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2000 Toyota Celica SS-II 190 Optional TRD Bodykit & High Power Hifi!! Red


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Celica SS-II 190 Optional TRD Bodykit & total ICE!!






Here at Newera, we especially like wild looking cars! So, when we came across this example, we knew this was one we wanted to supply from stock, especially with the amazing array of ICE that comes with this example!
The bodykit is a mix of original TRD front bumper (Polyeurethane, so it won't crack stone chip like fibreglass) and rear wing, original TRD wheelarch flares and rear diffuser (Also polyeurethane) combined with side-skirts from Trial. A TRD Sports fuel filler lid with matching TRD alloy fuel filler cap are also fitted. Note that original option rear foglights are already installed. A rubber lip spoiler is also fitted to the lower section of the front bumper. This is a model equipped with (unavailable in UK) Super-Strut suspension. Basically a more sophisticated setup than in UK, affording even better handling and composure than UK cars. In this case though, struts are replaced with TEIN damping height adjustable units for greater poise and better handling, so this Celica will corner as good as it looks (Currently the car is set as low as it can get away with - it can be raised from slammed right down to beyond original height - We will be raising ride height to a more sensible level when preparing this car for road use in the UK). Wheels are lightweight 18" forged monoblock alloy from Enkei Racing. Exhausts consists of a twin exit titanium system from the catback!! The lights have been uprated to HID, which gives a much brighter white light, without dazzling oncoming cars - the very latest in lighting technology. The headlights units have been changed for blue tinted items which give the front a more special look, although the light emitted is still white when the lights are in use. Inside, there's a pair of Recaro reclinable sports seats, of slightly different trim design to each other. There's a TRD badge on the centre of the Tiptronic control equipped steering wheel. Some alloy pedal covers have been added and on the passenger side there's a kick plate fitted too. Also on the passenger side are a set of electronic Blitz oil pressure, oil temp and rev counter together with a carbon-look fire extinguisher. Instrument binnacle is a TRD original item, as fitted since new. To the left of the steering column is a Blitz VVTi controller, which enables the revs at which the VVTi cam lobes are used for greater power and torque. Also fitted just above the rear view miror is an Apexi AFC which allows the air flow meter to be fooled into thinking there is greater air flow - so the ECU injects more fuel for further improvement in power.
The ICE in this car is probably the best we've come across in a sports car such as this! The head unit is a latest model Carrozzeria (Pioneer, in Japan) unit with MOS FET amplifier - which opens to reveal MD/CD slots. This unit will also play radio of course and is a controller unit for the rest of the audio equipment fitted throughout the car! Fitted below is a DVD player too. There are no less than 3 TV Screens fitted!! One retractable unit on the dash above the head unit, one on the ceiling and one in the boot!!! Speakers on the interior are JBL high power units complete with separate tweeters, but open the boot and it's like an Aladin's cave of Alpine brand audio equipment in there!!
There are enough speakers on the boot lid itself to entertain a large party, then in the boot are 3 high power Alpline Amplifiers, as well as an MD CD changer. The rear parcel shelf has been rebuilt as a heavy duty unit to support no less than 6 high power speakers with adjourning tweeters too! Add to this 2 x 350W Alpine powered subwoofers and neon lighting and there's enough sound power there to get yourself locked up for blowing away small children and grandmothers with the blast of sound this car can produce!! There must be well over £6,000 worth of sound video equipment in this of all, is that all of this audio and electronic gear is included free of charge with the car!!!
Standard equipment also includes: Power Steering, Power Windows, ABS, Dual SRS, Climate Control A/C, Remote Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking, factory tinted windows, rear wiper, etc.
This example is of auction grade 4. Interior is in good condition. There has been a small repair carried out on the driver's seat (picture available). Also, some of the door trim, passenger airbag and also the headlining has been replaced with black trim as part of the audio installation. The engine bay's plastic covers have been poorly painted in red and the induction pipes in gold with the fuse box cover in purple - but this was carried out to a poor standard, so we'll be ordering some new engine fuse box covers and returning the engine's induction pipes to matt black, so the engine bay will be essentially as original when this car's completed. Inside the car there is also an alloy sump guard which we'll leave with the car in case the new owner in the UK wants to use this. As it's not easily visible it's probably best not to use it. Note that due to the low ride height, the rear tyres have rubbed slightly on the arches, although they're still safe to use (Currently the car is set as low as it can get away with - it can be raised from slammed right down to beyond original height - We will be raising ride height to a more sensible level when preparing this car for road use in the UK).
Exterior is perfect, aside from some very small chips to the paint on the side skirts. Also, on the bonnet there's an optional TRD wing which has become discoloured. These will be repainted as part of preparation in the UK. Note also that the vent in the centre of the bonnet has been raised. This can be lowered back to removing the spacers fitted though.
SS-II ST 190 Celicas are great fun to drive, combined with all the latest safety features, handling package and looks. Each of our customers who has had one of these reports that the engines are the best thing about these. The Tiptronic transmission fitted to this example is also not available in the UK, so it's got yet another unique feature.
This TRD kitted Celica SS_II ST190 has had well in excess of £2,500 spent on bodywork, £2,500 on wheels, £7,000 on interior audio upgrades and £2,500 on exhaust and suspension mods. In all £14,500 spent!!!!
Don't expect to ever see another Celica quite like this on UK roads. If you don't like the idea of making people's eyes be attracted to your car constantly, then this isn't the car for you! If you're an unashamed extrovert, then snap this one up quick, before someone else gets the idea!!!
This TRD Celica 190 VVTi Tiptronic is available for £12,980 udes minor paintwork as described, full SVA conversions, SVA test, Odometer recalibration to miles, Derestriction, MOT, 6 month's tax Year's quality Motorcare warranty and a full valet before collection - to present this car in A1 condition.
A deposit of £1,500 secures this car for prompt shipment to the UK. Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information regarding this special Celica.
Without a doubt, this is one of the best Celicas we've come across. Not one to be missed as we can't find stuff like this often at all!

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