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Figaro - Concours Condition & Low Genuine Mileage. Ideal collector's example.


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Figaro - Concours Condition




Emerald Green (6K8)


In the early 1990's when Nissan created the Figaro and other icons (Such as the Skyline R32 GT-R) the Japanese economy had reached it's peak and the bubble economy was still in full swing. The Figaro was designed by Shoji Takahashi as part of the Nissan special project's team (Pike factory) to celebrate their 50th anniversary at a time when selling cars at a loss wasn't necessarily a concern by their bean counters. Originally only 8,000 were planned but this was extended to 20,000 total - to become what would be the best retro-styled car ever created. When the Figaro was revealed to the Japanese Public in 1991, nothing like it had ever been seen before the worldwide fashion for retro-styled cars wasn't yet even a glint in designer's eyes. Demand was so strong when these were new that Japanese people had to enter a lottery win to have the chance to buy one. Unsurprisingly, winning lottery numbers changed hands at handsome sums - and well looked after examples, especially of low genuine mileage have always commanded strong prices. Today almost 20 years on - sadly the majority of these cars have suffered a natural demise, with only few rare examples having been properly preserved and looked after.

The retro theme is complete with minute attention to detail - right down to the instrumentation and interior switches equipment. Interior features include: automatic transmission, retractable soft roof with heated glass back window, electric compartment release easy storage, seperate boot, electric windows, air conditioning, power steering, cream leather 4 seater interior with such detail as cream coloured seat belts and clips, chromed toggle switches on the dash board (including the hazzard warning lamps), bake-lite steering wheel, Original Retro style CD/Radio/Cassette with switch-actuated electric aerial, light blue carpet with fitted floor mats, polished stainless steel sill covers. Note the tool kit and original spare are unused. The original leather coloured tonneau cover is in the luggage area and there's even an original sales brochure (in top condition!) from 1991 included with the paperwork! This example also includes the much sought after and rare cup holder option.
Retro exterior styling includes: Steel wheels with plastic trims and chrome centre caps, Chromed steel bumpers, stainless steel outer sill trims, chromed headlight trims, frenched rear lights and other chrome / stainless steel trim. Paintwork is Emerald Green (Colour code: 6K8) - one of two most sought after colours since it matches with the interior carpet makes a great contrast with the cream leather interior.Although it's only a 1,000cc engine, there's a little turbo as standard to help the car make approximately 70 bhp. This enables it to cruise well at 70 - 80 mph in relative comfort. Mostly we like the ease with which the roof comes up and down, the retro interior including those chromed rocker switches and the shape of course.

Condition of this example is head and shoulders above the usual quality we too often come across. Having owned one of these in the past and bought many for dealers in the UK we know all the usual pit falls to look out for. When we came across this one owner from new example and found none of the usual rust, no prusted or dented chrome, no interior damage from smoker owners or strong UV light, no mechanical wear (noisy valve gear is a common characteristic) no underside rust at all, we knew it was a special example - so we bought it for stock!
The interior is in excellent condition throughout. This Figaro has been a non-smokers car since new and doesn't even have a cigar lighter fitted.

The exterior is also in amazing condition for it's age. The thin body panels found on a Figaro are easily pin dented as they're not protected with side strips. There are two pin dents to the n/s door and one on the n/s quarter, close to the trim line. On the boot lid there is also a pin dent.Paintwork condition is excellent, generally although there are some blemishes on the front o/s fender - where scratches have been polished away. Also, the headlight trim is marked. We'll be repairing the pin dents, replacing the headlight trim and repainting the front fender area to get rid of the blemish as part of full preparation as the car arrives to the UK. To be fair, none of these minor faults are particularly noticable and we could've just not mentioned them - but we prefer total clarity provision of a complete report. Note that the engine oil has recently been changed and the timing belt too - has been changed within the service scheduled time. This car's been beautifully maintained since new and been kept garaged or under cover most of it's life. It's as original an example as we've ever come across - and will be one of the very best original Figaros in the UK shortly.Inclusive of UK modifications, MOT, UK registration, 6 month's road tax, 12 month's comprehensive warranty a full vallet,

This car is currently in Yokohama and is ready for shipment. A deposit of £1,000 reserves this unique example. Please Contact us for further details on this Figaro, or to obtain full information on how we can source your specific top-quality Figaro requirement.

We have the deepest experience with Japanese cars. We are the only importer with resident staff in Japan directly in touch with our customers in the UK. Since 1998 Newera Imports has consistently grown from only selecting and supplying excellence.

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