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1995 Mazda RX-7 RS. Modified with T78 turbo & much more!!


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RX-7 RS. Modified with T78 Turbo & much more!!






Modified RX-7's rarely come with low mileage, recent modifications and top condition! This has got to be the best RX-7 we have sourced in the last year and perhaps the best RX-7 to come into the UK in 2005!It's been modified for handling and high power performance!!
Modifications include:
Engine: Just 2,000km ago, the engine has been modified to increase sizing of side ports, which gives around a 50 bhp increase in power. At this time an overhaul was carried out also. Judging by the newness of all the components, it would appear the followingmodifications were also added at this time too: Trust T78 turbocharger complete with remote wastegate and screamer pipe exiting beneath the car, there's an uprated fuel pump and injectors, braided fuel lines and SARD fuel pressure regulator. The inlet pipe to the throttle body is polished alloy - made by Greddy. 2 huge Trust oil coolers are mounted - one each side, via thick braided hoses with Aero fittings. The radiator is an uprated Apexi unit. The induction kit is an HKS SPF. A SARD cooling expansion tank is fitted (A known weak part on RX-7's). The original air pump is no longer fitted, so for safety, an uprated shortened belt is used with a larger sized pulley for the water pump, which stops cavitation at higher engine speeds.An HKS earthing kit provides maximum conductivity for improved spark plug efficiency. Nology uprated ignition leads are also fitted. Note that the battery has been relocated to the boot inside a purpose made alloy box to make extra space and help equalise weight distribution. The exhaust system (Possibly by Trust - Greddy) consists of a large diameter front pipe, catalyst replaced with a silencer - continued all the way to the back with an unrestictive rear silencer, complete with a removable baffle for use where noise is not appropriate. We recommend fitting an Apexi exhaust valve to this system, which gives in car adjustability of the noise the car produces - ideal for use on UK trackdays, to fool the marshals!Engine mounts are uprated to reduce flex to the power frame connecting the gearbox and differential. An engine torque damper further helps to reduce strain and keep the drive train from being flexed under power. The clutch is a new uprated unit - with twin plates.Boost is controlled by a Trust Profec B electronic controller, with the boost control solenoid neatly fitted beneath the inlet plenum. Note that the ECU was removed just prior to purchase and kept by the last owner for use on his next project. The current ECU is of an unknown quality and being only an 8 BIT unit, it's strongly recommended that an Apexi Power FC or other suitable alternative is sourced to be supplied with this car, through
Suspension Handling: TEIN coilovers with complete adjustability including EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller), so the car's ride and handling can be finely tuned on the move, through the use of stepper motors controlling the adjustment screws on top of each shock absorber! The anti roll bars are also uprated with Cusco items. Being of the same diameter and size as our own car's - we know this example will suffer from virtually no roll at all, even at racetrack speeds. Carbing braces on the underside and RE Amemiya braces mounted between the door pilars and inner wings to stifen frontal rigidity. Front and rear struts are braced with Cusco alloy items. Also fitted is a full 6 point roll cage with a rear cross bar - all conspiring to maximise the car's rigidity, as well as adding safety. The front part of the roll cage is removable, although this would also mean necessitating replacement of the carpet, although this is available inexpensively. Also it would be required to patch up the holes in the floor where the cage has been bolted into place.
Brakes and wheels: Front brakea are excellent GREX uprated discs with cooling and slots, combined with 4 piston callipers and braided hoses. Rear brakes are RS sized (RS disc diameter is larger than for other models) slotted rotors. Note that rear brake pads have around 2,000 - 4,000 miles of use left. Front pads are near new, as is the brake kit itself! Wheels are also near new AVS 18" model 7 (7 spoke) items with nearly new Bridgestone Potenza Grid III tyres of size 235/40ZR18 265/35/ZR18. Note that a special socket is required to fit over the wheel nuts used for these wheels. Without this, the wheels are virtually impossible to remove, making security excellent on these.
