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1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 2 Prepared. White


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Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 2 Prepared.






This GT-R (R32) has been modified with extensive performance components to stage 2 to produce a well prepared car for street and track use! Condition is outstanding throughout, with a lot of thinking and money spent on making this car's mechanicals reliable with approximately 450 bhp on tap, in combination with improved handling given by components upgrading most of the handling and steering feel.
Performance Power Modifications: Turbos are uprated N1 Nismo items. These are much the same as standard in size, but have have uprated steel internals, instead of ceramic - so they can withstand greater boost pressures. Head gasket is likely to have been replaced with a heavy duty metal item to enable higher boost pressures to be used. Injectors are 650cc SARD items, fed via a Nismo fuel pressure regulator used to finely tune delivery of petrol. Air is fed in through Trust Airinx filters. The intercooler is a Greddy unit, complete with Greddy piping. A Grex oil cooler is located behind the nearside bumper corner, in combination with a remote oil filter mount by the offside inner wing. There's an uprated double capacity copper cored radiator fitted also, with a Nismo 1.3 Bar pressure cap. The exhaust down pipe is an uprated larger capacity mild steel unit. There's no catalyst fitted in the stainless steel single silencer exhaust system.. This gives a fruity, yet unrestricted performance. The ECU is a remapped unit set up by JAM Racing for Japanese fuels. Boost control is with the use of a 3rd generation HKS electronic valve controller. Switched off – the ECU keeps boost at a steady 0.9 Bar giving around 400 bhp. Around 450 bhp is given at 1.1 bar and scramble boost is set to 1.5 bar.In view of the level of performance this car is endowed with, we would strongly recommend fitment of an Apexi Power FC, with dynamic road mapping carried out by either ourselves, or by a reputable tuner such as Abbey Motorsport . This will enable the car to safely run on UK fuels, at maximum potential.
Drive Train modifications: To handle the performance available, the Clutch has been uprated with a twin plate unit combined with an alloy pressure plate and smaller, lightened flywheel. This unit has plenty of progression for use in normal circumstances. In other words, it feels near new. Note that twin plate clutches are no heavier than standard in application. Brakes have been uprated with high performance sports pads, providing improved performance and there are braided brake lines and and an integrated brake master cylinder stopper attached to the strut brace too, to improve brake pedal feel.
Suspension Handling Modifications: Suspension has been upgraded to Top Secret fully adjustable coil over units. These are fully adjustable for damping and ride height and are currently on a hard setting. Note that damping is adjustable from the top of each unit and ride height is adjustable at the bottom of each unit's mounting, so spring preload is independent of ride height. The shock bodies are made of aluminium. These features are the hallmark of top quality coilovers. At the front and rear are Cusco Alloy strut braces. At the rear, there's Nismo upper and lower arms with harder bushes, combined with Top Secret alloy rear subframe bushes, to substitute the original rubber items. This will have the effect of increasing rear end control on the limit. Also fitted are Top Secret front pillow tension rods to give even better feel to the steering.
Test drive of this GT-R and could find absolutely nothing amiss. Warmed up carefully, we drove it gently at first – off boost until the water temperature gauge showed normal temperature. It runs and drives perfectly - in keeping with it's low mileage. This GT-R pulls strongly throughout the rev range with a characteristically healthy sound from the engine under load, when it gets to 6,000 rpm it takes on a more aggressive note and pulls harder as a result of the Nismo uprated turbos. Ideal for road use and there's no increase in lag, compared to standard - as the turbos are similar sized to standard. Boost at 0.9 Bar felt much like a well sorted Stage 1 prepared GT-R. With the boost controller switched on at low setting, the performance feels much more alive! With mapping to allow boost to run at up to 1.4 bar in UK, this car should make in the region of 480 bhp. Handling, braking, clutch, etc. are all perfect. It drives faultlessly. The Top Secret suspension is firm, but gives precise control on the limit. Engine is especially sweet with oil pressure of over 4.5 kg/cm2 when cold and 2.5kg/cm2 when up to normal operating temperature - this is a sign of a very good, healthy GT-R engine. Oil is relatively clean.
Cosmetic Modifications: This GT-R carried a complete set of Nismo bodywork improvements consisting of: Bonnet lip, intercooler vents in the front bumper, side skirt spats, rear spoiler lip. In addition note there’s N1 model original headlights and Ganador mirrors. Wheels are Work Equip 2 piece items of 17" size, with 255/40-ZR17 tyres at each corner. Note - these are worn to the legal limit on the insides due to lowering and negative camber settings. Tyre replacements have not been included in the price shown.
