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1992 (Oct) RX-7 Type RZ with TO4R single turbo & comprehensive modifications.


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RX-7 Type RZ with TO4R






5 Speed. Black. Modifications have been carried out maturely by combined sources, using some of the best available components from Japan - to make a superb specification for a Street drivable 400 - 450 bhp + RX-7.

Starting with the model on which this example is based - there were only approx. 150 RZ's actually made in 1992. The RZ was - and remains the most exclusive and sought after of all variants of the FD3S. Standard equipment on 1992 RX-7 RZ's includes Recaro Composite lightweight bucket seats, rear seats replaced with lightweight storage bins, optional BBS alloys (with 4 good quality sports tyres fitted), standard twin oil coolers, standard driving lights, front and rear strut braces, etc. This example also carries a complete tool kit inclusive of optional spark plug tool and top tray with spanners, pliers and screw driver. Of course, usual equipment consisting of central locking, Air conditioning, PAS, P/W, fitted mats, etc.are also fitted.

The modifications on this car are what really excited us in the first place!

Engine: Fitted with a Gracer Airinx Air filter, TO4R turbo with large remote wastegate venting to below the car, FAMC intercooler, uprated injectors and fuel pump. The air pump has been removed and a pair of Border pulleys fitted - to ensure there is plenty of drive belt to run the water pump. Fueling is taken care of by the best ECU available in Japan - an HKS F Con V Pro unit (Located behind a foot plate for passengers to brace their feet against). Boost is stabilised using an HKS electronic valve controller. It's running at 0.85 Bar of boost (Safe) at the moment and making approx 380-400bhp. Exhaust is devoid of a catalyst, having a straight through large bore stainless steel pipe instead. The exhaust looks like a Blitz unit - complete with removable baffle - ideal for use when attending trackdays, or similar in the UK.
With some setting up on a rolling road to ensure safe setting up, this car will be able to run 1 bar of boost and so make approx. 430 - 450 bhp.

At the back of the engine bay is a line lock system, which is there to allow front wheels to be locked when at the drag strip and allow burnouts to be easily performed. Note that the ABS system has been professionally removed on this car, to give better manual control at high speeds - and flexible brake lines replaced with braided hoses. The clutch is also uprated - most probably a twin plate unit. When performing burnouts, this puts heavy stress on the frame connecting the gearbox to the differential, so thoughtfully - this has been uprated with a strengthened Mazdaspeed item. Suspension is the best available - Ohlins struts at each corner complete with adjustable damping and ride height adjustment - for when required. Safety and rigidity is also improved with the use of a neatly fitted Pan Speed rear mounted cage.
Steering wheel is by Mazdaspeed. A Sony CD Cassette player is fitted in combination with a Carrozzeria sub woofer and uprated speakers at each corner - Aidio equipment is included free of charge with this car. There is also a GReddy (Trust) exhaust temperature gauge and A-pilar mounted boost gauge also. An Ultra speed meter is also fitted which allows 1/4 mile times to be measured, etc. Also fitted is a quick release handbrake, for easy drifting and turns on a sixpence.

Front lip spoiler is produced by EXT force. Skirts are by Pan Speed and rear arch extensions by RE-Amemiya. Door mirrors (Incl. Remote Control) are by Knight Sports. No rear spoiler is fitted - although we have a 1996 on - original rear spoiler available which can be supplied at £125 (Fitted). Alternatively this is an opportunity to have a GT wing fitted to make the back end show this car really means business. Also perhaps an opportunity to update the front end with a 1999+ look front - Not very expensive additions to make.

We have extensively test driven this car. Mapping is spot on with a very smooth idle, giving away no indication of what this engine is capable of. From idle to 3,500 rpm the car is easily drivable and perfectly tractable. No boost really comes on below 3,500 rpm but from there on, if the pedal's floored, it pulls very strongly all the way to the rev warning buzzer at 8,000 rpm with no hesitation, whilst making an aural soundtrack to stand the hairs up at the back of one's neck. An absolutely stunningly well prepared RX-7, nowadays extremely rare and difficult to find for sale, even in Japan.

Clearly this car has been well looked after and preserved. Auction grade is 1 (Auction sheet available) due to the many modifications this car has received. Interior is faultless aside from wear to the Recaro driver's seat - which is common on the majority of RZ's. Note there is none of the scratching usually found on plastic centre console panel of early models. We will have the small hole on the drivr's seat and the small cigarette burn on the passenger's seat (Pictures available) repaired by a professional trimmer. Note that no cigar lighter is fitted. The bodywork is in excellent condition most notably devoid of the usual rippled panels and pin dents most older RX-7's suffer from. The boot lid's original holes have been poorly filled and painted. Side skirts and front lip spoiler have some paint chipped away. Also there are some minor stone chips on the bonnet and roof. Sides have no faults to report. These minor faults are to be repaired as part of preparation in the UK, to present this car to our usual high standards. As this is a highly modified example, we will also include a warranty from Motorcare Ltd. in the price of the car.

Including cost of minor paintwork seats, full UK conversions, recalibration of odometer to miles, road tax, new MOT and warranty - this car is available for Contact us using the inquiry form to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative

Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK club members for supplying the best RX-7's.

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