Interior: A pair of matching Red Recaro reclinable seats on runners give excellent comfort and support. White faced oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges sit on top of the centre of the dash housed in a FEED pod, with the more important exhaust temperature and boost pressure gauges attached to the roll cage. These can be fitted into an A-pilar pod in the event the front part of the roll cage is removed. Note that part of the rear trim panels have been cut away to make space for fitting the roll cage and the same has been required of the strut top covers for the EDFC's stepper motors and also the battery box. No hifi is fitted, although the original double DIN frame and wiring harness remains, for easy installation of a new hifi, if required. The glovebox can be opened fully to reveal neatly fitted SARD radiator fan controller, Trust - Greddy profec B boost controller, gauge controller and EDFC controller.
Exterior - Bodykit: C West N1 front bumper unit with mesh to protect the oil coolers located either side, FAMC skirts and a TEPS 3D GT Wing Neo (Composite, but not carbon fibre) are fitted. Bonnet is a carbon fibre vented item from RE-Amemiya. Sidelights and front repeaters are after mkt. 1999 items.Rear lights are 1996 + units, as fitted until the end of production in 2002.The rear bumper is fitted with an alloy heat shield, to avoid damage from flames on the over run, when the engine's being used hard. The door mirrors have been changed for GT-TC style racing items, although the vision given by these is compromised by their size.
This car's of auction grade 1, due to the many modifications fitted to it. Of course it has the usual air conditioning, ABS, central locking, etc. Original fitted mats are also included. Note that there is no rear parcel shelf fitted.
This has been a non smoker's car since new. Exterior is in good condition and only the following faults have been found: There are 2 pin dents on each rear quarter. Also, on the driver's door there are some shallow hand sized dents on the rear part. The side skirt on the driver's side has a small crack and is coming off slightly. The wheels are each as new, although the o/s/r wheel has some paint chips on it. These faults will each be repaired as part of UK preparation, to present the car immaculately. Mounting holes remain on the doors and boot lid where mirrors and original spoiler used to be fitted. These can be professionally welded up, smoothed and repainted at a reasonable additional cost if required. Although supplied free of charge with the car, the EDFC unit and SARD fan controller appear to not be receiving any power - we'll be taking a look at these when preparing the car in the UK, although please note that if parts are required, or it takes a long time to trace the fault, then some additional labour charges may be applicable.
We drove this car for a total of approximately 150km and found no faults to report. Although it boosts from 4,000 rpm or so, it's still tractable and drives well around town. Clutch is easy to use once you get used to the twin plate setup and of course the car sounds gorgeous too! Idle is only slightly different to standard, with a little lumpiness due to there being no air pump fitted and the side port modifications to the engine - which is audiable from the unit's crisper sound at lower revs. We didn't drive the car at maximum power, due to the 8 BIT ECU being currently fitted, but know with this spec at around 0.9 Bar of boost it's making around 450 bhp. The engine fee;s healthy and no faults at all have been found whilst we've been testing it. Suspension and handling are very well set up, providing a confidence inspiring ride - without loss of comfort.
It's clear to us this car's never been used in anger with the modifications fitted. They're all in nearly new condition, so the engine's recent overhaul has been done at the same time as all the other modifications, it would seem. There aren't even any scratches or stone chips to the front bumper - and the intercooler has no damage at all from stone chips either. It still shines like new too! Most probably this car was built for a Japanese customer who found it either too powerful for him, or it was sold shortly after being completed - as a wife or parents didn't approve of such a quick car!! We can't think of any other explaination as to why such an awesomely prepared RX-7 would be sold after spending around £20,000 - £25,000 on modifications!!! Cars like this are the ultimate in tuned prepared machines in Japan!
Inclusive of full UK MOT, registration, 6 month's road tax, a comprehensive warranty covering all mechanical original parts, plus paintwork and repairs as described - to make this an immaculate example, this RX-7 is available for £14,350 details of how to reserve this RX-7 or source an example through us to order. But hurry - this RX-7 will not be in stock for long!
Newera Imports: Consistently recommended by members and enthusiasts as the No. 1 supplier of the most special RX-7's!!

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