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1995 Toyota MR2 TRD 2000 GT with 2.2 litre T78-30D 500 bhp modifications. Purple Blue Metallic.


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MR2 TRD 2000 GT with 500 bhp modifications.




Purple Metallic


This MR2 is most certainly the most special example we've had the pleasure of offering from our stock in 8 years. Since 1998 we've only been able to source 3 TRD 2000 GT's - of which only one had significant engine modifications. This example has almost ever conceivable power upgrade and has been built with no expense spared to make the ultimate MR2 Rev 3!!
As one owner car since new, it's clear this car was an obsession for it's previous keeper. We estimate that in excess of £50,000 has been spent during this car's lifetime.
Bodywork: The genuine TRD 2000 GT full body kit has been fitted perfectly, with all joins and gaps as perfect as if this car had come with this bodywork when new. Not content with just this bodywork, the bonnet is a vented item too. Although this hasn't been done - it would be feasible to cut the front panel and build carbon venting to enhance air flow through the radiator and out of the bonnet, which would also aid downforce at the front! At the rear there's a Garage Fukui SPL vented engine cover. The GT Carbon and alloy rear wing with finely adjustable rake is not there just for show. This is a maximum quality item not usually seen on road cars - essential to provide strong downforce at speed when making full use of the power this car is capable of. Note the clear indicator repeaters, aero style door mirrors plus the race spec. front towing eye. The attention to detail on this car's incredible.. Despite the performance available, it appears not to have been used in anger much - as there are virtually no stone chips at all!
Engine Modifications: The internals have been fully blue-printed from the ground up - with the highest quality items available from HKS, to provide more torque and greater air flow to minimise turbo lag. To withstand the power available, the crankshaft is a fully counter balanced item made from billet. H section forged alloy conrods are mated to forged and oversized pistons (87mm bore 90mm stroke) to give a total capacity of 2.140 litres. An HKS metal head gasket is fitted. Camshafts are HKS 264 (9mm lift) inlet and HKS 272 (9.2mm lift) exhaust complete with uprated valve springs and uprated lifters. Taking care of the fueling are 850cc injectors. Of course, there's an in tank uprated fuel pump, combined with a fuel pressure regulator. Hoses for fueling include aero grade anodised fittings and braided hosing. The turbo unit is a Greddy T78-33D with Greddy tubular stainless exhaust manifold and remote wastegate with the screamer pipe vented to atmosphere. The intercooler's a 3 layer unit from Phoenix Power. The exhaust is a custom made dual titanium silencer system with no catalyst and large bore piping to be unrestrictive. Engine management is via an HKS F Con V Pro piggy back ECU, combined with various electronics: HKS CAMP (Computerized Automobile Multi Player) Display Unit (Linked to FconV), HKS mixture controller, HKS EVC 4 boost controller (Currently set at 1.8 bar), HKS Graphic Control Computer. An oil cooler is also fitted with a custom built housing complete with mesh grille on the underside, forward of the engine and there's a bespoke oil catch tank, essential for an engine of this power when driven in anger - as it helps vent crank case gases. There's a cold air fed induction kit plus alloy pipes to and from the intercooler. Radiator hoses are uprated Samco items and there's a Tom's 1.3 bar cap. Note the attention to detail with even the engine cover colour coded. To harness the power available, an ORC multi-plate clutch is fitted. There are likely to be other modifications which are not listed. We suspect the differential to be a 2 way unit and the gearbox internals may also be upgraded.
Suspension, Wheels and Brakes: As this has been prepared mainly as a street drag car, suspension shock absorbers remain standard - and springs are uprated with TEIN lowering and progressive items. Wheels need little introduction, being Volk Racing's super light forged alloy TE37's annodised in Bronze. These are shod with Dunlop Formula 901 sports tyres of size 235/40-ZR17 front and 255/40-ZR17 rear. Tyres are approximately 1/3rd worn. The brakes remain standard, although hoses are upgraded for braided items and pads are project Mu sports compound.
Interior: Attention has been lavished inside. Recaro SR-IV sports seats complete with sliding rails are fitted. Just these retail at £1,000 a side in Japan! Standard seat belts are available for road use, but for serious driving there's a pair of Takata 340 mph rated belts. These cost around £450 per set domestically. Just another sign of the disregard for expense that's been lavished on this MR2! There's an uprated steering wheel to match the seats and exterior. Other interior improvements include an Apexi Rev Speed meter to measure quarter mile times. Mounted neatly on the A pilar are HKS electronic 60mm gauges showing oil temp and oil pressure. There's a pro spec. Auto Meter Sport Comp Tacho with Digital Display, shift light and Playback Functions. An HKS turbo timer allows the car to cool after any drive. There's a Kenwood high quality hifi also fitted. All interior electronics are provided free of charge with this car.
Auction Grade is 1 as to be expected of a car of this spec. There are few faults to report, as clearly this car's been stunningly well kept. On the front wings there's some minor bubbling to the paint. It's not easily visible unless looking closely (Close up pictures show this). Although it would be possible to repaint them, as the car's been so well prepared, we feel it is better to just leave these are they are. Note this is not the car's original colour. It was white when first manifactured. Although the doors and shuts have all been painted, wisely the engine bay and front luggage compartment have been left as they are - since paint would usually flake from these areas if resprayed, due to heat oil residue impregnated into the existing paint. The spare and jack are missing, presumably removed to save weight and allow greater transfer of weight to the rear when launching. We will provide an original spare and tools with this car, or a can of spray foam if preferred. There are no other faults to report. No scratches, no stone chips, just perfection!
Test Drive: The engine in this car is mental.. Nothing will prepare you for the assault on the senses this car is capable of, if compared to a normal MR2 turbo. Surprisingly, it's fairly docile and torque is readily available for traffic use. Clutch is quite progressive, indicating it's still fairly new. Put your foot down and as the T78-33D turbo spools from around 4,000 rpm you'll be pushed hard into the seat and the car will do it's best to make a hole in the horizon at a rate that will leave expensive supercars languishing in it's wake - with the driver wondering how the car in front is a Toyota.... Flames from the exhausts are likely to be common with the fueling and lack of a catalyst in place.Boost is currently set to 1.8 bar, which translates to an engine that will be capable of power estimated between 500 - 600 bhp and 10 second 1/4 miles. Bye Bye Lamborghini...!
Please don't compare this example with the usual average examples of MR2 turbos available elsewhere. The single previous owner of this MR2 spent in total around £50,000 on parts labour costs to upgrade to this spec. It's clear to us this car's been owned by a mature person who lavised care on it. There is nothing we'd recommend upgrading if it's for road use - it's already perfect for use in UK and being a centre of attraction. If you'd want to use it on the track, then we recommend fitting top quality suspension, such as Aragosta, or Ohlins, plus brake upgrades. These are items specialises in the supply of at discounted prices. Aragosta full coulover kits of quality to die for are a tad over £1,100 per set!
In the flesh, this TRD 2000 GT looks much better than the photos show. An example with genuine presence and class in the way it's been prepared. Close up, it's simply awesome and absolutely unique.

Including full UK conversions, preparation, MOT Odometer Recalibration to miles, Limited 12 month's comprehensive warranty (Note few warranty companies will cover a car this modified), Road Tax full UK Registration, lternatively if you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price (Warranty optional but not included in this price) is: £16,000
A deposit secures this car for prompt shipment. Please contact us to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative Supra to your required specifications.

Newera Imports - Recommended by IMOC and MR2 Driver's club members and specialist tuners as the consistent source of the very best MR2's available to the UK!

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