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1991 (Month T.B.A) Nissan Skyline GT-R HKS 2510 turbos & Street 500 bhp Mods.


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Skyline GT-R HKS 2510 turbos & Street 500 bhp Modifications.




Grey Met.


Modifications are of the highest quality available and include: HKS 2510 twin turbos, HKS PFC induction kit, HKS hard pipe kit, Apexi Power FC ECU (Ideal for remapping for UK use), HKS 550cc injectors with adjustable fuel pressure regulator, uprated fuel pump, Uprated double capacity Radiator with GReddy / Trust hard top pipe housing the sender for water temp. Intercooler is also an HKS item. A GReddy oil catch tank is installed for improved combustion at high engine loads. A GReddy/Trust oil cooler is also fitted in combination with a remote oil filter housing. This increases oil capacity as well as providing much needed cooling for a tuned RB26 engine. Of course this car is fitted with an uprated cylinder head gasket. Most likely it also has uprated camshafts, etc.
A large bore downpipe is fitted. The catalyst is a high flow unit - to give as little back pressure as possible and allow early spooling of turbos (Catalyst is not required in UK MOT for a 1991 GT-R). Exhaust is an Apexi N1 muffler. Boost is stabilised and controlled by an GReddy Profec B controller, monitored by a Blitz boost gauge on the steering column. Also fitted are Greddy/Trust oil temp and oil pressure gauges. Note that no hifi unit is fitted, although there is a high power Sony Amplifier in the boot and upgraded speakers supplied free of charge with this car. Note that no rear wiper is fitted - but replacement arm can be obtained at cost if necessary.
Suspension consists of Ohlins fully adjustable coil overs - some of the very best kit available. Braided brake hoses are also fitted on each corner. There's a nearly new performance twin plate clutch fitted. Wheels are Blitz 2 piece items fitted with high performance Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 sports tyres of size 255/40/ZR17's - all tyres in good condition. Brake discs are not heavily used and signs show this car's had very little hard use.
Most of these modifications were carried out when the Speedo was replaced with a Tomei 310 km/h unit - 34,370 km ago. Information declares the car as having covered a total of 84,641km (52,604 miles from new), although some engine work has been carried out, so components have been replaced in upgrading this GT-R's engine.
This is ideal spec for UK fast road driving / trackdays. It's making around 450 bhp at just one bar of boost - so expect around 510 bhp at 1.3 Bar. We have test driven this car and found it to drive very well indeed. Upon starting up, it idles well, with a slightly lumpy idle indicative of uprated camshafts. It boosts well from 3,500 - 4,000 rpm and holds peak boost with no sign of power tailing off as the rev limit is reached. Oil pressure starts at nearly 4 kg/mm when cold and stays above 2 kg/mm when warmed - which indicates a good strong engine.
Has good brakes with none of the usual front disc warping. Car feels tight handles beautifully, supension is slightly harder than standard, but not uncomfortable for road use. Typical of Ohlins kit. Clutch has plenty of progression on take-up, which indicates it's nearly new. The only fault we found mechanically was a worn bottom bush for the nearside-rear shock mount. There is a rattle from this. Each of the shock absorber rear bushes will be replaced as part of preparation in the UK.
The interior is in good condition except for the commonly found fault of a cracked air vent on the passenger side. We keep a stock of replacement air vents for this - so no problem at all - a new one will come fitted with the car. The driver's seat is a Bride replica with padding to protect against wear as the driver gets in and out. This holds the driver in position comfortably. Ideal for track days. If preferred we can also switch the seat for a good condition standard original. There is a small cigarette burn on the driver's door card. The rest of the interior is in excellent original condition, with no futher faults to report. This has been a non- smokers car. Note also that the switch gear, seats, etc. are all in good unused condition, with no wear to door panel, etc. In combination with excellent oil pressure, these further confirm the car's condition.
There are the usual standard equipment of Hicas 4WS, Atessa 4WD, ABS, PAS, P/W, Central Locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, A/C, fitted mats, etc. Auction grade is 1 due to modifications - only. (Auction sheet copy is available). There are some minor dents to the jacking points -some light damage from having been lifted with a jack in the past (GTR's are notorious for getting this if a full car lift isn't used). aft of each rear wheel arch there are some scratches which need painting. There is a pin dent on the o/s quarter. The driver's door handle has some minor paint wear. Also there are minor scratches to each bumper. As on most tuned examples, the exhaust has melted part of the rear bumper - although this is easily cut away. All these minor faults are to be repaired as part of UK prep work, but mentioned here to give a complete accurate description. Superb overall condition considering this is a 1991 Skyline!
Needless to say, modifications to this specification are extremely rare. Improvements total over £10,500 worth of parts only on this car, yet it has only been modified mostly in the last 2-3 years - judging by the newness of all the components. 1989-91 models are the most sought after as they're lightest weight of all R32 GT-R's. Including all k, MOT, road tax (6 month's), and our fee OTR price: £12,785.
A deposit of £1,000 secures this GT-R for shipment to the UK. Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information on this Skyline or to source an alternative example.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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