with a good wheel specialist. RK Tuning is familiar with good companies that can facilitate this if desired. Engine Test Drive: After careful warming and extensive checks we took this car out to test can confirm it drives very well! It's got good smooth power and all signs of a well maintained car. Excellent oil pressure (4+ kg/cm2 cold 2+ kg/m2 when warm) at idle shows this is an engine in good health. Engine has absolutely no signs of wear, it's super smooth too. Clutch is good the gearbox is notably smooth and lacking in any of the often found signs of synchromesh wear found on these cars. We found no faults to report at all. Car pulls strongly from just under 3,000 rpm with power climbing all the way through the power range and is making approximately 370 bhp. The tightness of it's feel, lack of stone chips and care / money lavished on it suggests this car was used as a weekend toy and has never been on a circuit.
Make no mistake - this is one of the best R32 GT-R's we've been able to find in recent months. Prices of top Skyline R32 GT-R's in Japan are continuously strenghtening so we're unlikely to find many more good examples in the foreseeable future, although we intend to continue doing our best, within the realm of possibility. Supplies of good 32's at affordable prices are drying up fast now.
UK Includes UK conversions, new MOT (required for registration) 12 months comprehensive warranty.
For sales inquiries where the car would be shipped direct to another country, ask about our FOB package.
Contact us to secure this example or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R.
Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly - so don't delay if your interest is serious.Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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