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Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo 6 Speed Manual. Modified By Abflug!!


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Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual. Modified By Abflug!!






This Supra has been extensively modified by one of Japan's leading and most respected Supra tuning specialists, Abflug who are based near Fuji mountain. This is only the first example we have ever sourced as modified by this tuning company. There are likely no be no other Abflug prepared Supras available in the UK, so this will be another unique car upon arrival to the UK... !!

Exterior aesthetic Improvements: A Full Abflug Revolfe Type 2 bodykit consists of: High quality Vented bonnet, front bumper, side skirts and rear vents, rear bumper and rear wing's additional foil. A full set of unmarked 18" Abflug Revolfe 5 Spoke forged lightweight alloys also adourn this car, complete with sports tyres of size 245/40/ZR18 265/35/ZR18. The bodykit has been carefully colour coded then fitted to high standards. An HKS front mounted Intercooler fills the centre of the front bumper - and adds class and purpose to the car, combined with resultant aids to performance from cooler inlet temperatures that results when driving. Note that the original headlights have not faded or yellowed, but are in excellent condition. There are coloured sidelight bulbs fitted. Abflug's original logos and slogans are proudly displayed on the bonnet and doors too. There's also a small warning on the fuel filler cap regarding grades of fuel, as well as a gold coloured badge on the o.s corner of the tail gate (Pics available).

Performance Improvements: In the engine bay resides a large capacity HKS front mount intercooler, an Trust Airinx induction kit and an HKS SSQV blow off valve. Exhaust is a cat back Veilside lightweight stainless steel item. It's unrestrictive, yet not excessively loud! The water expansion tank has been replaced with an alloy item housed behind the intercooler. There's also an HKS Super Sequential Blow off Valve, audiable when driving the car under normal use becoming louder with engine speeds. All of these modifications combined will make in the region of 350 bhp and a Supra capable of very strong acceleration. Note that the fan shroud has been painted white and the plastic engine cover is blue moulded plastic. The shrould can be easily stripped and returned to black. The engine cover can also be professionally repainted to a nicer colour, or a standard one sourced inexpensively.
Suspension is lowered through the use of nearly new height adjustable JIC shock absorbers. JIC are one of Japan's well known respected suspension specialists - manufacturers of some very attractive strut bars and of course shock absorbers too. Ride quality is slightly firmer than standard with a good supple ride without any significant body roll on harder corners. Please note that we will be raising the ride height of this Supra - so it can cope with the roads in the UK and avoid damage over poor or raised surfaces.

Interior Improvements: Seats fitted are a pair of Bride buckets. On the driver's side is a full race style seat, for the passenger - there's a reclinable item, to allow access to the rear. These seats are both very supportive enhance the interior well. Note: if preferred we can supply this car with a pair of original seats instead (If ordered before the car is shipped). is also able to source another reclinable bucket seat at discount price, if preferred, as well as a carbon fibre look leather gear lever gaiter, which would improve the looks of this Supra!

At the back, there's a half roll cage fitted, which is trimmed in white foam, for aesthetic purpose. An array of original Greddy gauges are neatly mounted with oil pressure, water temp, oil pressure, turbo boost, exhaust temp and a power meter - inside purpose made pod / facia.
A Bee R Rev limiter is used to give this car launch control for use on drag strips, or this can be used if you want to cause flames to come out of your exhaust! Revs at which the ignition cut works are easily adjustable...

Near the boost gauge, is an Apexi Rev / Speed meter. This enables the driver to not only records the highest top speed achieved, but also 1/4 mile times, etc. Also there's a Greddy turbo timer located beneath the steering column. The speedometer has been uprated to a 300 km/h unit. This will be convetred in the UK to run in mph.
Please note that the Omori water temperature gauge is stuck on 110 Deg C deflection and the exhaust temp gauge stuck on 0. We'll have our UK preparations centre look at these to see if they can find out why, but please note all electronic addtional equipment is supplied free with the car, so there may be some additional cost if parts such as new sender units are required.

No stone chips or damage to the original bodywork and virtually no wear to the car, as well as very low wear to brakes, interior, etc. are all signs to indicate this example's been impeccably maintained and used by a careful driver. It's in top condition aside from the faults mentioned! We test drove this car and also found no faults to report. Acceleration is fast, brakes pull the car up well with no warpage to discs, clutch feels good with plenty of life remaining and Suspension is comfortable for road use. Note also the car's been regularly serviced with a recent oil change already completed.

Auction grade is 1 - denoting it's very modified, but not of accident grade. The original auction sheet is available.
Interior is in good condition - having been a non-smoker's, one owner car since new. Condition is excellent. The front bumper has some scratches and mild damage to the lower lip, as well as some scratches - it will be taken off and carefully stored for transit, then professionally repaired and resprayed before being re-fitted. There is a small scratch on the driver's door mirror - that's all the damage to bodywork! These minor paintwork faults are to be repaired as part of the car's the car in immaculate condition.
Also there is some wear to the driver's seat cloth. Bride has hard wearing patches available to fit this model of seat and we can source these for low cost of around £125.00 for a full set! Note that alternatively - leather conversion on standard Supra seats are available to match the rear seats and door trims from £450 + VAT - Optional piping in different colours, headrest Logo, inserts, etc. are also available.

The previous owner of this Supra spent a small fortune - in total around £12,000 has been spent on upgrading it! Supras of this calibre are almost never available! In the flesh, this car looks much better than the photos we have taken (Cloudly days are never good for taking pictures of cars!). Has real presence and looks that can't fail to attract people's attention. It's taken us around 2 months to find a Supra like this for stock!

Including full UK SVA conversions, preparation and E-SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, Minor paintwork as described, MOT, Road Tax full UK Registration, OTR price: £11,950.

A deposit of £1,000 secures. Please Contact us to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative Supra, or to order one of your required specifications!

Newera Imports - Recommended by Supra Mk IV members and specialist tuners as the source of the most unique Supras available to the UK!

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