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2003 Subaru Impreza STi 8 (HKS GTRS Turbo) Blue Metallic


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Impreza STi 8 (HKS GTRS Turbo)




Blue Metallic


This is by far the best prepared Impreza STi 8 we've come across so far at auctions in Japan! It's been prepared with HKS components mostly. Specification is impressive, but the drive this car gives is far, far better than we could have expected. First, here's the spec:
Engine: HKS Roller bearing GT RS Turbo unit, HKS uprated top mount Intercooler, Apexi induction Kit complete with cold air shroud and sealed bonnet section - fed with cold air from the front. J Speed Alloy Large Core radiator wih blue silicone Samco hoses. HKS Full Exhaust System inc downpipe. Note that the original manifolds are retained, which give the characteristic Subaru boxer's burble...Silencing is also adjustable for noise with a remote cable operated Apexi exhaust control valve. Ideal for fooling the marshalls when they check the car at trackdays, or for avoiding waking the neighbours in the early hours of the morning! The original ECU has been fitted with a piggy-back HKS F-Con V Pro Engine Management unit. Injectors are also uprated. Boost control is taken care of by an HKS EVC 5 (Electronic Valve Controller) Boost Controller and display.
Exterior: Zero Sports Carbon Bonnet, Carbon Scoop Carbon Boot Lid, Creative SZ Alloy GT Wing, Wheels are forged lightweight Volk Racing CE28 17" items in unmarked condition with 4 near new high grip Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tyres of size 225/45 ZR17 on each corner.
Interior: STi Genome/Defi 52mm Boost gauge with Defi Link Controller. Standard Equiptment includes: Alacantara STi Interior, Intercooler Water Spray (Auto and Manual Options), Optional Variable centre Differential (Auto and Manual Options), allowing power to be transmitted to the wheels in the ratio desired by the driver, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, Climate Control A/C, E/W, E/M, STI 'Quick Steering' rack, PAS, 4 channel ABS. Original option fitted mats. On the centre console are: Integral Knock, Boost, Oil temp and Water temp meters neatly mounted in place. A very high quality Addzest CD/MD/Radio Head unit is also included free of charge.
Suspension drivetrain: Tein Coilovers, adjustable for both ride height and damping. Suspension is currently set as low as it will go, but can be easily raised to suit the new owner's needs. Tein Pillowball top mounts (allowing a greater degree of camber adjustment to the front), Cusco front underbody brace, Factory Carbon STi front strut brace, an STi rear strut brace has also been installed to increase cornering rigidity. Clutch is a twin plate unit, near new in feel with progressive take-up. Ideal for fast getaways, which is something this car is very geared up for.
From standstill, dropping the clutch and accelerating, the boost comes on quickly and pulls the car relentlessly all the way to the redline before the driver has a chance to take his hand from the gearlever. Charging through the gears, the rate of acceleration doesn't seem to slow. Usually when pulling away -- cars bog down a little when the clutch is released and power applied - not this car, it just does it's best to make a hole in the horizon and will out accelerate almost anything. Our own 380 bhp Silvia Spec R felt slow compared to this car by some considerable margin. It runs 1.7 bar of boost at the moment, although we will turn this down to more sensible levels, so the car can be rolling road tested and set up by a Subaru Specialist in the UK before it's unleashed in anger on UK fuel! It sounds much like a standard Impreza with a decent exhaust system at idle, giving no indication of the extra urge available upon application of full throttle, although the wastegate does chatter a little and this is heard through the Apexi induction kit on the over run. We estimate this Impreza's making no less than 450 bhp in current guise. Handling is superb as can be expected, although with limits as high as this car is set up for, we didn't test this car's adhesive limits. Tein suspension is considered one of the best Japanese brands of coil over. Ride is firm, yet compliant - making this car feasible for daily (although capable of mental speeds) use. It's also notable that this car's been prepared to very high standards. Each modification has been carefully thought out and executed - looking much like a factory prepared car.
Condition is nearly new, as can be expected of a car of such low original mileage. There are no faults at all to report mechanically. The interior is also in immaculate - as new condition. Auction grade is 1 (Auction sheet is available), as this is a very modified example - from standard spec. The Lower lip spoiler is scratched. This is to be repaired as part of UK preparation. Note that the carbon intercooler scoop's laquer has turned milky. A new one can be obtained through if required.
The 1st and only owner of this car spent OVER £13,000 in improvements on this car, then sold it!! It's hard to understand why, as it's perfect in every sense! Still, it's lucky that we were not only able to find it - but buy it!!
Inclusive of full UK conversions for E-SVA, UK model report hire, E-SVA test, minor paintwork as described, 6 month's road tax full UK registration this car is available for just £22,750 s - The only specialist able to source the most unique performance cars from Japan - and the only one to offer direct contact with own staff in Japan.

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