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1995 Mazda RX-7 Type RS Twin Turbo - Modified. White


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RX-7 Type RS Twin Turbo - Modified.






This RX-7 is modified throughout to improve it for fast road use! Beauty isn't just Skin deep - with performance improving components from Apexi and other well respected brands. It's also in outstanding condition throughout with very low genuine mileage. It's clear to us from the age of the components fitted - that most modifications have been added recently.
Performance Modifications: Cooling, breathing and fueling modifications have been given particular attention and include: Apexi Super suction twin induction kit, inclusive of hard piping, Apexi GT Spec Intercooler (Notice how deep it is!), Apexi GT Spec Radiator, Apexi GT Spec Air Seperator Tank, Uprated high flow front downpipe, catalyst replacement pipe, cat back HKS Super Dragger Type II muffler, Trust Profec B Boost Controller, Goto Garage Rechipped ECU. From the light buzzing sound of the in-tank fuel pump, it appears this is also uprated and it's likely the injectors have also been uprated too! The auction sheet states that the turbos are also non original and are Apexi uprated items.. Although the clutch feels progressive, as a standard one, it's likely this too is uprated, as a standard unit would be hard pushed to handle the power this car makes. Note that as this is an RS spec, the brake discs are of larger diameter than other models. As some items above are difficult items to check without dismantling some of the car, we cannot guarantee fitment (injectors, fuel pump, turbos) - but the performance is certainly very strong! Please note: As the ECU is mapped for Japanese fuels, we strongly recommend fitment of an Apexi Power FC ECU and controller. The Controller can also monitor and display up to 8 different parameters, which adds to the information the gauges can give. We are able to supply these at just £535.00 new. View performance upgrades for this RX-7 on:
Suspension and Wheels: TEIN high quality coilover suspension is fitted at each corner - giving excellent quality ride and even more progressive handling than standard. These units are completely easily adjustable for settings, to tune for track or road use. Wheels are Enkei Racing RP02 forged lightweight alloys, fitted with Trampio sports tyres of size 235/40/ZR17 255/40/ZR17. Of course, wheels are of the exact correct offset for RX-7 fitment. Note: The tyres although street legal are old and have some cracks to the edges. We'd recommend fitment of new tyres in UK. We also currently have a full set of stunning Veilside 18" Andrew Racing V rims, available used, which would fit this car. Please inquire!
Cosmetic Improvements: An FSR front bumper is fitted, complete with matching side skirts and rear valence extensions. The rear spoiler is a carbon fibre and alloy uprated item. Note that the holes for the original rear spoiler mounts have been neatly filled too! As the front spoiler is cracked heavily and has already been repaired once, plus the fact it would have to come off for repair anyway - We feel this car would benefit from a new front bumper of the customer's choice - which we can source and supply at low cost.
Possible modifications for the future: We'd recommend a carbon fibre bonnet from RE-Amemiya... which would contrast well with the white and make this one mean looking RX-7!! Also, perhaps consider uprating the seats for Bride items. Red Bride VIOS II seats would look great inside this car - and again, can supply these at excellent discounted prices! We also recommend an uprated vented bonnet to give the V-mount's intercooler maximum air flow. These modifications would make this car look even more amazing - although there's certainly no need any further additions - this will be without doubt one of the most admired RX-7's in the UK!!
Interior: A full array of Greddy electronic black faced gauges show oil temp / water temp, turbo boost and exhaust temperature accurately. The boot gauge and exhaust temp are neatly mounted on the A-pilar. A 180W Addzest MD/CD/Radio player is also fitted. Note: All after market electronics are supplied free of charge with this car. The back window is not tinted, so we will be sourcing and supplying an original rear parcel shelf, so nobody can see into the luggage space from the outside. Note also, there's a Trust alloy gearknob fitted.
Original equipment includes: PAS, P/W, AC, ABS, Alcantara suede seats, fitted mats, front rear strut braces, original tool kit spare, twin oil coolers, uprated RS spec brakes, etc. This has been a non smoker's car since new.
Oil pressure is high, regularly serviced and well maintained, - this car runs very sweetly - just an an RX-7 is meant to. We test drove this car and found it drives very well! ! With no squeaks or rattles at all when passing over bumps, an engine that pulls very strongly all the way from idle (Wheelspins in 2nd with little provocation), brakes that have virtually no wear and paintwork gleaming as if this were a brand new RX-7 - The last owner clearly cared to the point of obsession about his car. It's in beautiful condition, smells nice inside too.
With so few stone chips and paint in superb condition throughout the car, it's evident this car was always well cared for and never driven hard. Total cost of performance upgrades, cosmetics, fitting, suspension, wheels, exhaust and interior modifications are around £11,000 worth in Japan - Showing once again this is a well looked after cared for example.
The auction grade is 1 (Auction sheet available). Condition is outstanding. Most notable is the straightness of panels both sides - a rarity on most RX-7's nowadays. The one main fault on this example is the front bumper, which is cracked on both sides and shows signs of having already been repaired. We recommend replacement of this with a "GT Aero" branded frotn bumper, which is available at only £280.00 inclusive of painting and fitting. The rear valence extension on the o/s has some minor cracks, so this will be taken off an repaired as part of preparation also, whilst the car's being prep'd at our workshops in the UK. Interior is of grade B, which means excellent also. Note that the after market steering wheel is in poor shape, so we'll be replacing this with a good quality item instead. The rear parcel shelf is also missing, so we are sourcing one to go with this car. Please note - we are unable to complete mapping of a rotary engine, as this requires specialist equipment. We will however, be able to arrange mapping on the customer's behalf, or take the car to a reputable rotary tuner for mapping if desired - at additional cost.
Including cost of minor paintwork and repairs as described above, full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, new MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty and a full valet before completion, this RX-7 is available for: £10,630.
Please note: As with all the top RX-7's we source - this example is unlikely to be available for long before someone snaps it up. If it's the car for you, contact us now to avoid losing it as finding another this good again is unlikely!! A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please Contact us for further information regarding this RX-7 or to source an alternative example.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best hand-picked RX-7's by club members and tuners.

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