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1997 Toyota Chaser 2.5 Twin Turbo - The Fast & Furious -Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!


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Chaser 2.5 Twin Turbo - The Fast & Furious -Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!




Orange Metallic & Black.


The original Chaser 2.5 Twin turbo as sourced specifically for Tokyo Drift - Fast Furious 3 by Newera Imports. As originally featured at the beginning of the film, scene of drifting through the pillars in the car park.. Reece Millen, who did most of the drifting for the film commented, "This Chaser has Perfect Balance and power, making it a real easy car to drift...!". Starting off as a low mileage mint-condition example, it received a full makeover with a C-West bodykit, complete with 18" Volk Racing GTV wheels, tuning and drift mods, before being shipped by container to make it's appearances in Hollywood's Universal Studio as the actual example featured and driven in the making of Tokyo Drift - Fast Furious 3!!
Cosmetic Improvements: The car was treated to a complete respray of high quality, to make the unique and very recognisable movie car you'll remember from the first drifting scenes in the undeground garage.. A C-West Bodykit was fitted, consisting of: Front lip, side skirts and rear valence extensions. The GT Wing is also an original by C-West. RAYS Volk Racing GTV 18" wheels shod with Toyo Sports tyres were fitted to complete the transformation.
Mechanical modifications: To set the car up well for easy drifting, the differential was replaced with a TRD 2 way unit. Clutch was renewed with an uprated item. The handbrake was converted to a quick release fly-off mechanism. Gab coilover suspension was added, to lower the car, stiffen against roll and allow adjustability of damping. As standard these VVTi 2.5 Twin turbo engines make a very healthy 290-300 bhp, so with the Trust exhaust system it'll now be making 310 bhp +. All these combined with excellent weight distribution for drifting makes a Chaser that a very easy car to place sideways at slow, or high speed.
Other Equipment: As standard, the Chaser VVTi Twin Turbo 5 Speed comes with: Front and side SRS airbags, ABS, traction control, electro luminescent dials, leather rimmed steering wheel, climate control A/C, central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors with retract mode, tinted windows, luxurious velour interior, etc. This car also equipped with the following original and after market options: Tailor made sports fitted mats, Privacy rear glass, side window wind deflectors, TRD Shift knob, Panasonic 200W CD/MD Radio unit, carbon look facia panels,
Other Information: Because this JZX100 model was only introduced in 1997, the Toyota Chaser VVTi Twin Turbo 5 Speed is a car that's not been imported to the UK before. Due to E-SVA restrictions, a model report has until now been required for these. This example being 10 years old means it's exempt from E-SVA.The JZX100 is an especially popular model with young car enthusiasts in Japan. It offers excellent 4 door practicality, comfort, cruisability space combined with excellent handling and performance to keep up with Supras, Skylines and the like of similar power! This manual version is the rarest and the most sought after variant in Japan. A GT car for people who want the comfort, performance and ability to go sideways easily, when desired. When selecting the Fast Furious 3 cars, budget wasn't a strong consideration - quality and condition was, so this example's of very low mileage, in excellent condition throughout - with all the additional extras and film history added!
Condition: The interior is completely unmarked without any creasing to the seats, etc. Exterior is in excellent condition too. There are the following faults to report: Small dent to the grille area by the n/s headlight. Dent/scratch on the nearside quarter. These will be repaired as part of the full UK en. Also, we'll be re-connecting the SRS airbags, ABS and Traction control (Disconnected for filming in Hollywood) - during our work in completing the car. Note that the boot lid's original rear spoiler holes have tape over the top of each hole. Special stainless steel sealing kits are available inexpensively to cover these more neatly. Note also there's a small scratch on the driver's door. This will also be touched in more neatly.
Test Drive: As shown in some of the pictures, this car was in a professional multi-magazine photoshoot - the same day we photographed it, so we were able to get pictures of it in a little live action... ! The 6 cylinder 24 valve VVTi engine purrs smoothly at idle and this is a gentleman's car in initial feel. The quiet exhaust note rises to a muted roar, then you hear the turbos whistling their signal that boost is imminent. Smooth transition to power, rattle free, firm but compliant ride... Drama free brakes, clutch etc. You could be forgiven into thinking this is a gentleman's GT car...But toe other character of this car is there on demand. Give it full throttle and drop the clutch and it goes like a scalded cat, with a characteristic whoooop from the exhaust. As the traction control's not switched on, with the use of the TRD differential, it breaks traction easily for going sideways and will stay there at wide angles (We did perfect drift circles round Dino as he photographed and got dizzy). as long as power's applied... Go faster and you can use the weight to help you carry high speed transitions... Comanji (high speed zig zag drifting) is also easy in 2nd 3rd gears. Tyres don't last very long with these sort of antics though!
....No mechanical faults to report.

Total cost of the bodykit, GT Wing, labour, High quality colour change painting and fitting cost in the region £5,000 - together with around £2,200 for the wheels and tyres.

This Chaser VVTi 2.5 Twin Turbo Tokyo Drift Car is currently held in Japan awaiting sale before being shipped.
As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare and minor paintwork, if you're as much of a perfectionist as we are! Available for £10,150 as is, complete with full documentation and support to get the car registered - if reserved before the car's completed by ourselves.
Alternatively we can supply at £11,800 OTR complete with new MOT, cosmetic repairs as detailed, fully valetted, in perfect condition, complete with 6 month's road tax and full UK registration. A comprehensive 12 month UK warranty is included with either price option.

A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.

Please note: This car is also available for supply to Ireland, Europe and other countries at FOB price only (Please inquire). Currently stored in Yokohama, Japan - this car is ready to ship, worldwide. Please Contact us for further information regarding this car or to source an alternative vehicle.
Newera Imports - Source of all the original Tokyo Drift - Fast Furious cars. Now exclusively available to customers worldwide, only through!

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