Mileage on the Nismo 320 km speedometer is only 58,515km (36,367 miles). Although there is no record of when this was changed, it is evident from our experience in looking at many GT-R's over the years, this car's done very little mileage. The lack of wear,to the light switch, handbrake and gear gaiters, door trims, seats, brake discs, higher than average oil pressure, tight gearbox and general drive of the car, combined with it's exterior condition all serve to indicate the speedo cluster was changed very early in this car's life. At most, it's done 70,000km (43,500 miles) but it's likely to be less, telling from experience. Low mileage such as this is near impossible to find on an R32 GT-R nowadays.
There's not much more that could be done to improve this example. Having examined fully tested this GT-R, here are some suggestions as possible further improvements: Uprated brakes, Uprated Apexi PFC ECU Controller, HKS Kansai Carbon fibre engine cover, vernier pulleys and a Greddy clear cam gear cover, LED Nismo style rear lights.. Please see for further ideas or ask!
Original factory equipment includes power windows, central locking, climate control air conditioning, power steering, ABS, Hicas 4WS, Atessa 4WD, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, original fitted mats, etc. Note that no privacy glass is fitted – As often preferred by most customers. This has been a non smoker's car also.Interior: A Nismo white face original replacement gauge cluster has replaced the original, complete with a 320 km/h speedometer. Also fitted to the centre console is a Mines original replacement cluster. Also fitted are a trio of Apexi 52mm gauges showing Oil pressure, Water Temperature and turbo boost. These are combined with an electronic controller. An HKS turbo timer is also fitted just beneath the HKS EVC 3 Boost controller unit. An HKS 7 point Kansai roll cage has been professionally added, to improve safety and rigidity. Note the centre section is bolter on each side to the B pilar. Rear seat occupants can still sit inside, although there's a (removable) cross bar at present. Note the gearknob and cigar lighter are missing. We will source a replacement standard lighter and fit a new gearknob of the customer's choice. Interior is unmarked! Seats look as if they've hardly worn. Unusual to find an example with an interior this good! This has been a non smoker's car. The carpet in the boot has some marks, as shown on pictures. Not very significant, but mentioned in order to give complete info - New original carpet is available inexpensively through
Auction grade of this GT-R is R1 – Indicating extensive modifications and accident repairs. Condition is - as pictures will show - excellent! The offside rear quarter has previously been replaced. Also, the front wings appear to have been moved (Bolts have been disturbed) but there is no sign of any accident repair to the front panels, or underneath. The after market splitter has been colour coded and has some minor scratches. The Ganador mirrors need repainting, as the paint on these has cracked.Also, the rear bumper has been neatly cut to allow the exhaust to sit close to it and not damage from heat. Each of the faults described is shown on a picture with this car’s details. Each will be professionally repaired - so the car will be presented in top condition, to our usual high standards. These faults are described herewith so a full and frank description of the car is given. The majority of the bodywork is excellent throughout. As you'll see from photos of the car underneath, it's clean there too - with only some denting to the front jacking points (As on nearly all GT-R R32 - R34 models!!) Please note the wheel rims each have some minor scratches to the edges from age (Not noticeable unless looking for these). The edges can be machined to perfection, to remove the scratches – inexpensively.
The colour is original white, that has evidently been regularly polished to keep it shiny and in top condition. Parts are liberally spread over this car with the likes of Nismo, Grex, Top Secret, HKS and more. The cost of all the parts improvements fitted to this car have cost the previous owner(s) in the region of £10,000 in all - without accounting for the extra costs of labour!!
This GT-R will be completed to perfection by ourselves in our new workshop near Brighton, where it will be modified for UK use, paintwork repaired as described, oil service, MOT'd taxed and supplied with 12 month's comprehensive warranty. Alternatively, if preferred, we can supply the car with paintwork as is, but otherwise fully completed, MOT’d registered and warrantied at just £10,370 OTR. For an even lower priced car, if you prefer to collect the car from Southamptom do your own UK preparation (Simple modifications, MOT and registration), we can supply at just £9,450 (Warranty not included but available as an option). The choice is your's!
A deposit of £1,000 secures this car now! Please Contact us for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition, high quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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