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Galant VR-4 Type V - Facelift Model. *** 5 SPEED MANUAL - Low mileage! *** Black.


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Galant VR-4 Type V - Facelift Model. *** 5 SPEED MANUAL - Low mileage! ***




Black (XC8)


This Galant VR-4 was sourced to special order for a discerning customer, who had for over 2 years wanted a low mileage manual Galant VR-4 in best available condition, with a strong preference for black! The result is this could be the only facelift Galant VR-4 of good-quality have been imported to the UK in the last 6+ years. Comparison to a UK supplied example would be like chalk cheese - this is a genuine car that's never seen salt - with none of the usual underside rot and high mileage wear that's found on cars that have been on British roads all their lives.This example is not only in evidently excellent original condition, but also has the very desirable 5 speed manual gearbox and factory Aero parts. With an outstanding 43,013km (26,732 genuine miles) only from new it's the lowest mileage example we found throughout our extensive 3 month search throughout Japan.The facelift Galant VR-4 Type V offers space, practicality, safety and high performance in an unusual package comprising a similar running gear to that of Lancer Evo's - with a more torquey engine than it's relatives. It's a wolf in relatively discreet clothing capable of carrying all that you need in style, give comfortable high speed cruising, as well as being a car that enjoys being hussled through country lanes. Equipment consists of a V6 2.5L Twin-Turbo Intercooled 24 valve engine. 5 Speed Manual Transmission, allowing full use of 280BHP, 4WD, dual front SRS airbags with leather steering wheel, ABS Anti lock brakes, power assisted steering, blue lightly tinted electric windows with Auto up/down on drivers window, Carbon look facia trim, original option wind deflector set, remote central locking, Electric mirrors with retract mode, rear spoiler with integrated high level brake ligh front driving lamps. Wheels are an original 16" items, fitted with 4 nearly new Toyo tyres of size: 205/55ZR16. There's a 1 DIN Carrozzeria (Pioneer) 200W CD/Radio fitted. All audio equipment is untested supplied free of charge.
The auction grade is 3.5 This car is in excellent original condition and has only had only 1 owner since new. The front nearside wing has been replaced (Cosmetic repair, not structural) in the past and paint blended into the door and roof. All shut lines are correct. Underside is rust oil leak free. There is a joint on the rear exhaust which has surface rust, but the rest of the system is still corrosion free (A good sign of the car not having been used on salted winter roads).Minor faults: There's a pin dent on the driver's door and also another on the passenger door. On the rear quarter panel (o/s) there's also a pin dent. On the roof, on the o/s/f corner there's also a light pin dent. To keep costs lowest, there will be an option to have these repaired if preferred (Where access from behind can be gained - cost to repair these is around £150). On the bonnet there's a light surface scratch. It may be possible to polish this away with rubbing compound. The ash tray's been used, although the car doesn't smell of having been used by a smoker. There is one small burn mark on the interior, by the boot release. No burn marks were found on the seats or other upholstery. The gear shift knob is worn (This probably occurred from driver always having had his hand on it when driving, which caused damage from moisture). This shift knob can be replaced with new or after market item inexpensively.

Brake discs are unworn and the lack of wear shows this car's been driven carefully and well looked after. Test drive reveals a car with a very tight and as new feel - No warped discs, good strong engine and drivetrain, silent on cruising - Just perfect mechanically. Expect this car to be capable of completing a lot more trouble free miles with only 26,733 genuine miles from new!

his includes our fee, UK conversions, valetting, 12 months comprehensive Motorcare warranty, six months road tax and 12 months MOT. If preferred the car can be supplied without warranty - at £8,400 OTR. Please Contact us through the inquiry form for more information on how to order your own hand picked Galant VR-4.

Newera Imports - the only importer with resident staff in Japan directly in touch with our customers in the UK. Consistently recommended as the No.1 choice for the best Japanese Performance Cars.

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