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1995 (Nov) Nissan Skyline (R33) GT-R. Silver. Stage 1 Modified & Handling Enhanced.


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Skyline (R33) GT-R.






Engine enhancements: A pair of free flowing - oil impregnated metal mesh M's air filters are fitted. Exhaust is an Apexi GT Spec unit, with a mid mounted silencer included to keep noise to a minimum whilst allowing unrestructed gas flow. A Mines remapped ECU, provides revised fuel, ignition and boost settings to give a safe power upgrade at up to 0.95 Bar of boost. Currently making around 350 bhp This spec can be further improved with the use of a high flow downpipe - for increased response and a cat replacement pipe (High flow cat is available but more expensive), combined with a boost controller to stabilise boost. With these, it will make around 380 -400 bhp. If supplied by parts can be fitted by ourselves when preparing this car in the UK. Engine's health is further confirmed by the 3kg/cm2 oil pressure present when warmed to normal operaing temp at idle, indicating a relatively young tight and healthy engine.
Handling: To make use of the increased power the suspension has been uprated with TEIN HA coilover suspension. This set up allows full ride height adjustment as well as damping from "soft" for comfortable road use, to "full on" track attack settings for enhanced on the limit handling. Inside, a rear mounted HKS Kansai roll cage has been fitted. This has struts extending to the front, to add safety and most importantly - rigidity to the bodyshell. It's been trimmed in black foam. Note that the roll cage is bolted in only and the carpet although cut - hasn't been removed around the holes. Therefore, if preferred, part of - or all the roll cage can be removed as part of UK preparation and carpet repaired professionally (Repairs would be hidden under trim / floor mats anyway).

Exterior modifications: 17" lightweight forged split rim BBS Le Mans alloy wheels fitted with high performance 255/40 R17 Yokohama Advan Neuva sports tyres - in near new condition.
Nismo clear side repeators and front clear repeaters. Bonnet pins (Can be invisibly removed and professionally returned to std. if preferred).

Interior: The driver's seat is replaced with a Bride racing bucket seat - although we are sourcing a good quality original matching driver's seat to also comne with this car free of charge. The Bride seat is one of the best brands available in Japan. Totally supportive and comfortable - it's ideal for track days, to give full support when cornering hard. As documented with the auction info, the original speedo was replaced at just 32km when the car was brand new. A full array of Nismo gauges are fitted in the instrument panel, with a 320km/h Speedo and a 9,000 rpm redlined rev counter and a Nismo oil pressure gauge - all white face. In the centre console are Nismo uprated oil temp / torque split (4WD) and boost gauge (1.4 Bar max). Gearknob is a Nismo alloy billet item. Pedals are shod with alloy covers and a Momo steering wheel has replaced the original airbag steering wheel (Included with the car - unmarked). A high quality Pioneer MOS FET single DIN 200W hifi is fitted together with uprated speakers. Audio is supplied Free of Charge. Note that the original grilles are not fitted to the rear speakers - but can also be obtained inexpensively. Please Ask!

Standard equipment includes: 5 speed manual transmission, Atessa 4WD system, Hicas 4 wheel steering system, PAS, E/W with auto up/down on drivers window, Climate control A/C, 4 channel ABS, Fitted mats, Remote Central Locking, Remote Controlled Door Mirrors with retract mode, standard front and rear strut braces, Brembo four piston front brakes with Brembo 2 piston rear brakes, Driver's SRS airbag (Not currently fitted). Note that no rear wiper is fitted to this example - a race styled delete option from new.

In keeping with the low genuine mileage of this GT-R, there's no wear to seats, steering wheel, switches, mats etc. no stone chips and low wear to discs. It's been superbly looked after. Oil change service has been carried out approx 3,000 km ago (2,000 miles). In spite of the low mileage of only 30,239 miles since new, the timing belt was changed at equivalent of just 9,546 miles, as it was 5 years old at the time. Changed date is November 2000. This also demonstrates the care and attention with which this car has been looked after. The auction grade is 4. The front lip spoiler has been colour coded at some time. It's scratched. Front n/s bumper corner also has some minor scratches. These minor faults will be repaired as part of our preparation of the car in the UK. The rest of the bodywork's in excellent unmarked condition. Note that the auction sheet (Available) details that the n/s panels have been repainted (Cosmetic) in the past. Quality of paintwork is good.

Clearly a cherished example all it's life, paintwork is both immaculate and very smooth-clearly having been polished regularly. Modifications are stage 1- but of high standard and evidently recent fitment. Total cost of extras (Excluding fitting) was approximately £5,000 - to the one previous owner of this car. Most significant is the low mileage of this example. If you check our sold stock, you'll notice genuinely low mileage examples such as this are VERY rare! This is probably the lowest mileage GT-R we have sourced for stock in the last year!

Includes UK SVA test, full UK conversions modifications, 12 month's quality Motorcare warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.

This car has now arrived and is available for viewing and a test drive!
Likely to not only be the only R33 GT-R available for sale in the UK with a genuine 31,000 miles - but perhaps the best condition example at a sensible price!

Please Contact us to arrange viewing of this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative example.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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