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NSX 3.0 V6 DOHC V-Tec. Type R 5 Speed gearbox. Modified!


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NSX 3.0 V6 DOHC V-Tec. Modified!






This is the first NSX we have stocked and also the most beautiful we have ever come across at an auction! To us, it was simply irresistible - and too good to miss!
The NSX's suspension was originally developed with the help of the late Ayrton Senna, who was quoted as saying the NSX was a fine handling car. Having driven this example as well as every other Japanese sports car, this is the sportscar with the best ride we've come across yet! Bumps are soaked up almost as if they weren't there, yet the ride is firm and confidence inspiring. Roll is virtually non-existent. The power steering is speed sensitive and also becomes noticably heavier as the car's pushed harder into corners, giving greater communication. With alloy double wishbone suspension - similar in design to that fitted to Formula racecars, quality of the ride is very high, no doubt helped by Bilstein gas filled suspension as fitted to this example.
This car's had some modification, mainly with professional conversion to manual with the use of an original close ratio type R gearbox and differential unit. The shift is quick, precise and effortless - on par with Honda's own S2000 in terms of quality, yet lighter. Just a flick of the wrist and the next gear's engaged with accuracy. Clutch is an uprated unit with lightweight flywheel too - giving quick response to blips of the throttle. Note the DC sports alloy billet gear knob also fitted. With the bespoke tubular exhaust system istalled, the gearbox can be used to play tunes with the engine, combined with easy heel toe downchanges through the use of perfectly positioned pedals. The exhaust is a tubular custom made unit - very loud in use, however - so we will be supplying either a standard exhaust or a quieter performance system to go with this car, depending on customer preference.
Brakes are original, but also feel very high quality. Just the right amount of pedal pressure is required to pull the car up very quickly with no drama at all - just smooth, high quality well controlled braking. Everything seems to communicate with the driver, with high quality feel in this car!
Interior: The Steering wheel has been replaced with a Sparco suede trimmed item. For the driver, a Sparco FIA approved race seat has been installed complete with adjustable runners. Hifi consisits of a top quality Denon head unit with alpha processing. Amplifier is an ARC Audio unit (ARC4050-CXL) with 400W of power passing through crossovers to power high quality uprated speakers and a Kicker bass speaker mounted aft - between the seats.
The bodykit is by DC sports and consists of front lip, side skirts and rear wrap around bumper. A SARD carbon rear spoiler is neatly mounted on bespoke alloy brackets.
Wheels are Volk Racing SE28's, of size 17" on the front and 18" on the rear - as is customary for NSX's. Tyres are nerly new Dunlop SP Sports 9000's of sizes 215/40/ZR17 front and 255/35/ZR18 rear. Headlights have been converted to HID, which give a clear bright and high intensity illumination, similar to natural sun light, without causing glare to oncoming drivers. With these, high beam is rarely needed. Rear and front clusters as well as side repeaters have been professionally smoked - giving the car a more modern look, a good contrast with the outstanding yellow paintwork on this example.
Standard equipment includes ABS, Cruise control, leather interior including stitched leather dashboard and centre console cover, number alloy plaque on each door sill, Very effective climate control A/C, original fitted mats, speed sensitive automatically variable power steering, remote controlled door mirrors, central locking, electric windows, etc.
The auction is grade 1 (Auction sheet is available) due to the change from Auto to Manual. There are no mechanical or electrical faults to report with this car at all. It has never been involved in any accident repairs at all (It would be grade R1 if so) and bodywork is absolutely unmarked and as new. There are no pin dents or damaged parts to report. Only a small chip is found on the driver's door edge and a 1.5mm stone chip on the n/s headlight cover. Wheels are similarly as new. Interior is immaculate - this has been a non smoker's car since new. There are some small grazes to the centre console panel only. Paintwork is deep and glossy - with a high quality deep smooth shine to it. Quality is akin to what you'd expect to find on a high quiality Ferrari. With only 39,000 genuine miles, this is a gem of an NSX, with spec. never available in the UK! Note that service book and modification history will also come with documentation for this car.
Driving this car around Tokyo, we found it turned heads much more than any other car we've driven yet. Skylines and RX-7's, no matter how modified barely get a second glance, but the Japanese hold the NSX in a completely different light, equal to, if not better than a Ferrari. With the Honda V-Tec's 8,000 rpm limited engine, this car makes a special and exotic sounding howl under power that's intoxicating. The 3.0 litre engine has torque - enough to cruise at 30 mph at 1,000 rpm in 5th gear, with no drama. Open the throttle and power is seamless, building as the revs get higher in the upper rev range. Already mentioned is the superb handling the NSX is most famous for. It's a car equally happy cruising in Tokyo or enjoying twisty country roads, as covering miles at high speed on the motorway. Best of all, it's a Honda built with no expense spared on materials, with alloy used wherever possible to save on weight. Think of the NSX as a Japanese engineered Ferrari that can be used daily, with low maintenance costs, but traffic stopping looks!! In short, this is the perfect every day supercar.
Inclusive of full UK registration, minor painteork repairs as described, new MOT, 6 month's road tax and high quality 12 month's comprehensive warranty, this NSX is available for £25,630 us for full details on how to reserve this amazing mid engined supercar.
Newera Imports - dedicated to perfection. Widely recommended by enthusiasts, club members and tuners in the UK.

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