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Silvia PS13 - Drift Spec. Dark Purple Metallic


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Silvia PS13 - Drift Spec.




Dark Purple Metallic


This car was sourced specifically for a customer who wanted a well modified, well prepared Silvia PS13 - for drifting in the UK. It's his second car from us (His daily driver's an R34 GT-R Skyline!) He has been delighted with this example sourced for him:Performance Modifications: A KN air filter feeds fresh air to the Blitz front mount intercooler. An HKS dump valve is also fitted. Injectors are Purple, which indicates they're most likely 550cc items, as standard on an SR20 units are mustard coloured. The exhaust consists of an enlarged 80mm JIC down pipe along with a cat replacement pipe and a straight through type rear silencer. Car's not excessively noisy - but not particularly quiet either - although I did leave the removable rear baffle in place - with this removed it'll get louder and also turbo boost performance will be likely to improve, especially at higher revs. The ECU fitted appears to be a Mines re-chipped unit. The radiator is an uprated Yashio Factory item. Clutch feels normal but may be an uprated paddle type. There's no boost controller fitted, so when driving the car - boost tails off as the redline's reached - this may also be because of the removable baffle being in place, but in any case - a boost controller would certainly help. It would also benefit from an uprated metal head gasket and a boost controller so it could run to around 1.3 Bar of boost - An HKS lash killer kit would also protect the valves (Known weak point on SR20 standard engines, when tuning). At present, the car's making around 300 bhp approx.
Exterior: The original colour was dark blue, but it's been resprayed to a dark metallic purple which is apparently an original Daihatsu colour (From the Daihatsu Move model) Quality of paintwork is good! This appears to have been carried out fairly recently - and there is no significant damage to any of the paintwork. It would appear this car was used for drifting, but was owned by someone who was fairly good at it, as there's no sign of significant accident repairs. In the past, it has had a small rear accident, but repair is good. An alloy low mount GT wing is fitted, along with FRP side skirts and front bumper (Already taken off for shipment - to avoid damage when loading / unloading vessel). The front bumper was completely held on with cable ties, which is indicative of the car's intended use...! The headlights have been changed - presumably for more trendy types as fitted (Originals are in the boot). Rear light clusters have also been changed. Note the clear front indicator lenzes. The o/s/f lenz has some cracks, but shouldn't need replacing. Door mirrors have also been changed for Bomex lightweight items. The original mirrors are also in the boot. Note that the bonnet has been raised at the rear - which helps to allow air flow through the engine bay. This can easily be returned to std.
Differential is declared as an RS-R uprated unit on the auction sheet, although it's difficult to tell for sure. There has certainly been something changed in the diff, as there's silicone sealant on the back plate. Car also drifts easily so it would appear so. The clutch isn't noisy and is progressive in take up. It may be a paddle type unit, but could also be standard - difficult to tell for sure without giving it lots of stick!!
Suspension, Brakes, Wheels Tyres: The coil overs are TEIN HE type at each corner, with pillow ball camber adjustable front mounts. Ikeya Formula uprated camber adjustable pillow ball upper links are fitted at the back, along with front uprated pillow ball tension rods - which will give much improved steering feedback and also allow front castor adjustment, which will increase the self centering effect on the steering. A Juran front strut brace is also fitted - Apparently there's a brace in the rear too - according to the auction sheet (Forgot to check - sorry!). Suspension is medium - hard, a good setup for drifting with. Front callipers are 4 piston items from a Skyline R32 GTS-t. rear brakes use drift compound pads. Wheels are 17" size, but in typical street drift style - the rear wheels are slightly different to the front items. It may be worthwhile getting some other rims, such as chromed type, which would improve the looks of the car a lot. All 4 tyres are worn and need replacing too.
Interior: At the rear, there's a half roll cage mounted. This would benefit from having some black foam padding (Available inexpensively through added. Note there are no seatbelt buckles at the rear, although seatbelts are fitted. At the front: A Recaro driver's seat is fitted. A boost gauge is fitted to the steering column and there's a small water temp gauge fitted to the A Pilar. An essential when drifting. Pedals have alloy covers on and the handbrake is naturally a quick release fly-off type. Steering wheel is a Momo flat type - again favoured for drifting, as it brings the left hand closer to the handbrake and gear lever. An HKS turbo timer is also fitted. A 160W JVC head unit is also fitted. Note that front window tint film has been fitted - but this may need to be removed in the UK, as it's not MOT legal in UK.
Auction grade is R.1 This is because of the rear accident repair, although all panels line up and the car drives fine - so it's nothing significant! As a drift car, this example's in well looked after condition with a lot of modifications completed to make is an excellent start as a drift / driving car. Over time, quite a lot of money and time has been spent in improving this example too. I'd hazzard a guess at around £8,000 in Japan. The interior's in good condition, although there is a bit of chaffing on the cloth of the passenger door. The fitted mats are also fairly dirtly, though these will be cleaned whilst the car's prepared in the UK. I noticed some light scratches on the windscreen - these need polishing out by a specialist - they're only light, but annoying as they're in the driver's view. We'll try to find someone in the UK to do this, or at worst, another screen can be sent inexpensively in a following car. There's no paintwork to complete at all, except for perhaps some touching in on the bonnet where there are a few chips. Also on the roof trims, there's some minor scratching to the black parts as shown. There's a tiny pin dent on the n/s/f wing, which we can have repaired. Note that inside the boot there's some original parts including an alternator, lights, radiator, inlet pipe, air box, etc.

In summary - For a drift car, this one's in excellent condition and has very comprehensive spec! - We have completed the car to high standards in the UK and supplied it to the customer, who is reportedly enjoying getting it sideways wherever possible in Northern England!

Supplied complete with all paintwork repairs as detailed, duly completed, Windscreen scratches polished, 6 month's road tax, 12 month's MOT, full UK registration, complete with new tyres and a complete valet before completion.

Newera - Recommended by UK tuners, magazines, clubs and members as the No. 1 choice for the best quality cars from Japan. We won't buy anything that's not of our exacting standards!

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