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Subaru Impreza Sti Version 3 Wagon. MINT example!! RARE Dark Blue Met.


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Impreza Sti Version 3 Wagon. MINT example!!




Dark Blue Met.


The STi Version 3 Wagon is one of the most interesting and capable of the classic model 5 door Imprezas - which was only built for the Japanese domestic market officially. It was on the STi Version 3 that Subaru chose to introduce 4 piston signature front brake calipers with 2 piston rear callipers to match. The STi 2 and 3 models also carried the largest turbo of this range which was the same unit as fitted to the rare 22B variants. The engines are Sti Blueprinted units with stronger internals and an 8,000 rpm rev limit (Normal WRX's are 7,000) packing 280+ bhp as standard. The STi 3 is also distinguishable by it's updated vented bonnet, light green tint on windows, updated rear spoiler with integrated central brake light and the red and white rear lights. The Sti 3 interior was also of a brighter design than previous versions, with embossed front seats carbon facia around the dials. Further mechanical improvements from Subaru Technica International include a carbon fibre front strut brace, uprated intercooler, full Sti Exhaust. Optional side wind-deflectors are also fitted and this car is also equipped with the expensive original option 3 channel ABS system and driver's SRS airbag. It's a full option car. For the sports driver who wants reliable high capacity load carrying capability without the weight penalty,outstanding 4WD road holding, STi performance and reliability - this is the wagon to own. Better dynamically than the later heavier and more watered down ( rare) STI wagons, performance for money - you'll be hard pressed to find better. Classic Impreza Sti performance - with all the practicality of a normal 5 door wagon. Performance Improvements: A Blitz Nur spec stainless 304 cat back exhaust gives a much improved sports tone without being too loud. Can be made louder by removal of the silencer sleeve held in place with one bolt. Tanabe Sustec Pro coilover suspension has been fitted. This provides for much improved grip and handling over standard. Tyres are high grip Bridgestone Potenza RE-01's of standard size: 205/50R16. These are approx half worn. Inside, there's heads up speed / rev display and a turbo timer.
Condition: Our full array of pictures will speak for themselves - to show the outstanding condition of this Impreza STi 3 Wagon. If you've been looking for the very best you can find - then you'll know this is it. Note especially the engine bay, lack of any rust at all on the underside and the unmarked interior. This is a grade 4 car of low genuine mileage and has been a non smoker's car since new. Condition is outstanding - with only the following minor faults to report: There's 2 minor pin dents on the rear o/s door and one on the front o/s wing. These two faults will be repaired as part of full UK On the road preparation if the full package is chosen. Alternatively, price can be discounted if these are to be unrepaired (They really are minor faults, please see detailed pictures!). The following are really too small to repair, but mentioned to give a complete description: tiny pin dent on the stainless steel rear bumper guard, minor scratches on the edge of the o/s/r wheel. The rear silencer has been ground out - and has a dent on the underside. This is NOT visible except when looking from beneath the car. It doesn't affect the exhaust's performance at all.
Test Drive: Mechanically it's also in perfect condition. Strong power with good response, a nice quiet engine with no noisy valve gear or signs of a hard pushed engine. Note the cackle finish paint on the intake manifold is intact! Brake discs usually suffer from heavy wear on Imprezas - if driven hard for most of their lives. This example's discs are visually in very unworn condition. We test drove this car for approx 5 km after warming up - which revealed a very tight feeling car with a strong engine and much improvedhandling over standard - albeit with a harder than standard ride too. Clutch has plenty of life left and brakes feel strong and disc-warp free (Another usual fault on Scoobies - but not on this one!). There are clear signs this car's been well cared for and regularly serviced. Oil has also recently been changed.
Since April 2004, a model report has been required when SVA testing any car of newer manufacture than 10 years of age at first registration in UK. Although there are model reports for Sti 7 8 wagon models models, there are none available for the classic STi Impreza models. This mean that only pre 10 year old 1999 Imprezas can currently be imported to the UK. As most pre 1999 Imprezas in Japan are too tired nowadays, or just too expensive if in top condition and low mileage - we are usually unable to supply these. We simply won't buy a car that doesn't meet our exacting standards.
This is an exceptional Impreza STi 3 Wagon in excellent condition. Inclusive of full SVA conversions de-restriction, new MOT, Paintwork as described, Road Tax, Registration, 12 month's comprehensive warranty and a full valet just before collection, this car is priced at £5,395 r it without minor pin dent and repairs, price is: £5,195. Alternatively, bearing in mind no SVA is required on this car for UK registration, only a simple MOT which it'll pass without any problem - we can offer this car without UK preparation and registration, at just: £4,295!
Now Arriving to UK. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car. Please contact us to arrange viewing or for full information on how to reserve this Sti Version 3.
Don't wait - Once it's gone we'll probably take another 3-4 months to find another this good for stock!
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