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1993 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B E-CCS Model (Full Luxury Spec). Red & Grey Metallic.


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Eunos Cosmo 20B E-CCS Model (Full Luxury Spec).




Red & Grey Metallic.


The Cosmo 20B is a rare car, with less than 3,000 every produced - and sold only in Japan. Of these, only around 1,000 were made with the E-CCS top specification, as found on this example. Aimed at companies such as BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar to name a few, the Cosmo blew them all away with its advanced styling, performance and features.
Inside, the Cosmo's interior is full of high-tech features such as Japan's first GPSS (Global Positioning Satellite System) and touch screen system in a car. The dash area has also been designed to sort of wrap-around the driver, creating a cockpit-like environment inside. The leather used in some models was also as good as anything from Europe. The designed concept of its interior is an "organic space that enhances the relationship between car and driver". This cleanly designed interior is designed using natural materials, creating a comfortable atmosphere for driver and passengers. There is no normal dashboard inside the car, instead once the ignition is turned on, a digital blue display lights up along a black instrument panel. This is the ECCS (Elegant Car Control System) version with leather seat trim, six-speaker, 12-stack sound, on-board television and GPSS navigational guidance via a large dash-mounted screen. Although neither GPS or television reception will work in Europe, ECCS 20B Cosmos can be identified by a hump in the roof which houses the GPS sensor.
The 20B free-spinning triple rotor Cosmo engine stands out for its rarity and cutting edge technology. This was the most advanced and highest power rotary engine ever produced complete with a discreet front mounted intercooler feeding twin turbos. Turbo One made its presence known from 2000rpm - at which point torque output was already at 390Nm - and by the time the 2nd turbo joins the party at 3500rpm, peak torque of 402Nm had already been achieved (41.0 kgm @ 3,000 rpm)! Select drive, apply minimal pressure to the long-travel accelerator pedal and the Eunos glides serenely into the afternoon light. Those expecting the ear-wrenching cackle normally associated with rotaries will be pleasantly surprised; engine noise is virtually non-existent until revs get closer to the 7000rpm redline. At around 5,000 rpm the dual Auto Exe exhausts' subdued burble is suplanted by a jet-like howl - by then the driver's eyes are far too busy concentrating on a rapidly-approaching horizon to spare a glance for the rapidly rising speedo reading. Given its luxury coupe origins, the Cosmo is a seriously quick car. Road test figures quote around 14 seconds times for the standing 400m and 0-100km/h in a wink over 6sec. Midrange performance is mind-boggling; 50-100km/h takes around 4sec and road test reports describe the car's open-road overtaking abilities as "awesome".
The performance the 20B Cosmo is still competitive with some desirable 2001 models:* Cosmo 20B; 6.2sec 0-100 kmh / 14.3sec 400m* BMW 330i; 8.2 sec 0-100 kmh / 15.9sec 400m (Cosmo wins)* Honda S2000; 6.6 sec 0-100kmh / 14.8sec 400m (Cosmo wins)* Porsche Boxter 3.2S; 6.6sec 0-100kmh / 14.8sec 400m (Cosmo wins)* Audi RS4; 5.8 sec 0-100kmh / 14.0 sec 400m (Cosmo loses to 280kW twin turbo 5 valve V6 4WD)* BMW M5; 5.5sec 0-100kmh / 13.8 sec 400m (Cosmo loses to 300kW 32 valve V8)
Even against the M5 this is only 2 or 3 car lengths over the quarter mile. Of course, handling in the Cosmo would not be to the standard of most in this group. Nevertheless pretty fast company - not bad for a 13 year old luxury car!
Suspension was very much Jaguar-inspired, with double wishbones at the front, independent with twin shock absorbers at the rear and limited-slip torsen differential at the rear. Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS are standard. This example is fitted with 18" Enkei Aegis wheels and good quality tyres. Wheels are in excellent original condition.
Standard Equipment on the E-CCS is very comprehensive: Full high quality leather including the steering wheel centre, Stainless steel sill trims, Electro luminescent gauges, Climate control A/C controlled by remote on steering wheel or touch screen TV, Sat Nav system (Will not work in UK without conversion), electric seats, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking, ABS, cruise control, electric boot and fuel filler cap releases, etc. Gearbox is a 3 speed Auto with overdrive 4th. It has sports mode, to hold the gears longer - although torque is so strong, this car will outdrag most other cars leaving them wondering what this clean lined coupe could have been. Few will ever guess!
Test Drive: The 20B Cosmo has velvet smooth sledgehammer wallop. With 3 rotors, rather than a piston engine, the engine is virtually vibration free. Being of such low genuine mileage, this is a very healthy example with good strong power through the rev range. Gearbox works well with smooth delivery and the car glides quietly until the throttle is pressed hard. The exhausts sound better than standard - with a deep howl at higher revs. Brakes work well with no signs of fading (Discs still look like near new). Handling is tight, with no rattles or squeaks. With only 36,925 miles (Equivalent) from new, this car still has a good 40,000 miles of life on the original and unstressed 20B 3 rotor engine. Note the oil has recently been changed too. This car's been beautifully looked after and clearly cherished.
This example is of auction grade 3 due only to age and some easily repaired faults with the interior. A copy of the auction sheet is available. Paintwork has recently been restored to high quality with virtually no faults to report to the exterior at all. Just one tiny stone chip to the bonnet and some minor scratches to each door mirror! Interior is also in good condition with low wear to the leather, as to be expected with the low original mileage covered. This car was owned by a smoker and unfortunately there are cigarette burns as follows: 1 burn hole on the rear seat, approx 1cm in diameter. One small burn on the driver's door trim. Carpet burnt on one spot by the sill of the passenger side. These marks can be repaired at cost of around £150.00 - by a specialist upholstery repairs company, either at our workshop near Brighton, or by a specialist local to the first UK owner.
Note that with the dashboard being very specialised, we will not be converting the speedo to read in MPH as part of the speedo will continue to read in km/h - This is completely legal for UK MOT's etc. If preferred, conversion may be possible to do, but cost is likely to be high bearing in mind the work required to do this.
As you can probably tell from our enthusiasm - we really rate these! (We owned one ourselves years ago - which was sold to a relative of the Mazda Rotary Club Chairman!) It's perhaps too good to be a car for daily use - as it's so well preserved, but at this price it'll provide an excellent luxury high speed tool!
If you're after the very best original Cosmo 20B currently available, this is it!!
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this one off concours condition Cosmo 20b is available at £5,625 OTR.
Alternatively if you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price (Warranty optional but not included in this price) is just: £4,830! …..Compared to rough tired examples sourced through UK trade auctions with twice the mileage, this is a bargain in comparison! Currently in Japan awaiting sale, this car can be reserve for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000. Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20b E-CCS!
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. The only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's Rotaries!

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