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Sprinter Trueno Apex - SS Works Engine on Flatslide Carburettors.


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Sprinter Trueno Apex - SS Works 20 V Engine with Flatslide Race Carbuettors.






This SS Works Prepared Sprinter Trueno is for someone who wants ultimate fun whether sideways on the track, or attacking favourite twisty roads. This is a competition spec. car for ultimate RWD fun! It's not only in mint rust free condition, but packs a tuned AE111 20 Valve engine with uprated cam shafts, 4 individual FCR (Flatslide) racing carburettors, individual coil packs, high performance SS Works racing manifold, exhaust and much more! Also fitted with a highly desirable Route 6 close ratio competition gearbox, together with a 2 way TRD differential. If you understand AE86's then you'll know the tuning parts work in the engine bay alone is in excess of £7,000.00...
Engine Tuning has been carried out by SS Works, AE86 Specialists. Starting with a low mileage blacktop AE111 engine, the original throttle bodies were removed together with the engine wiring harness and a special SS Works intake manifold fitted to allow the combination of Keihim FCR Carburettors.(FCR Carbs use a square door that slides rather than a butterfly valve to modulate air. This enables a much larger flow of air to the engine and therefore higher power at high revs). 288 Toda Racing Camshafts with Toda Valve springs are also fitted. Exhaust manifold is a high flow equal length 4-1 racing spec item (Heat wrapped) and there's an SS Works silenced stainless cat replacement pipe combined with their under axle race exhaust. To cope with increased revs and fueling the ignition has also been uprated with an Ultra CDi amplifier feeding 4 individual ignition coils. Ultra ignition leads are also fitted.When installing a 20V AE111 engine, the original coolant flow is changed. Here, a complete SS Works stainless steel conversion kit has been installed. Next, a lightweight Toda Racing Flywheel has been installed with uprated metal clutch. There is a 9 row HKS oil cooler kit fitted and also a Cusco oil catch tank. Note that Air conditioning is still fitted to this car! On the front of the engine there's a cam position sensor. The cover is shown as missing in the pictures, this being hard to source outside of Japan - has already obtained a new black plastic cover.
Gearbox Tuning: The gearbox has been rebuilt by Route 6 close ratio transmission specialists to their T86R Spec Curcuit Super Cross Set. This has a taller first gear than standard (2.55) with a slightly taller than std. 2nd (1.85), 3rd slightly lower than std (1.39), 4th as std. 1:1 and 5 as std. Note there is also a change in shift pattern. Final drive is 5.375:1. The end result is a set of ratios that just keep the engine singing when pushing hard - similar to a rally car. This also makes for a much quicker car on the circuit of course.
Differential: There's a TRD 2 Way differential, with the already mentioned 5.375:1 final from Route 6.
Suspension Wheels: The suspension's been subject to drift / circuit tuning with Tokiko inserts inside front coil over converted shocks, sporting Cusco polliw ball top mounts. Rear suspension is taken care of by TRD, also with coilover converted shocks. Spring rates are approx 6kg 7kg rear - front respectively. Note the front strut brace also fitted.
Interior: The important things here are of course the performance modifications. There's a Tomei A/F gauge and an accurate 10,000 rpm tacho, linked to an adjustable Pivot shift light. To aid shell stiffness and improve safety there's a Cusco 6 point full roll cage fitted. Steering wheel is by Nardi and shift knob by TRD. Note the quick release handbrake! There are alloy pedal covers fitted too. A SONY hifi is also fitted. This car is of GT Apex Spec, which means it's the luxury model. Although it's not any heavier for it, the door panels and seat trims are of a deeper velour finish, rather than PVC (Door trims), roof lining is cloth, wipers have adjustable delay, instruments have dimmer, mirrors are electrically adjustable, driver's seat has adjustable lumbar support, etc. Interior's in excellent condition and has no faults to report aside from minor wear to the leather on the Nardi wheel and a light cigarette burn on the rear seat. Note that original "Trueno" mats will also come with this car (Not shown in pictures).
Bodywork Wheels: Condition of the bodywork was as equally important when selecting this car as the tuning it's received. All too often people invest in rust ridden AE86's which are in need of very costly restoration - under the false impression they're getting a cheap car! Without cutting rust out, even if you repair it - it'll come back! This is why we never buy cars with rusty bodywork. This example's certainly no exception. No rust at all on the usual places like arches, doors, underside, etc. The car's recently had a good quality respray and there are no faults to report except for an area just below the o/s window trim where some paint has chipped off in the past. Wheels are Hayashi 14" items with good sports tyres. 14" is the chosen size for wheels when drifting in AE86's - as they provide the best handling at high speed. Note the wheels do have some minor scratches, etc. but are in good condition.Note we can supply and ship a complete drift style bodykit with this car! We would recommend a kit from Tec Arts, as they make the nicest designs for Trueno models. If shipped with the car then carriage would be free! Contact for your bodykit requirements!
Test Drive: Being AE86 freaks ourselves, we knew this car was something special once we checked it over carefully before purchasing for stock. On start up, the engine settles to a slightly lumpy idle with the characteristic noise from the FCR carbs. Camshafts also contribute to the idle being a little lumpy. Car soon warms up and the throttle response is instant. Driving this car in traffic's same as anything else, but find an open road, change down and make it scream and the power / speed and sound is totally intoxicating! The gearbox has perfectly spaced ratios to keep the engine screaming hard as you go through the ratios. Handling is also excellent of course. Seriously fun!! We'll do our best to make a short video clip of this car next time we see it... Make no mistake this is one hell of a driver's car!!
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! Approximately 2,500,000 Yen (Equivalent to almost £12,000) has been spent on this example improving it. Being a Sprinter Trueno with pop up rectractable headlights, this is also the most sought after shape only built for Japan and USA (But they only got 8 valve wheezy engines there!). Condition is excellent - this is the best tuned Hachi Rokku we've come across ever! As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare. Available for £7,095 as is complete with full documentation and support to get the car registered A warranty is offered as an optional extra - with a car like this, mechanical problems are frankly unlikely. Hachi Rokku's are tough cars and this one's been built to take abuse!Alternatively we can supply at full complete with new MOT, 6 month's road tax, full UK registration and 12 month's warranty. Please Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique AE86 for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Hurry though - We've never before had an example this good available. Another anywhere near as good as this is realistically very unlikely!

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