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1995 Subaru Impreza WRX RA STi Version II, with Facelift Front. White


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Impreza RA STi Version II






A rare opportunity to acquire a pre-facelift Version 2 RA STi Impreza with the up to date looks of a post 1997 model.
Sti 2 RA Spec includes: Large capacity intercooler, Intercooler Water Spray, close ratio gearbox complete with adjustable bias 4WD centre differential (totally removes the understeer biased handling associated with a normal WRX), Genuine Carbon Fibre Front Strut Brace, STi bespoke suspension, STi embroided seats with increased support and a Rally Style Roof Vent. A high level rear spoiler with incorporated third stop lamp is also fitted. Standard power from this flat four boxer RA STi engine is 280 BHP.
This car has clearly been cherished, we rarely buy GC8 Imprezas any more, due to the now common poor condition of these cars. This example stood out as example stood out as exceptionally good at auction and was simply to good to miss! The 17' gold Speedline forged alloys look superb against the white paintwork, especially when combined with the facelift crystal clear front lights (STI 5 1998 on lights) and (Sti 3 on) facelift bonnet. This improved bonnet has much improved styling with swage lines to the lip, giving a much more aggressive apperance. A Zerosports front grille is also fitted. Not that paint is not fgood on this however, this will be repainted as part of the UK preparation, included in the ifications alone must have cost the prevoius owner in excess of £2,500.
Performance wise only a 5' exit stainless steel exhaust is fitted, freeing up exhaust gas flow and allowing the characteristic flat four burple to become more apparent, giving only a hint of the performance available. This makes the car very insurance friendly too.
This example carries not only the Usual "RA STi" spec of PAS, Automatic Air Conditioning, Fitted Mats, Nardi leather steering wheel and usual performance enhancements. but is also fitted with electric windows (auto on driver's door) and central locking - a luxury usually not fitted to these lightweight RA STi models.
Condition is impeccable throughout. The fitted Radio/Cassette, four disc in-dash CD changer and uprated front speakers with remote tweeters are included free of charge. A fully automatic Turbo Timer is also fitted.
Usually older Scoobs are a bit tired, with wavy panels, worn interiors and a generally tired impression. As you'll see from pictures the condition of this example is outstanding. The interior has not a mark to it, having been a non-smokers car since new. Auction grade is 3.5 due to the modified front. The exterior is immaculate with only a single very small pin dent to either side and some very light scratches to the rear bumper corners, as pictured. As the 4 tyres currently fitted are near the legal limit and a bit cracked from age, we'll have these replaced with new performance tyres in the UK - cost of this is included in the price. Minor paintwork faults will all be repaired as part of the OTR cost, to provide an absolutely immaculate example of an STi 2 RA.
RA STI Imprezas carry the same running gear as the more expensive and now unavailable Type R 2 door models (1997+ model STI GC8's cannot currently be imported due to there being no model reports for these).. RA STI's are also lightweight, with reduced sound deadening, etc. as well as a close ratio gearbox with the aforementioned adjustable centre differential, allowing the driver to fine tune the handling under power and have a better and ultimately even more enjoyable Impreza STi.

Including UK SVA conversions SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, Minor paintwork as described, 4 new tyres, MOT, Road Tax full UK Registration, OTR price: £7,560. A deposit of £1,000 secures. Please Contact us using the inquiry form to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative Impreza.

Newera Imports - consistently recommended by club members and tuners for supplying the best personally selected Imprezas.

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