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Celica GT-4 Final Revision Model - TOP condition. Last of the Turbo 4WD rally fugitives!


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Celica GT-4 Facelift Model - TOP condition!




Silver Metallic (199)


With a WRC racing heritage to support it's popularity and with Toyota not having invested in any further serious performance Celicas of this nature since, it's no surprise to find that the last generation GT-4 is gaining a deep following amongst those who can appreciate it's attributes. Now becoming collectable, genuine quality Celica GT-4's with performance improvements & top condition are becoming very difficult to find, even in Japan. This year we have seen domestic prices in Japan strengthen for decent low mileage Celica GT-4 ST205 & 185H examples that have been well kept. So when we came across this mint example, we wanted it for our stock & fortunately were just able to buy it within budget - as it was sold at a small & remote auction, thereby passing the saving onto our customer for this car. At Newera we prefer to seek out the lowest mileage best preserved examples to import to the UK. It costs more to seek out such cars than the usual tired stuff, but these offer much better value and specification than the typical average examples commonly available for sale that have been imported to the UK quite a few years ago. This example is the only GT-4 we've sourced so far this year - It's well above the average quality we see here in Japan. Direct comparison to tired & rusted examples in UK would be wrong - make no mistake. This is much better than the tired & sorry examples typically for sale there. It's had just one caring Japanese mature owner since new.Factory Fitted Equipment: This GT-4 carries factory uprated specification which enhances the car well. Equipment includes: Genuine high level rear spoiler, original option factory side skirts, 1999 spec epsiloid headlights (Much better performance than original early type design) & updated rear lights, 4 piston signature brake callipers at the front with larger discs, central locking, electric mirrors with retract mode, Toyota fitted mat set, climate control air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, factory tint on windows (Incl. titanium tint film on the rear quarter glass), updated interior trim, Dual SRS air bags, leather trimmed red stitched steering wheel & matching shift knob, original option ABS, front & rear strut bars. There's also an original option 6CD in-dash changer fitted. Wheels are OZ Racing WRC replica 17 inch rims of size 17 x 8J + 35 which are perfect size & offset for this car. They're fitted with brand new ATR Sport 225/45-ZR17 tyres. These are very desirable wheels for GT-4's not least because they replicate the magnesium wheels originally used for rallying this model. We can supply additional extras such as exhaust system, induction kit, etc. at competitive prices. We'd also recommend a Eurou GT-4 front bumper to go with this car's agressive rear end. Available to ship with the car - if ordered in good time. Other Japanese performance & cosmetic modifications are also available at discount from - or ask us for suggestion!
Condition: The auction grade is 4 – car is in stunning unmarked condition with no previous accident damage, or signs of neglect. There are only two minor faults to report: On the front n/s wing there's a small area that's been touched in by the previous owner. The door handle on the driver's side also has a couple of small paint chips. On the front bumper there's a small section which has lost a little of it's original paint (Common on ST205's for some reason - we've seen this on other GT-4's we've supplied in years past). These minor faults will be professionally touched in before completion. Other than these the car's perfect. No stone chips, no parking dents, scratches or any faults. It's in amazing condition throughout. Interior is in lovely condition having never been smoked in. The only wear we could find is some minor wear to the driver's floor mat. The previous owner saw fit to repaint the trim surrounding the instruments. We've sourced a used but as new original replacement and will fit this prior to shipping.Test Drive: No faults were found at all with the way this GT-4 drives. Performance is strong at approx 250 bhp (Standard). Clutch is smooth and progressive. The brakes work well with no signs of warped discs, etc. Note the timing belt was changed at 90,887km (56,486 miles) and will be fine for another 53,000 miles before needing to be changed again.
This is the only top condition Facelift model ST205 GT-4 we've managed to find so far this year! In contrast to the usual poor quality examples we come across, this one stands head & shoulders above in quality & condition.  
£9,895 comprehensive UK warranty & 12 month’s MOT. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipping. Please note! This level of spec. and condition is not likely to be found again - don't miss it if you're after the best quality GT-4 Facelift model available.
Note we can also supply this car to other countries - ask about our FOB package to Europe.Contact us to discuss reserving this unique Celica GT-4, or to have us source an alternative car to custom order.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-4's in the UK by tuners and club members.

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