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1993 Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec. 600 bhp by Tomei Power - Japan!!


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Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec. Modified to 600 bhp by Tomei Power.




Pearlescent White


Lately, if you've been watching, we have supplied some of the most special R32 GT-R's we've come across ever.. We had thought that the Ikeya Formula R32 GT-R was the ultimate example we'd sourced - until we successfully bought this Tomei Power prepared example for stock!! It's the best example we've had to date!
This engine has been completely blue printed by Tomei Power (Highly respected engine tuners in Japan) within the last 3 years - and has therefore been strongly put together with uprated internals to produce a reliable street drivable package making approx. 600 bhp @ 1.45 Bar of boost. Items also fitted include:Tomei oil impregnated mesh air filters, uprated air flow meters, Tomei Twin core intercooler, Tomei hard inlet pipe kit, Tomei twin 260l/hour fuel pumps and full braided hoses for the fuel system, Alumic fuel rail, SARD 700cc Injectors, HKS 2530 twin steel turbos, Tomei re-programmed ECU, HKS Electronic Boost Controller, Apexi SAFC (Air flow meter controller), Tomei high-lift camshafts with adjustable cam pulleys, Uprated timing belt, Tomei uprated 87mm forged alloy pistons, uprated oil pump, Tomei oil catch tank (Essential for high performance engines when drag racing) complete with braided hoses throughout. For engine cooling, there's a double capacity radiator. Beneath the engine is a Trust oil cooler of large size. Thoughtfully, a remote oil filter mount has been fitted to the underside of the engine for ease of access. The engine's cam cover has been polished, as has the original inlet manifold. The exhaust manifold downpipe is also an uprated stainless steel item of equal length piping, most probably from Tomei also. A catalyst replacement pipe is fitted. The exhaust system from the catalyst back - is made of titanium for lightweight and durability.
Attention to detail has also been employed in the gearbox where the original gears have been uprated to a complete strengthened TRUST hellical close ratio set. This is essential in a car of this power potential, as clearly a standard gearbox won't take 600 bhp for long before it breaks. Note that on this uprated gearbox, first gear has no synchromesh at all, which means 1st should only be engaged at standstill. Clutch is also an uprated Trust 3 plate unit. It feels relatively unworn too, as bite is still progressive and has plenty of travel beyond the biting point too. Suspension has been upgraded with TEIN fully adjustable coil-overs. The Hicas 4WS has been disabled, to allow greater driver control on the limit. Sun visors and grab handles have been removed to make way a full 6-point roll cage, covered in soft foam for added safety. Having a cage like this provides extra body rigidity allowing for fitment of SR rated tyres, which will give huge levels of grip and turn-in. It goes through the dashboard (neatly) in order to save on use of space. Tomei also neatly fitted custom made alloy panels to the rear, to cover all of the unsightly space left by the missing rear seats. Alloy is employed from the floorpan all the way up to the rear parcel shelf. Eye bolts are also fitted to allow a racing harness to be used.Wheels are some of the sexiest available in Japan and in as new condition! Advan Racing TC II's Lightweight Forged alloys with Bridgestone Potenza SO-3's of size 255/40/ZR17 on each corner. Tyres are each near new. Brakes are uprated at the front with 335mm diameter slotted rotors on alloy bells, with 6 piston AP Racing Callipers. Rear callipers are Brembo 2 piston (opposed) units, fitted as standard to all V-Spec model. With brakes of this spec, you won't find retardation power lacking on this R32!
In order to make space for the gauges on the centre console, the Air Conditioning controls have been relocated to where the centre glovebox lid would be. Installation has been carried out neatly. There is a switch which can be used to over-ride the standard 4WD control system ABS, so that only RWD is employed when preferred - for example to employ the line lock to the front wheels, then carry out easy burnouts before a drag run! HKS instruments are tastefully and carefully fitted to the centre console to monitor oil pressure, oil temp and gearbox oil temp. A Tomei Boost gauge is also conveniently mounted on the left lower corner of the console and on the right, there's an air/fuel ratio meter. On the very right corner of the dashboard in place of a vent, is an Omori water temp gauge. A hifi and speakers are also fitted. Please note that electronics on this car are supplied free of charge.
Creature comforts include: Central Locking, Power mirrors with retract mode, ABS, Power windows, fitted mats, rear wiper, front fitted mats, etc. are included.
Auction grade is 1 due to many modifications, so that the car is not of original specification. Note that grade 1 doesn't mean accident repaired (R.1 would indicate this). Bodywork is absolutely immaculate with only a minor scratch on the n/s C pilar, some light scratches to the front lip spoiler and some rust on the rear o/s arch (picture available). These faults are to be repaired as part of UK preparation. On the front jacking points there is some mild damage, which is common on R32 R33 models, as sills tend to easily damage if the standard jacks are used. Interior is in excellent condition with only a small hole on the driver's door card. - easily repaired.

This will make an ideal weekend / trackday car, although also equally capable of setting 11 second runs at the dragstrip. To us, it would make a very naughty every day car. It's robustly put together and beautifully sorted for road use.

The engine is stunning in it's performance and sound. At idle a menacing although stable and deep sound is emitted from the titanium exhaust, combined with the sound of both fuel pumps trying their best to sound like a swarm of angry bees! Although due to the camshafts being fitted, idle isn't as smooth as standard, it's easy to manouver in traffic. Pull off and it's tractable all the way to around 4,500 rpm, when boost starts to build very, very strongly if the loud pedal is floored. At 1.45 Bar of boost this car is making around 600 bhp. We will reset the boost controller and teach it to run 1.3 Bar of boost for the UK, as well as supplying HKS's english instructions on how to reset (Rolling road will give best results).

We drove this car from Yokohama into Chiba, for approximately 65 kms. to make sure it's running as it should ( will drive it back to Yokohama as well as some more testing in between!) It performs impeccably! Seeing this GT-R approach in the rear view mirror, it looks perfectly poised, with the gold TC II alloys alloys perfectly complimenting the unmarked exterior of this GT-R. Handling is also excellent with huge grip available. There's superb control from the TEIN suspension. This engine feels sounds better than any other Skyline GT-R's we can remember and the complete setup feels very well conceived. It's very tight for a car of this age and clearly it's been fettled and cared for with no expense spared. In total, approx £25,000 has been spent on improving this car - and work is all recently, judging by newness of all improved components... Once the exhaust is nicely warmed, as it flies past, on the downshift, it spits 2-3ft flames which obscure the back of the car almost completely!! With an engine sound like this, it makes you want to change up and do it all over again. Tunnels were built for this GT-R!

Including full UK conversions, MOT, 6 month's tax, paintwork and a full valet before collection. Price
Please Contact us using the inquiry form to discuss reserving this Tomei prepared Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec or to source an alternative example.

Newera Imports. Consistently recommended by specialist tuners and UK club members as the most knowledgeable and experienced supplier of Skylines in the business.

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